Sunday, June 04, 2006

war and the dead

So while I was surfing on the net today I just found out that my comicshop terminated my subscription to Thunderbolts.

Because the title has been changed from New Thunderbolts to Thunderbolts and nobody realized that it´s still the same comic. I thought about getting them in Erlangen but I´m not so sure if I will find them there since I´m already missing the last three issues. Therefore I decided to get them over the internet but since the online comic shop I normally go to only had the last two issues I am trying out a new online comic shop.

Now it´s been a few days since I was at the comic shop and got my new issues so I have already red some of them. And before some other topic pops into my head I want to write some comments about them even if it´s going to be shorter than normally.

The first thing I read was Civil War 1 and I have to say : it doesn´t make any sense ! Where is Chewbacca ? No, really, it´s just like the South Park episode I keep waiting for somebody to say : " If Iron Man is suddenly for the super hero registration law and Chewbacca lives on Endor you have to find my client NOT GUILTY ! " That´s exactly how I feel. With all the covers I saw of Civil War I was really confused. You see, in all the ROAD TO CIVIL WAR issues of amazing Spider-Man I read Iron Man was totally against this new law. He even went to Washington and took Spidey with him to prevent the law. And of course Iron Man and Captain America were on different sides. Which must mean that Captain America is for the law. Which is something I really don´t believe. Cap was always a character that stood up for personal rights and the right of the individual. So it was very hard for me to picture him going after his colleagues when they decide to not obey the government.

And of course Wolverine was on the same side as Captain America in all the pictures. So since when is Wolverine for the expansion of the Mutant Regristation Act to all super heroes ? The ONLY possible scenario where I could see Wolverine being for all heroes being government controlled is if he hopes they will rebel and overthrow the government. Kind of like : " Well, we mutants had to registrate and you said it was no big deal and only for our own good. So how do you like it now that you have to put your money where your mouth is ? "

Of course it´s not like that because now....suddenly...Iron Man is all for this new law. Which means that Captain America ends up being against it alongside Wolverine. Just what I thought. But that means that since Spider-Man is now in cahoots with Tony Stark he´s now against it. Which is kind of strange because even in the first issue of Civil War he´s very outspokenly against it. I wonder how Marvel will fix that. After reading the first issue it is still not clear why Iron Man did a 180 degree switch. Now apart from that CIVIL WAR 1 WAS A REALLY GOOD READ ! I have to put it in bold letters to emphasize it for all readers. Steve McNiven´s art really comes alive and though I sometimes don´t like it that much here he really knocks it out of the park. And the story is really well written with realistic dialogue. Especially the scene where Cap has to decide on which side he is on. That´s one of the coolest scenes of Cap that I have seen for a long time outside of his own series. This Cap kicks ass. So I will be definitely get isssue 2. I was a little sceptical with all the hype surrounding the series but now I´m hooked. Before I forget : for all fans of the comic podcast ComicGeekSpeak check out the monitor on the bottom picture of page one for the CGS logo. And on page 17 the reporter on tv is Brian Deemer.

The next thing I read is X - STATIX presents Deadgirl issues 1 to 5. Now I didn´t put this comic on my pull list because of the online preview. I´m a big Mike Allred fan and I really liked X - STATIX on an artwise level because the story was just a cheap imitation of such original series like Strikeforce Morituri or Wildguard : Casting call. But the art on the online preview looked really appalling and since it did not clearly state what Mike Allred´s and Nick Dragota´s contributions were I had the impression that Mike Allred was not drawing it. Because it really didn´t look like his art.

Luckily when I was at the comic shop on Friday ( this was my emergency comic shop in Esslingen ) I could take a look at the actual comic and I realized that it really was drawn by Mike Allred. Although it looked a little like stills from a cartoon show but that may have been intentionally. And it was just my luck they still had all the single issues. Because I prefer to get the single issues over the trade. You get more ads but you can open the book better what´s especially important with double page spreads. That´s one of the reasons why I think that there will always be real comic shops to go to where you can take the comics in your own hand. Because sometimes it´s not the same looking at an online preview on the net and to look at the actual thing.

Now the story was kind of strange and weird and in general just like the whole X - STATIX series. It was neat to see Deadgirl and Mr. Sensitive again even if Dr. Strange was kind of strange in this series ( which comes with the name - right ? ) and this whole obsession with hemorrhoids was kind of.....yuck ! The version of hell in the book was interesting especially Ant Man going totally bonkers. Also the writer came up with a funny explanation why certain characters manage to come back from death time and again while others stay dead. A good read.

  • X - STATIX present : Deadgirl Issue 1

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    Anonymous said...

    Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.

    SUBZERO said...

    Thanks. I wanted to comment on the DEAD GIRL series because the online pages did not look as good as the real comic. It was the reason why I didn´t pick it up and I just wanted to tell all the readers who liked Mike Allred´s art on X - STATIX : Hey, this is as good as those issues. It just looks crappy online.

    Because I´m a very fickle guy where art is concerned and when I´m okay with it that means that probably everybody is.

    Anonymous said...

    Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

    SUBZERO said...

    Weli, I found out that if you have a color scheme that´s too flashy it distracts too much from reading in some cases even prevents you from being able to read the words. So my background is white.

    And sorry, but I couldn´t find anything under the link.