Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pimp my blog

There have been no new posts for this month because I have been adding more preview links to the previous posts. It´s a little difficult to go from writing a thread for people who know next to nothing about comics to writing my own blog on the internet.

Most people who read this blog ( all two of them probably ) are comic afficionados so I don´t know how necessary it is to post news, articles or previews since everybody already knows where to get them. But I have decided to include previews for the books I mention on my blog because I´m not only writing for people in America I´m also writing for people in Germany or Spain. So I´ve been working on the old entries for my blog because I think this is the best moment for it.

So far there is one website with a link to this blog which I want to give a shoutout to. Phil & Lamonds Comic Kolumne is a comicblog with tons of reviews about american comics. Of course it´s all in german but if you are reading this in Germany and know the language check them out. Their reviews are short and invormative and up to 95 % spoilerfree. There is an overview of the series INVINCIBLE by yours truly on their site and many others which are even sorted after publishers. You can find them on my link section. Hey, the title of the post is PIMP MY BLOG so of course there is a lot of pimping going on.

As I said this is now the best moment to include more previews to the old posts because as I can see from the comments there can not be that much people reading. So if you´re new around here you´ve just come at the right time. This is the new blog now with 50 % more preview material and 50 % more bling bling and hot chicks.

It´s hard out here for a pimp.

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