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Solicitations - part 5

Yesterday I spend the whole day doing a post on my other blog about Lynda Carter who played WONDER WOMAN in the 70s tv series.

At first I thought it would be just a quick post but I kept adding more pictures and clips and download links and it kept getting longer and longer. And there were tons of stuff I dicovered about Lynda Carter like the fact that she had a long ongoing singing career ( she even sang with Tom Jones ) to which she is returning right now going on tour and stuff.

That's one of the reasons why I like writing these blogs - you never know where your research will lead you. For example I think ( I'm not really sure at this moment ) that the research for a post about true life Power Girl Melissa Dettwiller lead me to discover the LEGION OF SUPERHEROES clips on veoh and everything just snowballed from there.

I thought about posting the stuff about Lynda Carter here because it's comic related but now that I have seperated the comic stuff from the babe stuff I try to keep them apart. Maybe I'll do a COMICBABE BATTLE SPOTLIGHT post or something about Wonder Woman and post it here.

But let's get to the solicitation commentary before I start another totally unrelated rant. We were just beginning with the Marvel stuff so hopefully we can finish it with this post - which would be better because the new solicitations are just around the corner.


No reason to post this besides the beautiful Alex Ross cover. The art inside isn't quite so good so I haven't bought the issues so far. So I have no idea if this whole thing is in continuity or not. I only know if it is in continuity everybody must be thinking right now : skrulls. Come on, it's gotta be skrulls. They're everywhere. And if it's not skrulls it's one of dem blasted time paradox thingies. Any way, who cares as long as you can see the Avengers beating up themselves. And I don't mean beating themselves up over the death of Captain America ( who is back - or a skrull ) or something. I mean beating themselves up.


I'm not sure if I got this title on my pull list. I bought the first storyline in trade because of Boobilee and I have the three issues after that. But that's not the reason why I posted this cover. The reason is that the cover is by Nic Klein, a german artists, who did an interview on the website of my old homeys from CHECKLIST COMICCAST that I wanted to pimp. And if they read this : whatever happened to the link exchanges we were talking about ? Anyway here's the link


One of the best relaunches of the last year is Nova. I'll have to do a big ANNIHILATION post but besides GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY this is one of the best series that came out of the fallout. If you're not reading the book you're really missing out. Nova is big space opera, exciting superhero action and human drama all rolled into one. There are various trades out so you can still get in on the book. Paul Peletier's stint on the book was rather short but Nova's loss is Guardians of the Galaxy's gain.

I gave the first trade to my brother as a birthday present ( or rather I ordered to have it delivered to him via amazon ) trying to fix him on. With all the crap he's reading the occassional good book doesn't hurt.

One of my favorite scenes is Nova trying to take the THUNDERBOLTS under arrest and then having a chat with Tony Stark. Tony's like : " Well, Nova, we had kind of a situation here. " And Nova's like : " Wouldn't know it because I was like......busy saving the whole blasted universe ! " You tell him, Nova !


Deja vue all over again. I still remember when the Punisher first appeared in Spider - Man. Hopefully we can get a good series now that someone else than Garth Ennis is on the book. Nothing against Garth Ennis - I mean he singlehandedly saved the whole Punisher franchise. But after the first 30 issues it got kind of repeating the same story over and over again. Well, we have to wait and see if this new book has any merit or if they also will reduce Frank Castle to a two dimensional character.


Now I'm confused. The last thing I read was that Black Bolt was a skrull. Or better - the last thing about SECRET INVASION that was spoilered to me through the internet - was that Black Bolt is a skrull. So why is he beating up his fellow skrulls ? I always thought that the skrulls killed the people they supplanted but it seems they just abducted them. And now Black Bolt is back to chew chewing gum and kick some skrull ass. Now that I think about it - can Black Bolt do chewing gum bubbles ? It's not like he's using his vocal cords for it. But better safe than sorry. So no chewing gum for Black Bolt. Just kicking skrull ass.

As it is drawn by Paul Pelletier I will have to get it anyway so I will find out what this is all about.


No reason to post this other than to say this will make Mike Sterling happy. And that's something we all benefit from because then he'll continue writing his wonderful blog PROGRESSIVE RUIN which is one of the blogs that got a free pass at my link section. Not that I wouldn't benefit if Mike returned the favor. Now if that doesn't get me more readers I don't know what will.


I have read the first part of PLANET HULK but there are some weird scenes in it. What is beyond any doubt is that it launched one of the best events in recent Marvel history WORLD WAR HULK. Now the new book Skaar seems Marvel's attempt to do a new CONAN book only with Hulk as the main character. I have seen the first three issues but I'm not a big fan of uninked pencils. To me this always looks unfinished and I don't know why I should pay for a comic that is not finished. And the story is kind of weird too. Especially the backup story. So far the message of the backup story is : Don't oppose tyrants - you never know if the next one isn't worse. And that's something I don't buy.

But nice Ed McGuiness cover by the way.


Ever since they changed the title from a MATURE READERS to an ALL AGES book the quality of the book has been decreasing rapidly. I took the last series of my pull list - or rather it disappeared from my pull list when no new issues came out. Somehow the story ended halfway through and never was continued. Which is why I'm still pissed at the book. What the hell happened ? One issue they're fighting for their lives and then......nothing. So I may take a look at the issue when I see it at the local comic shop or I wont. I don't know.

And with that I'm finally ending the last part of the solicitation stuff even if it was a bit shorter than usual. Maybe I'll add some comments later on - if something new occurrs to me. With a bit of luck I can do a post about the new animated SPECTACULAR SPIDER - MAN before the next solicitaion round starts. I'm off to watch Columbo and hopefully some hot chicks strutting their stuff after suffering one hour of nonstop rape crime tv series my mother is watching in the next room.

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Well, I'll be a mindless slave of the corporate machine.....

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