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Terrifying Thursday with cult siren Elvira

Since I have almost finished with my Elvira post which only has original art ( and some links where you can read more of her comics ) I have decided to another post to put all the color art I could not fit into the first post.

There will probably be a re - post of her biography in the next few days or weeks depending how fast I can catch up. I´m already at least two days behind with posting and right now I´m thinking of just skipping a few days and take a deserved rest. Anyway, here´s more Elvira goodness for you.

Now since I posted some pictures from DeviantArt I have made sure to bookmark the galleries where I found them but like always these pictures have been collected over time and I didn´t always have the foresight to do that. Or I might have bookmarked them but now I can´t find them. I am however posting the links to the ones I have and if one of your pictures is here you can send me your gallery link and I will include it here. Or not if you don´t want to be associated with this blog. I had some requests - mostly by websites mainly frequented by college students, I don´t know what that should tell me - to remove links to their websites so whatever floats your boat we are here to please. Okay, here are the links in the order they appear on the post ( I have included a number after the link to make this easier ) :  Joe Jusko ( 2 and 5 ), JaviGarcia ( 4 ), MrOrozco ( 6 ), ZoeStanleyArts ( 12 ), joachi ( 15 ) and Mordor-in-love ( 22 ). And while I didn´t use them for the post you might want to check out the brilliant Elvira pictures by DarkNightGlow , AlexAmezcua and ismaelArt . Thanks !

Today´s celebrity birthday countdown starts with Laura Vandervoort, who turns 32 and whom I first saw as Supergirl on Smallville where we really got to see a lot of her - in but especially out of the Supergirl costume.

Her character spiced things up in the series as she could already fly with which Kal El was still struggling with and the tv writers managed to create an interesting version of Supergirl - something DC was not able to do between the time when the original Supergirl died in Crisis On Infinite Earths and the newest incarnation was introduced in the NEW 52.

Laura Vandervoort has recently returned to the Superman franchise in the new Supergirl tv series although this time as the villain Indigo. Longtime readers out there might remember the robot from the future that let loose a damaged Superman robot who killed Titans members Omen and Donna Troy in the godawful Graduation Day crossover between Titans and Young Justice that ended with the cancellation of both series and the launching of new versions of Teen Titans and The Outsiders. I read the second of these titles because they started out with Tom Raney as the regular artist but he needs a bit longer than a month to finish an issue - which you can see in his art not like with other artists - and they had more and more fill - in artists until Tom Raney left the book completely which for me was the signal to pack up things and search for greener pastures. In any case Indigo became a member of this new team of Outsiders and she started a romantic relationship with what readers thought was the resurrected Metamorpho ( it actually was a separated part of him that grew into an individual persona - because comics ).

Back to the Supergirl tv series there were some petitions to get Tom Welling as the Superman of that show but he probably didn´t want to get typecast as they have now somebody else playing the role. But that still leaves hope to have him and the rest of the Justice League of America from Smallville ( maybe even the Justice Society of America from that show ) appear on the CW super hero shows as heroes from an alternative universe. Maybe even like an evil version of the League like the Justice Lords on the animated Justice League. For Laura Vandervoort´s birthday I have selected the clip of Indigo and Non´s epic battle against Supergirl and Martian Manhunter in the final episode. And don´t tell me that´s a spoiler because every comic fan worth his salt should have already seen that. Forget what you have read online about the problems of the show.

How can you NOT watch a show with a spot on portrayal of Supergirl, a guest appearance by The Flash, Helen Slater and Dean " effing the real Superman " Dean Cain as Supergirl´s adoptive parents AND the coolest Martian Manhunter ever ? I mean, Martian Manhunter. They do not even get J´onn J´onzz right in most comic books. So you have no excuse !

Billie Piper celebrates her 34th birthday who became famous all over the world as Rose, the first companion on the rebooted Doctor Who and the internet will probably hate me for that the second hottest companion of that new incarnation. I´m sorry, but Freema Agyeman is just the bomb.

Back to Billie Piper, apart from Doctor Who she has been in two Sally Lockhart movies ( as far as I know there hasn´t been a third yet ) about which I wrote in an earlier post. Not knowing the books they are based on I still found them remarkably well done and you can get them for 9 bucks. Billie also appears in the Penny Dreadful series which I haven´t had the time to check out yet and of course Secret Diary Of A Callgirl. Being such an old perv it really defies all logic that I still haven´t watched the one show where you are guaranteed to see Billie Piper in underwear - and less.

Now I didn´t want to post a Doctor Who video with Billie Piper because a. ) I will need a Doctor Who video later and b. ) I could not find the one I was looking for - one about the whole Bad Wolf thing. I also haven´t seen anything from Penny Dreadful and I already covered the Sally Lockhart movies in an earlier post so here is a video from the Graham Norton Show.

You might think that Joan Jett and Andrea Bocelli don´t have much in common when in reality they were born on the same day which means both of them turn 58 Today. I seem to recall that I did post one of Joan Jett´s song already and initially I wanted to add a video from one of the casting shows - either this goth guy who sings one of Andrea Bocelli´s standard songs or this nine year old girl. But then I found one of the girl with Andre Rieu so I´m going to keep that for his birthday and since I want to have a video with Andrea Bocelli actually IN it the goth guy also has to wait his turn. So to continue with the Doctor Who theme here is a duet of Andrea Bocelli and Katherine Jenkins who was in the third best Doctor Who Christmas Special A Christmas Carol, with The Next Doctor as number two and the best one being the heartbreaking The End Of Time.  

We still got more Doctor Who to talk about as Frazier Hines celebrates his 72nd birthday who is best known for playing highlander Jamie McCrimmon. He holds the record as the longest running companion who has appeared in 117 episodes and only the first four Doctors appeared in more episodes.

Now for those who think hot female companions are a concept from the new Who I only want to mention that he and the second Doctor Patrick Troughton shared the Tardis with astrophysicist Zoe Heriot from the 21st century played by Wendy Padbury who had a really tight fitting costume.

Back to Frazier Hines, his Jamie McCrimmon was a capable companion who adapted surprisingly well to traveling through space and time with the Doctor for a person two centuries removed who got he Doctor out of quite a number of jams - and vice versa. He was a loyal companion who was always quick with a joke or punching somebody in the face who deserved it always wearing his heart on a sleeve but knowing when to speak his mind and when to wait and see. In short a likeable guy with whom you would go for drinks in the nearest pub, star outpost or cave.

I also want to pay tribute to one of the most beloved german actors who ever lived, Hans Albers. He also started his career in black and white and played a mythical figure, Baron von Münchhausen. There are videos of his countless hit songs but since we already have a music video, and it´s much too difficult to choose one here is Große Freiheit Nr. 7, called Port Of Freedom in english. It´s his best know movie with a lot of songs he became famous for and the film was banned by the censorship of the third Reich because the Nazis considered it too " anti heroic " and demoralizing.

A last shoutout goes to scientist Michael Faraday who came up with the Faraday cage of which you may have heard in school or in movies. While he is best know for that he made many discoveries in the fields of chemistry, electricity and magnetism like inventing the first Bunsen burner. So the next time you see somebody in a movie or tv show stay in the car during a thunder storm because the electricity will be absorbed like a lightning rod by the Faraday cage of the car chassis you know who to thank for that.

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