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Comicbabe battle Round 4 - Sultry Spiderbabes

It´s been a while since my last post because on one side I was busy fiddling with my own banners and on the other because now that my little brother has come back from his vacation we have now three persons using the same computer.

And I also had to decide which section comes next and go through all the needed material. I have done the introduction to the horny horror hotties but since I started the Marvel section first I should finish it before I start another.

So I am going to do the spider babes now. What is a novum is that right at this point I have no idea who is going to be in the top position. I had to include one person I had almost forgotten and at the moment the number one position is a draw. Since it keeps shifting as I go along I will be as excited as you to find out who is gonna be our winner. In the four fantastix section I was counting on Susan Storm going home with the trophy and I was surprised to see her on second place. So who knows who wins this one ?

Spider babes : under this section I have put all the women involved with Spider - Man which are quite a lot. Not only does this include almost every superheroine in the Marvel universe but also a truckload of ex - girlfriends. I know that Peter is always bitching about the famous " Parker luck " but in most instances it meant that he didn´t know which of the three or five hot girls he was involved with at that time he was gonna pick. Let´s face it the man is a player. He even has his own official index to keep track of all his hot ex - flames. I bet his little black book has the size of the New York phone book.

Of course that means I had to leave out a few not only superheroines whom I have covered in other rounds but also the ones to which I couldn´t find any pictures of like Liz Allen or Debbie who wouldn´t be very high on the list anyway.

Also in this category are all the women which have at one time or the other gone by the name Spider - Woman or Spider - Girl. Which are also a handful. I had thought about doing a top ten but that´s not really narrowing it down. So like in all the other sections let´s first go to the ones that didn´t make it into the countdown at all.

Black Widow

Keeping with the spider theme I would have her in this ranking but since she was in the avengers section Natasha is not competing.

Spider - Woman a.k.a. Jessica Drew

Although wearing the name Spider - Woman at the moment she was also in the avengers section and will also not compete.

Madame Web

No this is not the WWE where Mae Young has to win every bikini contest. So I doubt that she looks like in this pic by Arthur Adams. At least she was rather old in the latest Spider - Man issue she appeared in. I think she was rejuvenated at some point but since it´s too confusing I left her out.


Arana is one of these overrendered, overcolored books without any real shadows that look more like a bunch of animation movie cells than a real comic book. Which I really hate. Don´t get me wrong I like painted artwork like from Alex Ross, Richard Corben or Don Lawrence. But it seems that artist nowadays like Clayton Crain on SENSATIONAL go just overboard with detail and the eye just looses focus. You can´t tell the difference between what´s important and what not. You have no reference point.

Not that it´s not wonderfully rendered but real craftmanship also means being able to take yourself back and to put the story into the foreground. It seems that a lot of artists have forgotten how it is to read a comic. Like Dell Otto in SECRET WAR. He´s a good man for covers and paintings but his pages had no soul, no dynamics, no movement.

Anyway, the only occasions I have read about this new Spider - Girl knock - off are her appearances in MS. MARVEL so I left her out. I know next to nothing about her. Is this even her real costume in the pic ?

Spider - Girl ?

Again I´m not entirely sure who this is supposed to be. Either Spider - Girl with a different costume or somebody´s own version of a charakter like her. Nice design by the way but I have no idea where to put her. Out.

Next up are the participants who would be in the top ten. I like it short and sweet so it´s only a top five but in the top ten the next sexy spider chicas would be included :

Spider - Woman a.k.a. Mattie Franklin

Mattie wore the title Spider - Woman only a brief time during the John Byrne penned Spider - Woman series with art by Bart Sears. Now while Bart is one of the artists who can draw really stunning females his art on this series was beyond par and the confusing and weird stories by Byrne didn´t help much either. As the fact that she changed costume every two issues. As a character she never had the time necessary to develop a distinctive personality beyond of the usual " pissed of hip youngster who doesn´t want to be a superheroine " cliche that Jubilee invented in the pages of X - Men. Lately she has been back on the radar in the pages of the superb LONERS miniseries but we have to wait and see if this is a comeback or just a quick guest appearance.

