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just taxes ( coverstory 4.5 )

It seems that during the preparations for SUPERBLOG I accidently erased this post. Luckily I could restore it thanks to the google cache. So here it is :

Originally posted on Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just taxes ( coverstory 4.5 )

Today just a short post since I spend most of the day finishing my tax stuff ( as always one week too late ) and now have to begin cooking lunch. I have a little add - on to the whole coverstory theme and since I won´t get to post as often in the next weeks I though to do it right now.

But before we get to that there is the pimping of the day. I´m always looking for websites to post links to my blog and one that is newly added is rocknrollnerdguy. It´s a rather new blog ( so it´s not as timeconsuming as others to read the past entries ) about comics and all the nerdstuff that involves. Sorry, the blog is entirely in german. But all my german readers should check it out ( does anyone say that anymore ? ). Here´s the link but you can also find it in the link section.


( edit : Since I restored this post through the google cache the necessary HTML for the link was not included. I know I could restore the link but since the link exchange between me and rocknrollnerdguy was terminated without any explanation by rocknrollnerdguy I will not restore the link. )

We exchanged e - mails and since he was so nice to put a link to my blog I did the same. But I totally forgot to put a plug on my blog. And nobody is going to check it out if they don´t know what it is and just see a new link on my blog, right ? So Mr. Rocknrollnerdguy you´ve been officially pimped !

Man, I feel like Xzibit. Okay, back to comics. Like always just when I had finished my post about covers and stuff I found some thing I also had to post. The picture you see at the top of this post was the cover of a BATMAN EXTRA and it´s just sooo far out. Okay, how desperate or stoned do you have to be to come up with Batman as a tiger ? If anything else fails go with Tigerbatman, dude. And what´s with Robin ? I guess being a tiger Bats would also have the b.o. those animals have. Or did he just get a batshower ? Maybe he just is walking downwind ? Anyway, yay Battiger !

Now this cover by Neal Adams was used as the poster of the Batcave you could order with enough coupons. In the beginning the coupons in the comics were in the corner of the comic so you cut them out and on one page that corner was missing. No big deal. Well, later on the coupons were bigger and bannerlike things that were embedded in the bottom of the page. So not only was it much more fact almost impossible to cut it out without seriously damaging the page - or yourself in the process. You also had a gaping hole at the bottom of that page. §§$%&%%&??. Really.

Not only does this comic have a wonderful cover by Jim Aparo it also has an intriguing story. Before Batman evolved into this allpowerful ├╝bervigilante with thousands of contingency plans a lot of the stories involving the Dark Night Detective were good old " whudunnit " mysteries. In this case Batman was dead and a jury of criminals tried to find out who had done it and who just wanted to boost his street credibility by an untruthful claim to fame.

It´s rather strange to see Luthor under the usual suspects but back in the day Lex was so evil that killing his own enemies was not enough. He just killed anyone he wanted. Now that was total badass.

Another great Aparo cover. This time Lex gets Supes and Batts with one punch. ONE PUNCH !

And with this cover I end todays entry. It´s one of my favorite Neal Adams batstories and is included in the BATMAN IN THE 70s trade. I think one of the reasons I remember it so well is the costume party with the guests dressed up as Marvel characters with really bad fitting costumes. And the dude with the scythe. So I wish all my readers a nice Sunday.

So here it is again. Thanks google cache. Next on this space : SUPERBLOG ! Read all about it !

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