Monday, January 19, 2009

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The last few days I didn´t post much because I have started to do the spellchecking on the old posts to which I have posted links in the " top ten posts " and the 200th post.

I can´t do all my old posts but I feel that the least I can do for the posts I labeled as " best of the best " is to see that the spelling is correct and all the links work ( I had to change two so far since they had moved to a new location ).

So far I have finished everything up to the THE ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN trilogy and I really hate to do another link post but this is something I already wanted to post three days ago. And a promise is a promise. This is mostly for my german readers although everybody else can also check it out.


Yep, that´s right. The series about Germany´s sex addicted rabbit has arrived on the internet. Although the series has been cancelled and there are no new stories the artist GEIER is recoloring the series and is also adding new lettering. And since there are no plans so far for a new edition this is the only place where you can find the remastered version. So it´s basically HORST - RELOADED !

For all Horst fans who want to read the stories in new four colored glory this is their chance. And for all readers who don´t know HORST.....well, what are you waiting for ? Because of the story subject there are explicit parts ( the two stories who have been posted so far are Horst´s first experience in a porn movie theatre and Horst paying a prostitute so they can go as a couple to a swinger club for couples ) but because of the slice - of - life nature of the stories it´s more comedy ( or drama ) than pornography.

Anyway, here´s the link and I hope that there will be lots and lots of new installments in the future :

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