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Succubus Saturday with cult siren Elvira !

Today Cassandra Peterson a.k.a. Elvira, the horror hostess with the mostest who is known for her incredibly big - male audience ( what did you think I was going to say ) celebrates her 65th birthday so I thought it´s about time to post some new stuff about the Mistress of the Dark.

Because I went over my old Elvira posts and compared to what I post nowadays it sorely needs pimping. I first mentioned Elvira in my 100th post which includes a few videos in 2007, I did one that has her full biography in 2010 and another one on the same day that mentions a few of her comics and includes links, some of which don´t work anymore.

Since I try to keep things real at this blog I won´t change anything on post 100 ( since that one is in the links at the bottom of the posts ) or the post about her comics but it´s a shame that there are much better pictures of her in the posts about Heather Thomas or Markie Post so I might do a new version of her biography - of course not before re - posting the original version. Just in case. So that still left me with the question what to do for this year. I thought about doing a post with some new animated GIFs but the ones I have are all from pivotal points in the first Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark movie ( which is still the best ) so those were better suited for a review of that movie or to be included in the new biography post. Then I thought Why not make another one about comics ? This IS a comic blog after all and so far all I have posted were some covers and links. So I went looking for pages from actual Elvira comics but like always I found more than I bargained for. There are several issues worth of material I did find but somehow just posting stuff from other blogs seemed too much like adorning oneself with borrowed plumes and I have never been somebody who takes credit for other people´s work. Which is why you will find those comics in the link section. Now I always try to make the weekend posts into something special and one thing I like to do are posts with original art. So here are a few original art pages from several artists.

As promised here are the links for the issues from Elvira´s comic books in color starting with Mike ( Mick ) Madonna at THE CARNIVAL OF WEIRD ! who has the complete comic adaption of the Elvira Mistress Of The Dark feature film. I would add who did the art but it´s not in the post nor is it mentioned anywhere in the comic so maybe some of my readers can help me out here. On the other hand crediting the artists is no problem for OFF THE BEATEN PANEL which has some pages from Elvira´s House Of Mystery 11 including the cover by Dave Stevens, an 11 page story penciled by Tom Grindberg with inks by Jim Fern and 5 pages by the great Gene Colan with inks by Dick Giordano - which means I definitely need to check this out. I have to say, Elvira has been at different comic companies over the years but DC really made an effort to integrate her into their universe with Elvira´s House Of Mystery and I think after Crisis On Infinite Earths she took up residence in the deserted House of Mystery trying to find Cain.

Brian B at COMIC BOOK CRUD has the 10 page version of A Christmas Carol from Elvira´s House Of Mystery Special 1 by Albert T De Guzman in which Destiny plays the role of the ghost of Christmas still to come and there´s also a review of the complete issue over at CHRIS IS ON INFINITE EARTHS .

There´s more pulp horror goodness coming your way from The Old Warrior at THE WARRIOR´S COMIC BOOK DEN who has posted the complete issue of Elvira´s House Of Mystery 8 which includes a 3 page story by Kerry Gamill

and you can see some original art pages for Elvira Mistress Of The Dark 113 on Loston Wallace´s DaviantArt gallery which has lots of other cool stuff.

Last but not least Mike Manley, publisher of the great DRAW magazine has posted the last Elvira pages he did for Claypool Comics on his blog and there is an interview with Elvira artist Ron Sutton on OTTAWA MAGAZINE . Now despite the name I don´t think the website MOONGEM COMICS is from an actual comic publisher but it has a lot of Elvira - centric posts about all kind of stuff you might find interesting like Elvira in Femmes FatalesElvira in Femmes Fatales again an Elvira interview in Fangoria 344Elvira Ads, an Elvira pinball machine , an Elvira slot machineElvira computer gamesElvira greeting cards and even delicious Elvira treats .

Speaking of delicious treats, Today´s first celebrity birthday is Thailand born fitness, swimsuit and lingerie model Jewel Santini who turns 32. To paraphrase a well known song Jewel is a man´s best friend and she has brought me luck since the last post in which I posted a picture of her went straight into the Top Ten Posts list. I don´t know if that´s solely because of her since that post also featured Elvira but why take risks ?

Speaking of that post, since it was done on Elvira´s birthday I also mentioned singer Anastacia ( more about her in a few minutes ) and exotic beauty Stacy Kamano, best known for her role of local hawaiian lifeguard Kekoa Tanaka on Baywatch who celebrates her 42nd birthday.

It´s always difficult to find good clips from such well known shows and if you DO find some they tend to disappear from YouTube very quickly but luckily I found another special from Family Feud with the Baywatch cast.

Another hot sexbomb who celebrates a birthday Today is porn star Carolyn Monroe who turns 48. She was one of the big mega stars when I was old enough to rent videocassettes and I always pictured her as Power Girl whenever I watched her movies like Les Menteuses ( The Liars ) which uses the so called " Rashomon effect " in which three versions of the same event are shown. In the movie two old friends - Carolyn Monroe and the equally hot Beatrice Valle - meet and tell each other their latest sexual escapades. The first version is what the woman in turn tells what has happened which is the completely over the top sexed up version.

