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A Fright Night Friday with William Gaines

To cut down on the ridiculously long bonus section a birthday shoutout goes to William Gaines who created such classic series like TALES FROM THE CRYPT, THE VAULT OF HORROR, THE HAUNT OF FEAR, TWO - FISTED TALES, WEIRD SCIENCE, WEIRD FANTASY etc., etc., etc. And with a blog called TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN I just have to mention Mr. Gaines.

Besides publishing the best comic in the genre of horror, science fiction, war, crime fiction and many others ( which every comic book fan or comic book creator worth his salt needs to read to understand what you can do within the medium of comic books ) he also created a whole new genre with the creation of Mad magazine when his competitors, censorship and the Comics Code Authority forced him to cancel his most successful titles.

As a big fan of the EC Comics I´ve done a number of posts on the subject : I did a special black and white tribute post to William Gaines in 2017 with two full stories, one by Johnny Craig and one by George Evans, in 2018 I did two posts, one for the horror books and one for the other titles EC published and I also did special spotlight posts for Jack Davis and a black and white post with the complete original artwork of the story And All Throughout The House by Johnny Craig from THE VAULT OF HORROR 35 which was featured in the TALES FROM THE CRYPT movie from 1972.

As I am trying to do a quick post I am not doing a special artist spotlight but in keeping with my wish to always put out the best material I have at the moment I am including the original art for three complete stories.

Yes, not only did William Gaines produce some of the best stories inside the comicbook medium ever made but the writers and artists managed to wrap it up in seven pages. While I didn´t try to assemble the best known artists from EC Comics the stories in this post are drawn by three of the stalwarts. So in this outing we have Johnny Craig on Mute Witness To Murder from THE CRYPT OF TERROR 18 ( when the shift from educational comics to entertaining occured the title of CRIME PATROL was changed to THE CRYPT OF TERROR and then to TALES FROM THE CRYPT, the one horror series which now everybody knows ), Joe Orlando on The Craving Grave from TALES FROM THE CRYPT 23 and last but not least Graham " Ghastly " Ingels on A Sucker For A Spider from TALES FROM THE CRYPT issue 29.

and you can find more celebrity birthdays from March the 1st in this post about all the other great artist who worked on Doug Moench´s brilliant series THE HANDS OF SHANG - CHI , MASTER OF KUNG FU besides Paul Gulacy , Gene Day and Mike Zeck and

and this EC Comics double feature post from 2017 and

more birthdays

March 2nd Federica Ridolfi 46

one of the sexiest women in italian showbiz as the incredible Federica Ridolfi celebrated her 46th birthday. With her racktastic milkshakes she would have been the perfect candidate to take her clothes off in a Russ Meyer or Andy Sidaris film.

So far all my stuff about Federica is on the posts about italian Über - MILF babe Simona Ventura  since it´s not enough to require a separate post.

I first saw Federica as the front dancer of the ballet of the best tv show about soccer EVER which was the italian show QUELLI CHE IL CALCIO : a sports variety program that was broadcast live from Milan mixing coverage of italian series a soccer in real time with comedy, music and lots of hot women. Yes, in Germany tv programs about soccer are old, balding guys sitting at a table and drinking beer while in Italy it´s all about comedy, movie stars, interviews, music acts, a megahot presenter like Simona and a dance group with various incredibly hot sexbombs helmed by Federica Ridolfi. But Federica was not the only one who had to share a post with Simona, for the longest time Simona was also the host to the Tutti Frutti Girls and brabuster Monique Sluyter who not only had no problem taking off her clothes on tv she also disrobed for various gentleman magazines.

But the blow up sex doll from the Netherlands was not only in PLAYBOY multiple times she also was a big factor in my obsession on blondes with giant breast like Power Girl with her impersonation of Marilyn Monroe .

Regular readers of this blog already know that I cast her as Fire a.k.a. Beatriz da Costa in the Andy Sidaris Special of my popular Casting the Justice League of America movie series and I also kept mentioning her in all kind of post like  the annual re - posts about italian mega soccer MILF Simona Ventura until I decided to give Monique and the Tutti Frutti girls their own post which I re - posted in 2016 in a new and better version.