Gwen Stacy

Peter´s original love interest and also his big tragedy. In a countdown of Peter´s ex - girlfriends she would be surely in the top three if not in the top two. But with the years her role in spider - Man´s life has become smaller and smaller. In fact readers of today mostly have no idea who she was. And as sad as that may be she was always a little quiet. Stunningly beautiful but more like the girl next door. And not the ones you see in the pages of Playboy magazine.

Betty Brant

Another one of Peter´s ex - girlfriends Betty Brant is still around and has appeared only recently in the pages of FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD SPIDER - MAN. When the late Mike Wieringo left the book I thought that my last issues would be the ones right after that storyarch - the Mysterio issues by Todd Nauck. But being a big fan of Scott Eaton´s artwork I just recently purchased the german version of the Vulture story in which Betty Brant shows that she can still drop em dead.

Now is it just me or does Scott draw her a little like Halle Berry ? Maybe that´s just me. Anyway Betty has this high spot also because of the Spider - Man 3 movie. Because let´s face it : Kirsten Dunst doesn´t really look like the hot swimsuit fotomodell right out of the pages of Spider - Man. Someone better suited for that role would be Nikki Cox fromUNHAPPILY EVER AFTER and VEGAS. Hubba hubba.

They had a nice looking Gwen Stacy - who was the fotomodell in th movie - but the sexiest girl in the whole movie was Betty Brant. So for that alone she deserves to be in the countdown.

By the way I tried to find a better photo of her but this is the best I could find.


Next up is the female part of the Cloak and Dagger tag team. While I was reluctant to include her in this round I´m not sure if she fits anywhere else. She did make her first appearances in the pages of a spidermag and was involved in many storyline after. Besides being a sexy blonde with a really strange cleavage window she´s also a strong character who always manages to subdue the dark side of her partner Cloak. In the pages of CIVIL WAR they both helped to turn the tide of the last battle but I´m not sure if they have resurfaced after the big showdown.

And last but not least in our pseudo top ten is :


When Mark Bagley took over AMAZING SPIDER - MAN I left the title after a few storylines. I had read the title for a long time but since my younger brother was already reading the other spider - title he continued with the series. So I didn´t spend money on the now infamous CLONE SAGA. Man, that´s a word I never expected to mention in my blog.

There were a few issues I bought like the ones that featured Daredevil´s very own THYPHOID MARY. And the ones that had the debut of a new character : Stunner.

Now while the character itself was nothing too exciting she was maybe the only good thing to ever come out of the crapfest the clone saga turned into. To this day I don´t remember who all those guys like KAINE, CARRION or whoever were and what happened to them in the end. But I remember Stunner.

Basically she was the She Hulk but without the green but I didn´t care. We can always use more sexy, muscular blond babes in comics. Especially if they have her build....and cup size.

Now I know that´s just me dreaming but in Marvel vs. DC ( and later in the JLA / Avengers mini ) I always hoped to see her go against Power Girl. In a microbikini. Or at least in a wet t - shirt. Now that would be something for Dave´s Lonbox BOOB WAR files.

At last, it was not to be. And then they go and say that comics are a male dominated medium. If that would really be the case we would have BOOB WAR - THE MAGAZINE coming out every month featuring stories of all the hot chicks of comicdom going at it wearing only those shoelace - string - bikinis drawn by babe artists like Mike Deodato, Adam Hughes, Frank Cho or Victor Rinaldi.

So the only reason why she´s not in the top five.....well, actually there are two. One : she was not in many stories and the ones she was in ( like the clone saga ) were not that good. Two : while she had the same hot hardbody as She Hulk she never appeared in a bikin in an issue of Spider - Man. So she´s not in the top spots but only by the hairs.

And with that we end today´s post which has become long enough. Like the last few times we will come to the top five spider babes in the next installment of comicbabe battle. Maybe till then I will know who the number one is.

Since I posted nikki Cox´photo earlier I also wanted to add the clip of that particular movie scene for all those who haven´t seen it yet. I think she would make a terrific Mary Jane.

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