Friday, September 09, 2016

Flash Friday : special Kevin Maguire edition

We interrupt the continuation of Race Against Time for a very special edition of FLASH FRIDAY to celebrate Kevin Maguire´s 56th birthday. Which I thought wouldn´t happen. Because while Kevin Maguire DID draw the Bwa - ha - ha League it did not include Wally West because he was on JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE together with Power Girl. He also did not draw any issue of the second volume of FLASH. But then I remembered that there was anothercharacter called The Flash who Kevin Maguire drew.

For those who have never heard of JUST IMAGINE - STAN LEE CREATING THE DC UNIVERSE, a long time ago DC had this series of prestige format comics where Stan Lee took just the name of the most popular DC heroes and completely re - imagining them from scratch. The results were of varying success but the art on some of the books was great and one of John Buscema´s last comics he ever drew was the SUPERMAN issue which he apparently enjoyed immensely. In the end there was a JUSTICE LEAGUE issue where the various heroes teamed up and fought against the baddie who had been in the shadows throughout all the stories. As usual some people really liked this new take on old concepts while others hated the series with a passion and if you want to check it out there is an omnibus available. Now in my opinion there were some good one and not so good ones but THE FLASH was in my top three list together with the WONDER WOMAN issue by Jim Lee. Yeah, there really was a new take on Wonder Woman by Jim Lee that did not totally suck. Oh, how things have changed with the NEW 52. Anyway, here is JUST IMAGINE - STAN LEE CREATING THE FLASH by Stan Lee and Kevin Maguire so you can make up your own mind.

As a special bonus - and because I didn´t get to do a Sergio Aragones post on birthday this Tuesday - here is the back up story, which was another cool feature. They always included back up stories by top talent. Not that the artists in the main stories were anything to sneeze at as it includes such big names like Joe Kubert, John Byrne or Walter Simonson but you had back ups by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Gene Colan or Richard Corben.

Speaking of birthdays, Today´s first celebrity anniversary birthday candidate is Janet Fielding who turns 63. She is best known for playing the fifth Doctor´s companion Tegan Jovanka on Doctor Who and wearing a very tight fitting white boob tube on her second stint on the Tardis.

I think she is the first companion who came back after leaving the Tardis and if you want to watch her best parts there is The Black Guardian Trilogy which includes Mawdryn Undead, Terminus and Enlightenment.

Tom Wopat celebrates his 65th birthday who is of course best known for playing one half of the duke Boys on The Dukes of Hazard alongside Catherine Bach who really should have been in bikinis more often.

Most of the videos with Tom Wopat on YouTube are him singing but I need the music video of the day for my next candidate here is a special episode of Family Feud where The Dukes of Hazard go up against The Waltons.

Ted Herold turns 74 and he was always billed as the german Elvis Presley.

Now this animated short by Tristan Wilder was brought to my attention by my brother who apparently met the guy at the Stuttgart ComicCon. This was probably while I had to go home already because I was too exhausted.

Like always we end with a flash video, and since I could not find any videos about alternate versions of The Flash that include the female Flash created by Stan Lee and Kevin Maguire ( which for some reason doesn´t seem to fall into DC´s multiversum although all other speedsters get mentioned ) here is everything you need to know about The Flash.

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