The second version is always what the other woman thinks has happened which is a slightly tamer version of the story. And the final version is the reveal what really happened which mostly involves having no sex at all. 

In the old comics artist Wally Wood kept making Power Girl´s breasts bigger and bigger to see how far he could take it. Or at least that´s the urban legend. Fact is that the artists after him drew her with normal proportions .... or what is considered normal for superheroines. Till Bart Sears took over the character and buffed her up and returned her to her signature breast size - at least for up until the NEW 52 WORLDS´ FINEST fiasco.

When I started to read american comics the DC universe was brand new thanks to the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS fallout and I grabbed all the series I didn´t know which included the two fisted combo of JUSTICE LEAGUE by Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire and JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE also by Giffen and Matteis, art by Bart Sears and inks by Pablo Marcos whom I knew from his work on DEFENDERS. I don´t know if it was fate but the very first issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE I got was issue 4 in which Power Girl, Flash and Animal Man share a hotel room as they go to Bialya on an undercover mission. I re - read the issue a few times and I always wondered if these more human - and more horny in the case of Flash - heroes didn´t spend the waiting time in a more adult way.

What can I say ? I was doing my military service in Munich at that time which meant I had a lot of free time on my hands, a room for myself, a vivid imagination and there were practically no women around save those I saw on tv or in comics. So naturally the idea of Animal Man using some kind of pheromones for a threeway with Power Girl piqued my interest.

Now as strange coincidences would have it this is usually the part where I explain european game show TUTTI FRUTTI and our next birthday is Tracy Dali who turns 50. You might have seen the big breated brunette in movies like Back To The Future II or Bikini Summer II with Jessica Hahn, whom I mentioned in a previous post and she also has been in Beverly Hills 90210 and Beverly Hills Bordello - which might be where some of the characters from the cult tv show may end up. In Beach Movie she starred next to playmates Brande Roderick, Traci Bingham ( or like I call her Traci Banghim ) and Victoria Silvstedt. Victoria celebrates her 42nd birthday Tomorrow.

Back to Tracy Dali, while she may be known for her many appearances in such erotic classics like Virtual Girl in America she is best known in Europe for being one of the girls who took off her clothes on TUTTI FRUTTI which brings us back to porn star Carolyn Monroe and the whole Power Girl thing.

I mean it must have been around the same time when I read Bart Sear´s version of Power Girl in the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE and when I saw Monique Sluyter´s Marilyn Monroe impersonation on TUTTI FRUTTI.

So far I have always linked to my post about ITALIAN SOCCER MOM SIMONA VENTURA to explain what TUTTI FRUTTI is but I have added so many GIFs to the post that it takes forever to load. And since that totally defeats the purpose of the link I made a new post I can link to which will be at the bottom of this abbreviated version. You can still use the link above if you DO want to check out the post about mega MILF Simona Ventura thought.

Now for the benefit of new readers who might have missed this I should probably explain what TUTTI FRUTTI was. There was a show called COLPO GROSSO from Italy with some dancers dressed as certain fruits who would dance to a special song and when the last refrain said " chin chin " they popped their tops and the candidates had to bet ( before they opened their tops ) if they had stickers of fruits on one of their breasts or not.

If they had fruits - or rather stickers with fruits - on them the candidates would win points and if they had enough of them they could get the Euro Girls ( which sounds much sluttier now as the official european currency is the Euro ), the women who presented the european nations to strip.

Who could get the most women the most naked was the winner and the points they would score were called country points or Länderpunkte, a word that has become a household expression in Germany. It´s not unusual to hear german tv viewers say : Well, we´re not going to see any Länderpunkte in this movie. Anyway, the show was done to promote the Ecu, the new currency for a United Europe ( no, that really didn´t work out that well ) but the important part was getting to see girls strip.

Although the men always couldn´t remember which girl represented which country and just picked a country at random so often the hottest looking girls never got their turn. Like my favorite, the sexbomb in the middle.

So since she was my favorite she was not on the Euro Girl´s roster very often and even when she was that didn´t mean she was picked. Which was worse then not being on the show because if she was not there they couldn´t pick her but if she was and just wasn´t picked I was cursing!

The show was adapted by various countries and it was called AY QUE CALOR in Spain and TUTTI FRUTTI in Germany. In Germany it was the show nobody watched ( or admitted watching ) but everybody saw.

When it was first shown in the 80s I was doing my military service in Munich and in my room there was cable tv - unlike at home. So every Sunday afternoon I took the ICE to Munich, bought some american comics at the station, went to the barracks, showered, shaved and watched TUTTI FRUTTI before going to sleep. And I always made sure to catch the beginning, I didn´t want to miss the intro with Busenwunder Amy Charles.

