Thursday, September 06, 2007

Comicbabe battle Round 4 - Spiderbabe Finalists

It´s time for another installment of every comic readers favorite topic : comicbabe battle.

It´s been a few days since the last post in which I made a gazillion banners ( of which I probably can post 10 percent - the rest are not safe for work ) and also tried to decide who should get the top spot. So far I´m still undecided and I can´t guarantee that we will have one winner at the end of this post. But let´s jump right into it with the first finalist.

Sexy Spiderbabe Number Five : Spider - Girl

Coming from an alternate universe the daughter of Spider - Man is the first in our top five countdown. Although the MC2 universe never had the success it was originally intended for - that came later with the ultimate universe - it can still be proud of one thing : it has the best spiderbook of Marvel. When the whole line was cancelled this one stayed on ... mostly because of it´s fans. Marvel tried to cancel the book on numerous occassions but thanks to campaigns started by readers - and WIZARD magazine which always ran articles if the danger of cancellation reared it´s ugly head - the comic prevailed. With time it turned into the little comic book that could.

Proving that she has the staying power of a real contender Mayday Parker is a scrapper like her comic. While the comic shows every month why Marvel became such a giant in the industry ( but also why it isn´t as good as it used to be ) with good stories, solid storytelling, interesting characters and outstanding art the character of May would definitely not see herself as " hot " or " sexy ". A little insecure of herself as a hero at first Spider - Girl has now become confident in her role as superhero and carries on the spiderlegacy. She even has a prominent status in the superhero community.

Apart from that she has a trim, fit physique and she let´s 616 Spider - Man eating her dust when it comes to being BACK IN BLACK.

Now that´s a sexy back !

Yes, that´s right. Your eyes don´t deceive you. Spider - Girl comes with two different outfits : the regular spiderclone costume and the black and silver special. She looks stunning in both of them although the red and blue one does accentuate her backside a little more. Not that she would have any problems there.

Now that adds to her hotness status. In any case she is a character with a lot of potential since she is still a growing woman so she may ( no pun intended ) rise higher in the sexy - o - meter. I mean just look at Jubilee´s growth spurt in the pages of NEW WARRIORS. Who knows what can happen ?

Sexy Spiderbabe Number 4 : Spider - Woman a.k.a. Julia Carpenter

And we´re back to the regular 616 universe with our third and last Spider - Woman in this countdown. Julia Carpenter played a big part in SECRET WARS ( the original ) after which Spidey had a brand new costume based on hers. So her costumedesign was the blueprint for Venom. Talk about groundbreaking.

It looks better on her. While there were some spider venoms involved in her origin story her webs were " psy webs " and not organic webs ( or chemical webs before the retcon to make everything more like in the movie ) so she´s only partially spider ...... or something.

She has been a member of the Defenders, Avengers West Coast and the short lived FORCE WORKS. During CIVIL WAR she registered ..... which turned out to be a ruse to spy for Captain America. When she was found out she became a fugitive on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. The last appearances I´ve seen from her were in MS.MARVEL where she tried to find out where the government was hiding her daughter. In the pages of the new OMEGA FLIGHT series she is a member under the name Arachne to have the charges against her dropped. Which basically were using her constitutanal right of civil disobedience while following an unjust law that dictated her to register. My, my, that´s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

Sexy Spiderbabe Number Three : Silver Sable

The first in our top three is the silverclad mercenary and leader of the Wild Pack. As a highly trained weapons specialist and martial artist she can take on anyone. Like many of the women Spider - Man meets in his line of work she wears skintight latex - in her case it´s shiny silver. Unlike the other women Silver Sable a.k.a. Silver Sablinovia ( if you want to know why she uses the name Silver Sable ) she is also the CEO of her own security company and ruler of her home country Symkaria.

Being not only at home on the battlefield but also in the high society of monarchs and other rulers Silver has not only the look of a cool platinium blonde she has also a lot of class and style. Like the blondes in the Alfred Hitchcock movies which were always like an iceberg on the outside but a volcano on the inside.

And since I like shiny things Silver´s in the top three. Not only because she´s a kick - ass woman who can twist your arm or shoot you in the head without breaking a sweat. Also for her firm and fit body. Did I mention the shiny costume ? I wonder if that´s real silver ? As the CEO of a big security firm she sure would have the money. I know I would take real silver. I mean, you never know if you run into a werewolf ..... especially in the Marvel universe ....... but you never know. It always pays off to be cautious.

And with that we come to the places one and two. Which for me was a really tough decision. If you know your Spider - Man trivia you know that there can be only two contestants left who are battling to get the number one spot. Like in the comic these two women have both been romantically involved with Peter and they are both incredibly hot and sexy. Of course I´m talking about Mary Jane and the Black Cat.

It´s a really tough question like who´s hotter ? Betty or Veronica ? On one side you have a hot bikini model and Sports Illustrated cover model. I guess. I mean I don´t know if there is such a thing as Sports Illustrated in the Marvel universe. But judging from the Marvel Illustrated magazines featuring various superheroines and other characters in string bikinis and less I would say the chances are very high. And Mary Jane was in it.

But also the Black Cat. Arrgh ! We´re never to get anywhere like this. Felicia is not a model but she has the body of one. The only reason why she´s not on the cover of hundreds of magazines is that she gets a bigger kick out of being a catburglar.

No, I just don´t know who deserves the top spot. And I´m not going to come to a conclusion tonight. It´s almost 4.00 in the morning now and if I wasn´t waiting for the rerun of PRISON BREAK ( because our VCR in the living room is on strike and we can use only one VCR ) I would be either in bed or surfing the internet. So I´m going to end this post now and hope that I will be able to pick a winner after my trip to the comicshop. Maybe then I will know who is the sexy spiderbabe of all time and the winner of this round of comicbabe battle.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent finalists! Spider-Girl was a surprise but I can see it, I guess. I always had a bit of a thing for Betty Brant, myself. And I can't believe I forgot about the lovely Silver Sable! I collected that title for at least 40 issues. God, she was hot.

And as far as the top finalists go, I'd lean towards Black Cat for numero uno - just because she's bi and probably way more fun in bed. Still, tough decision. Kudos on your choices!

SUBZERO said...

Thanks. Yes, many spideraficionados forget about Silver Sable but she is really lovely - and deadly. What a combination of sexiness, danger and tight silver. Yum !

As for the top finalists I think you´re right. After a few days of mastur.....I mean meditation I think I have come to the same conclusion. Or not. That´s the nice thing about writing this posts. Even I don´t know how they end before I write them.

So we both have to stay tuned to find out.