Tuesday, January 06, 2009

comic pimpin again

Time to pimp a comicsite...other than my own. I´ve always been the one kid late to the party ( if I made it to the party at all ) so it´s no wonder that I just discovered the wonderful website A COMICBOOK ORANGE a few days ago.

A COMICBOOK ORANGE is what every comicblogger whishes he was doing. It´s a video comic review blog that´s funny, entertaining and has a decent hit and miss quota in it´s reviews. Each episode has at least three different reviews and they also do convention interviews and all the usual stuff. There is always this argument that shows on tv about comics don´t work. The pictures are too static, it´s impossible to do it in a funny way and the target audience is too narrow. Well, thankfully somebody forgot to tell the guys from A COMICBOOK ORANGE all that.

This show is what you want to see on television. Really. Initially I wanted to put the link to the website on my permanent link list but there is a problem with that. On the main website A COMICBOOK ORANGE you can only get the new episode and three older ones. There is no archive on the page ! And there also is no contact info for a link exchange. Now I would have put up the link in any case but I would have liked it if there would have been the possibility to ask if they could put my blog on their link section. But they have no link section ! So much to the idea to add a new blog to the link section and get pimped. Now you may ask : But SUBZERO, how can I get those wonderful episodes of A COMICBOOK ORANGE ?

First possibility : go to pulp secret and type " comicbook orange " in the search engine at the top of the page. That will get you the episodes.

Second possibility : go to YouTube and type " comicbook orange " in the search engine which will give you this result

edit : A COMICBOOK ORANGE has relaunched on their own and you can find the new webiste under a comicbook orange

But enough talk here are some episodes for you to watch. If you like them then you can use the links above to watch them all.


Now speaking about comic pimpin.....how was 2008 on TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN ? If you compare it with the year before I did 71 posts in 2007 and 73 posts in 2008. That´s not much difference although I managed to do more posts. But when I keep in mind that I also redid the whole blog it puts things in perspective. This year I decided to split the blog into two different blogs which first meant going over all 150 posts and reworking them all. Okay, the idea of changing the name to SUPERBLOG only lasted till I discovered that the address would still be the same ( and it makes no sense to have a name and something completely different in the address - at least for my blog ) and that I still didn´t have more readers.

So I did 216 posts in 2008 - or rather between April and December 2008 - on the other blog ( which I didn´t want to mention now that they are officially seperated ) and although some of them are just quick posts with some pictures and some clips and most of them are done while doing something else there are other rather exhaustive posts that required a lot of research and that I´m pretty proud of. Of course there are also some posts I´m proud of on this blog and I´m already toying with the idea of doing a BEST of TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN post and maybe adding it to the permanent link section. That section looks waaay too empty.

Speaking of adding things I have added Geierheim to the permanent link section and I hope to be able to add a lot more this year since I will write to more blogs to get link exchanges. Other new features - of which one is the new look - I added this year is a counter, the cool picture on top of the page and last but not least the RSS feed. So despite spending most of the year in Spain and having to start from zero twice this year this blog is still going strong. Not even this old fossil of a computer could stop me that constantly refuses to post on blogger......did I already mention what a wonderful idea it was to leave the laptop in Spain ? Thanks, Mom. It will take some time till I manage to post on a more regular basis but things are looking good. I want to thank all my readers who stayed with me through 2008 and I also want to welcome all the new ones. Hold onto your Lederhosen !

Last thing I want to mention : it seems my prediction was right. As you can see in this sales chart the numbers of AMAZING SPIDER - MAN have plummeted from 129,085 issues on issue 545 to 68,912 issues with issue 575. Not at all surprising - at least for me. Maybe it won´t be that long till MARVEL introduces a monthly Spidey title again as the trade sales are cannibalizing the single issue sales right now. Next time we can hopefully continue with our review of 2008 although I don´t know if I´m sticking to the original plan of continuing with MARVEL and skrulls, skrulls, skrulls or do some DC stuff for a change.

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    Casey McKinnon said...

    Thanks for pimping A Comicbook Orange! We're actually going to relaunch soon on our own... without Pulp Secret (Next New Networks)'s help. We'll be at http://www.acomicbookorange.com and on YouTube under the username acomicbookorange :)

    SUBZERO said...

    Glad to hear that. Can´t wait to see new episodes.

    I´ll put up an update in the blog as soon as you´re up and running.