Monday, March 12, 2007

Spoilers of War

Today´s post is a rather quick one. I just wanted to talk about a few things concerning variant covers and spoilers. Normally I stay away from spoilers for my readers but today I´m going to make an exception. So if you don´t know what is happening in CIVIL WAR right now you should not read the rest of this post.

I know I originally started this blog to sing the praises of comic books and how glorious the life of a comic reader can be. But sometimes there are things than make me loose my cool. Like CIVIL WAR - THE RETURN.

Question : When is a variant cover not a variant cover ?

Answer : When the regular cover is no cover at all.

That´s right. The regular cover to CIVIL WAR - THE RETURN is just a blank piece of paper with the title on it and the credits. Wait. I think I see the sailboat now. There is the emblem of the hero who is returning but since it is printed in bright yellow it is virtually invisible. No kidding. You can´t see it in the pic I posted because of the low resolution but it is there in bright, invisible yellow. Wow, an invisible cover.

I understand that Marvel doesn´t want to spoil who exactly is returning but when DC was running THE RETURN OF SUPERMAN they managed to keep the secret without selling blank pages. And won´t all the readers who had to pay 3 bucks but didn´t get the beautiful Ed McGuiness cover be pissed ? I mean you pay full price for a comic and get a blank cover. That´s not right. And it´s not as if people who buy this comic don´t find out who is returning.

I don´t know. Which cover do you like better ?

Speaking about spoilers I want to mention CAPTAIN AMERICA 25. I know that it is a special issue. You probably know already what is going to happen because it has been all over the news. But that´s not my problem. I don´t want to comment on that. I want to ask why Marvel has to make a variant cover by Ed McGuiness and a regular cover ? Just let Ed Mc Guiness do the normal cover.

And I just know that I´m not going to get the Ed McGuiness variant because my comic dealer has the uncanny ability to only get variant covers when it´s not important for me. When I still had RED SONYA on my pull list I only got the covers I wanted once out of five times. The last two issue of ASTONISHING X - MEN I got were variants but I would have prefered to get the regular cover. Just when you think the comic industry has learned from it´s mistakes you have to get worked up because of the same things.

I mean with MANHUNTER 26 they made the Arthur Adams cover as a regular cover. Can´t we all learn from this ?

The last thing that annoyed me was the cover to 52 issue 37. I mean it´s one thing to spoil something but come on. Do you have to spoil the whole story on the cover ? For me that destroyed the whole mystery of the identity of Supernova.

So next time we will return to the greatness that is comics.

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