Wednesday, April 19, 2006

And now for a taste of things to come

Man, the lenghts I go to just so I can throw in a Mortal Combat reference. But what do you expect from a guy called SUBZERO ? The new comics are solicited from DC , Marvel and Image shipping July 2006. Which means more cool comics I just can´t wait to read and - more pictures to post. So which ones are the really hot ones ?..for me anyway. CIVIL WAR seems to be in full swing over at Marvel and DC is busy with 52 but that are not the comics that got me sweating. No sir.

A new DEATH JR. series is always good. Everybody who read the first miniseries knows that the reader´s in for another helping of the wacky adventures of the grim reaper´s firstborn. And for everybody who missed it - just go and get the tradepaperback. I have not read a funnier comic than Death Jr. since...well since August 2005 when issue three of Death Jr. came out ( just wanted to mention that I still have not found one funny joke in the whole DEFENDERS miniseries - if you know of one, please contact me ).

What got me more exited is SPIDERGIRL´s 100th issue. Which may be the last issue. Okay, what´s up with Marvel always trying to cancel Spidergirl ? I don´t get. Do they just hate ME and try to cancel my favorite series or turn them to watered down lightversions like SHANNA and SUPREME POWER or just Spidergirl readers in general. Is it really that awful to publish a good comic that makes most of the others look bad ? You don´t have to cancel a comic series just because it is equally entertaining for kids as for adults and it has better continuity than 90 percent of the Marvel books. Is it really that terrible if a comic with a female lead character reaches the 100 issue mark ? I mean with She Hulk it took, four series combined to get there and Spidergirl managed it in one volume.

Only because one book is not the big cashcow and has more of a longterm profit it get´s shafted ? Apparently good digest sales are not enough. I´m not sure how long there will be series like Runaways, She Hulk or Gravity will be around if this trend continues. And wanted to include Dan Slott´s new THING series but apparently that series is also inches away from cancellation. Which you already know if you have read about the PULL MY THING initiative where Dan is trying to get more readers to put the series on their pull list....which I will do. And if it´s only to read the big poker game issue.

  • link of the full story of Marvel´s plans to cancel Spidergirl with issue 100

  • link to the save Spidergirl website

  • Okay Marvel, just make up your mind ! Do you love me or do you hate me ? On one side you´re trying to cancel Spidergirl on the other side you go and reunite the dreamteam Mark Texeira and Javier Saltares on GHOST RIDER. Man does this picture just look full of promises of broken bones, spilled blood and street tough, bikechainwielding vengeance OR WHAT ? Finally the Ghost Rider looks like he is supposed to look. Like the spirit of vengeance riding like a bat out of hell and not like the old school skeleton from biology class who someone dressed up as a biker and put on fire. You remember the last series with the itsy-bitsy babyflames on the skull ? This guy´s head on fire. You hear me.....ON FIRE ! His skull is like surrounded by a big bowlingball of fire which is twice or thrice the size of the head. Okay. Anyway this is Ghost Rider perfection staring right at you : looking totally badass, head on fire and with a bike straight from bikerhell.

    There´s still one comic that has me more exited and that´s........virtual drumroll.......SUPERMAN 654 ! The first issue by Carlos Pacheco. Oh boy ! I don´t know what it is. Is it the local hero factor about a guy who grew up in Barcelona ? Is it the way he keeps getting better and better ? The way he draws Power Girl ? The attention he draws to even the smallest details ( just pay attention to what he does with capes ) ? Maybe it´s all these things combined. I just know that when he was drawing the covers for Adventures I always thought : Wow, wouldn´t it be cool if he drew the interiors and not just the covers ? Be careful what you wish for. By the way, if you ARE a fan of Carlos Pacheco and you have the chance to go to Spain for a vacation or something go to a comicshop and buy LA AVENTURA GRAPHICA DE CARLOS PACHECO. It´s a nice book with lots of material of Carlos from his earliest days up to his days on X-Men and it even includes the first three issues ( the ones with Shang Chi ).

    Now there are another few covers that grabbed my attention. Like Jerry Ordway´s cover for BIRDS OF PREY 96. Sadly he´s not doing the interior work. I just hope now that he´s exclusive with DC he´ll get a high profile series. Because he just can draw everything and it looks cool.

    Don´t you just loved Adam Hughes covers for CATWOMAN ? Cool LONE WOLF AND CUB reference right there. Sweet.

    Robin 152 looks like there are still some unresolved issues between Robin and the new Captain Boomerang. But if I know my rogues a few therapy session are just not gonna cut it.

    And what´s up with the cover of SAVAGE DRAGON 128 ? At first I thought it was a CIVIL WAR crossover with the black borders but it´s just a wanted poster. Wait a minute, isn´t the Dragon like a cop who saved earth from the evil tyranny of cyberface ? What happened here ? I think this is the first cover not done by Erik Larsen. Savage Dragon is the best superhero comic nobody reads. I always bring it up in discussions about superhero stuff always being the same but so far nobody who made that statement knew the comic. If it wasn´t so sad it would be funny.

    Okay, DC does this just to dis me. As soon as I write that there is some unwritten law that a babe artist is never allowed to draw a comic with a good looking woman as the lead character they go and put the Dodsons on Wonder Woman. So you want to play hardball ? You just try to publish it and I will go and buy it !!! Just to stick it to your face. I think I have alienated enough people for now.

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