In Germany the show was hosted by Hugo Egon Balder, Tiziana and dutch sexbomb Monique Sluyter, who clearly knows her audience since she was four times in PLAYBOY. And since she is one of my alltime favourite blondes I put the rest of the TUTTI FRUTTI stuff in her birthday post this year .

When I went down the list of birthdays for Today I was not sure if I should include singer Anastacia who turns 48. I gave her a post of her own on the old blog but it´s been over six years that I read or heard anything about her. But then I found this GIF and - BAM ! - I remembered why I like her.

How do you condense an entire post into a few short sentences ? You don´t. I will just have to keep hoping that I can write an entire post on her. Now when I last wrote about Anastacia she had just gotten a breast reduction because she was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was a bit disappointed that she didn´t get reconstructive surgery to get her old size back. But that was before I had my own surgery and if you don´t know how that works you believe it´s like on tv where Michael Knight has an accident and after the surgery he looks like David Hasselhoff. Anyway, in 2013 Anastacia was diagnosed with breast cancer again and while she is now cancer free she had to undergo a double mastectomy. Let´s just hope that was the last time and Anastacia manages to stay in good health.

Man, what a downer. But that is what happens in the entertainment block, I get to catch up on all the Hollywood news. Also in the Whatever Happened To ? section is Dustin Nguyen, who celebrates his 54th birthday. He is of course best known for playing Officer Harry Truman Ioki on 21 Jump Street but I totally forgot that he also had a big role as John Loh on the Pamela Anderson vehicle VIP. Man, I used to watch that show almost religiously to get my weekly dose of Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson.

Well it seems like Dustin has managed to keep himself busy with things like doing the voice of Trahn on Phantom 2040. That show keeps popping a ridiculous amount on my posts lately. Anyway, Ioki will also be in The Man With The Iron Fists 2 and I just hope that it´s better than the first part. I was so excited to see it and there was like not one thing that fit with something else. Talk about Do It Yourself gone horribly wrong. Seriously.

We start our Dearly Departed section with the wonderful Anne Bancroft who was in a lot of movies where I forgot she was in like in G.I.Jane although I may be forgiven for that. I just couldn´t get my eyes off Demi Moore bending over to give you a good eyeful of her low hanging sweaty boobs. Man, that woman has a body like you wouldn´t believe ! Okay, you believe it because you´ve seen it in movies but you know what I mean.

Anne Bancroft also appeared in the Mel Brooks spoof Dracula - Dead And Loving It whichs main attraction is sexy bloodsucker Lysette Anthony squeezing her boobs tightly together. Now while that in itself is worth mentioning to have luscious Lysette on the blog again the main reason for that is that she celebrates another birthday towards the end of this month and I hope I can write a bit longer about her when that happens.

Also no longer with us is John Ritter who had his first big break in Three´s Company and he played the Dad in the Problem Child movies where he starred alongside the late Jack Warden who would have had another birthday Tomorrow. John also did some voice acting as Doctor David Wheeler on Batman Beyond and Inspector Gil in the Fish Police cartoon of which I think I saw a few episodes. But I can´t really feel sorry for John as he got to work with some serious babes like Suzanne Somers or Jennifer Tilly ( who just celebrated her birthday last Friday ) in Bride Of Chucky. Heck he even got to work with 80s Power Girl Markie Post twice. First in the tv movie Tricks Of The Trade where she played a hooker and then on a regular basis on the series Hearts Afire. It´s true, Markie didn´t appear in a bikini there like in a few occassions on The Fall Guy but there were enough low cut dresses and deep cleavages to keep your interest. 

Originally I wanted to post Tricks Of The Trade now and I had it already bookmarked but it has been deleted from YouTube since. Which is one of the reasons I try to get good videos on the blog as soon as possible.

Anyway, I thought about what else I could put on the post and since Today is Elvira´s birthday I decided to include October The 32nd since that´s an episode of The Fall Guy with her. In fact it´s the second one and I already posted the first. And while Markie Post does not appear much in the episode ( I don´t remember if she´s in it at all ) this way I have an Elvira video in the post and can add another that relates to something else. 

Also missed will be Roddy McDowall who had lots of pop culture rep from his appearances in the Planet Of The Apes movies, the classic Fright Night movies or Remo Williams : The Prophecy where he played asian martial arts master Chyun much to the surprise of everyone. He also got his comic book groove on as he appeared in the Wonder Woman tv series, played the Bookworm on the campy Batman tv series or did voice acting as the Mad Hatter on the Batman and Superman cartoons, the Breadmaster in The Tick, Proteus on Gargoyles, Price Frederick in the Prince Valiant cartoon and last but not least Sir Quagmire Mallard on Darkwing Duck.

I have found Remo Williams : The Prophecy on YouTube ( which is the pilot with Jeffrey Meek for the series that never got made not to be confused with Remo Williams : The Adventure Begins which is the movie starring Fred Ward as Remo Williams and Joel Grey as Chiun ) but since I already have two episodes from tv shows in the post I´m going with Fish Police.

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