Andy Sidaris was probably THE BEST director of action movies for adults and his cast is a WHOS´S WHO of playmates : 40DD Playmate Of The Month November 1984 Roberta Vasquez , hot 34D Page 3 girl turned sex therapist Ava Cadell , 41D Penthouse Pet Of The Year 1993 Julie Strain , Samantha Phillips, 34D Playmate Of The Month May 1994 Shae Marks , 36D Penthouse Pet Of The Month February 1993 Julie K. Smith , 34C Playmate Of The Month September 1993 Carrie Westcott or Dona Speir to name just a few.

And I just wrote a spin - off post with all the usual links to Janet Jones Gretzky and real live Power Girl Leslie Easterbrook who had the most famous scene in Police Academy 4 - Citizens on Patrol in which she emerges from a pool in a wet t - shirt. And while the obligatory Andy Sidaris actresses / playmates / sexbombs like Roberta Vasquez , Ava Cadell , brunette Cynthia Brimhall, Dona Speir , Julie Strain , Shae Marks , Julie K. Smith and Samantha Phillips are mentioned the main part is about blonde brabuster Monique Sluyter and the obligatory plethora of Tutti Frutti girls .

Now usually I just include a short part with them in the posts but this time I did a somewhat longer version so I could include all the new download links I found while writing this post. I just recently included a whole slew of new ones but those are just for compilation and mixes while these new ones are not only for entire episodes - which are always ultra rare - but for german episodes which are even rarer . Some of them even include my favorite Tutti Frutti girl ( whom you can see just below ).

March 2nd Debra Marshall 60

Since I don´t know when I will have another opportunity to write about female wrestlers ( it seems I only get to do that once a year on hasian rubber sex doll Gail Kim´s birthday ) I absolutely MUST mention wrestling MILF Debra Marshall formerly known as Debra McMichael´s 60th birthday.

It´s no surprise that the Texas raised sexbomb with the huge hooters was a cheerleader as well as her school´s homecoming queen since we know the real purpose of the cheerleaders is to endure the adrenaline charged sexual assault of the jocks at the post game victory parties / sex orgies .

Debra always catered to the sexual fantasy of doing it in the office with the horny big titted CEO with the porn star body or your nymphomanic boss with the perplexing puppies you could never drill or better, the slutty secretary with the giant melons you wish your wife would let you have.

It´s no wonder Mick Foley made Debra his Lt. Commissioner, that way he had a good excuse to have her famous puppies around and he could always keep Debra in his office after the show for some deepthroat dicktation.

Anyway, in the ring Debra always used her spectacular boobs which could easily triple the circulation figures of any gentleman´s magazine ( in fact, Debra claims that PLAYBOY made her a substantial offer but she turned it down which I can totally believe ) to distract the opponent or the referee.

Whatever was more successful that´s what Debra was going for and she had no problems getting her double airbags out to get the upper hand over the opponent, much to the delight of male wrestling fans worldwide.

Another factor in Debra Marshall´s huge popularity with the guys - besides her willingness to pop out her giant gazongas at any time and any place - where her ridiculously skimpy outfits which not only had less fabric then lingerie ( think Las Vegas showgirl costume / itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikini with jacket ) they also came in every color of the 36DD rainbow. 

In the last post where I mentioned Debra I posted three videos with her but since I already had to replace one of them I am trying to spread them out a bit. As it always happens with hot women and sports tv Debra´s breast moments were not always caught on camera ( for a company that relies on filming everything important in a match as soon as it happens the WWE has a history of failing to focus on hot women as soon as they drop some clothes ) so we can thank the horny wrestling gods for this.

Now german actress Uschi Glas who turned 76 is probably not regarded as a cult siren but she has appeared in everything from SOKO to Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi and she started her career displaying her then booming body in the movie Zur Sache Schätzchen ( Go For It Baby ).

Which was a stroke of luck because otherwise unbelievable Uschi would had continued in her career as a secretary or accountant. When I saw the movie for the first time I was surprised how subversive it was compared to the actual tv content and as far as I could ascertain it was a big hit when it came out because it perfectly captured the Zeitgeist of the youthful protest against the german establishment and the loosening morals in the wake of the sexual revolution. Of course part of the big draw was the hot ( but sadly interrupted ) striptease at the police station by Schätzchen Uschi - how she was quickly nicknamed by the german yellow press.

Uschi also tried her luck as a short lived Schlager star during the 70s and even recorded the album Wenn dein Herz brennt with Giorgio Moroder.

and you can find more celebrity birthdays from March the 2nd in this THORSDAY WITH ERIK LARSEN post which is about his second issue of Dan Jurgen´s THOR run


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