Sunday, September 09, 2007

while you are making other plans

I guess you expected to read another installment of comicbabe battle and you were just totally excited to see who has won the top spot.

Well, me too. But the best laid plans of mice and know the rap. Just when you think you know how everything is going life throws a monkey wrench.

In my case it´s not only life but also my older brother and the monkey wrenches are not thrown occasionally they have been raining on me since day one. Or more pouring all over me. I was just all set to go on a new installment of comicbabe battle. And I had my weekend already all planned out.

I was going to go to the comicshop, bring all the TEEN TITANS and COUNTDOWN issues that have been piling up and buy some beer. Then I was going to spend the weekend reading TEEN TITANS or COUNTDOWN nonstop, drink some beer.....or better drink lots of beer and finally write the post with the top spiderbabe of all time. Yes, that was the plan.

Now before I come to the part where it all goes to he!! in a headbasket I want to mention one thing about the WIZARD. I know that most american readers hate the wizard magazine like we in Germany hat Angela Merkel. But for me it´s one of the most important recources regarding comics. In many other comic magazines you have to flip through the pages to know if it´s woth buying. And that´s something you can´t always do especially if you order from a catalogue. With wizard I don´t have to do that. Every issue so far has been worth it´s money.

Yes, I know it´s opinionated and may not represent everything objective but if you know how to read it you gat all the important information. What bugs me is that the magazine is slowly becoming....well, crap. There´s no other way to say it. There is always more and more stuff about movies and tv shows and less and less about comics. Now movies and stuff are nice but I can´t see most of the series anyway here in Germany and I also don´t want to read pages and pages of spoilers so I can ruin my tv watching experience.

It´s become really ridiculous and while it´s nice to have some hot chick of a movie or tv show I never heard of on every other page I really want to read about comics.

And what´s up with the previews ? I remember that there were lots of them and even full issues printed in wizard. Now it seems that with the internet they don´t need to do that. Well, the internet´s all nice and well but you can´t take it to the crapper. And I want my previews printed on some nice paper that I can reread two years later. And not to vanish on the internet after a few months. I don´t need it blown up on the screen to ridiculous proportions with crappy resolution ( hello Marvel )or so small that it hurts the eyes. They have an article about Brain Hitch now on the FF and only one lousy picture ? Come on.

Basic Training. Whatever happened to that ? Since the started selling those books no new part has appeared. Nice signal that you´re not only interested in our money. And I could go on for hours but let´s just say that since they switched to the bigger format with less pages it just gets worse and worse. You have less content and even less comic content. I know I don´t need all the pics in the new format if that means less pages. And I would rather read another installment of LAST MAN STANDING than more about some movies. If you want to do that just do a WIZARD MOVIE special.

Back to the monkey wrench. This time it came from my brother. For the last three weeks he had some old stuff lying on the computer taking up 2.5 GB of our free space which meant that I had to burn stuff every two days so nothing important was lost. On some days the computer was left with only 775 MB or less. But that was no problem.

Now from time to time my brother dowloads new freeware from the internet ( mostly graphic oriented ) because he hopes that somehow someday the computer will draw his comic for him. And if not the whole comic than at least all the boring stuuf you don´t want to cars, buildings, machines, perspective and all that background stuff. Of course he can´t put the new software on one of the two computers who are exclusively for work - which means doing graphics and stuff. No, he has to put it on the computer with less free space. Which is the one I´m using. Which was supposed to be only for me so I can surf and work without getting any viruses onto the important computers. And then it was for my brother to use when he has to go to the internet. And then my brother used it more than me and in the end I have almost no screen time. Anyway, after installing the new program he usually notices that the computer is working really slow and of course he wants to defragment the computer so it will work faster.

That has never worked before and will also never work but it´s like the old spanish saying about the idiot and his stick. Once they have this idea they´re stuck with it. Now of course there was not enough room to defragment the computer because after the last defragmentation I put tons of new stuff on it. The last time I was well on the way of finally having the computer totally defragmented and was up to almost 6 GB of free space - but the next day my brother downloaded lots of stuff and we were back to 3.5 GB. And that was that.

Now what that all leads down to is that as usual the computer could not be defragmented and also as usual there has to be someone who is guilty. And of course that has to be me. Because all the stuff my brother has on the computer is ultraimportant, absolutely necessary and you can´t survive without it. And all my stuff is just unimportant, silly stuff for this stupid blog I´m writing on like everything I do is so unimportant and useless. And the rest is porn and naked bitches.

So instead of spending my weekend with comics beer and another installment of comicbabe battle I have been burning almost all my folders on CDs to get 5.6 GB free space to finally defragment the computer. I have thrown out almost all the stuff for my blog even stuff I know I will need in a few months or so. I will just have to put it one the computer again later - like I had to do everytime so far.

I also had to get rid of the folder with all the pics I alrerady posted so from now on there is the chance that I may post a picture I have already posted. I wanted to avoid that but now I have no way of knowing otherwise. So I want to apologize in advance. From now on I´m back to square one with the pictures.

And that´s all of my little rant about wizard and why this weekend turned out different than I thought. Hopefully we can get back to comicbabe battle in the next post and FINALLY find out who´s in the number one spot of the hot spiderbabes.

Life is what happens.......

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