Saturday, January 10, 2009

Prologue to Top Ten posts

Today I did something else than write e - mails to other blogs to pimp my blog. Because Yesterday I received an e - mail of somebody who told me that he still had to go through the posts on my blog to see what it´s all about.

And that´s when it hit me that I don´t have the ever popular " best posts " section on this blog. So I thought that IF I invite other bloggers to link to my blog I should probably have at least one post ( if not a section on the blog ) that collects the best posts and some general information about me and how the whole thing started.

Well, what I thought would be a quick post has turned into a long research session. My blog hasn´t been around that long compared to other comicblogs but what you sometimes forget is that I´m still just a few posts away from the 200th post. So it´s rather difficult to select 10 posts from about 200. It´s like they are all your kids and you don´t want to pick a favorite.

So I spent the whole day ( or better the second part of this day since I got out of bed pretty late ) going through my old posts to pick the interesting ones, put them into different sections but I´m just too tired to do the post right now. And I picked up a lot of typos. I don´t know but no matter how often I go over the posts I still find typos. The good thing is that I got to listen to a few ComicGeekSpeak episodes. But now I´m ending this post to read what´s up on the german message boards and with comics in general.

Tomorrow : Top ten posts of TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN. And maybe I will do a follow up depending on how many interesting posts there are left.

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