Wednesday, January 07, 2009

still pimpin

Today I´m sending e - mails to my fellow bloggers to get some link exchanges going. One of my resolutions for this year is to get more readers turned onto the awesomeness that is TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN. Yes, it´s strange but it´s true : there are still thousands out there who must endure life without the occasional zaniness of this blog.

So to save them all I´m starting a " call to arms " if you will to see if I can´t expand my readership base. In the past I was rather picky ( or just lazy ) about who to ask for a link exchange but this year I´m going to be more aggressive. If you have a blog and are interested in a link exchange just contact me. The same goes for any free review copies you want to send me. Or just free comics in general. Yes, this also applies for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image or any other comic company.

Anyway, not just to bore you to death ( I need every reader I can get ) with my personal stuff the fun thing about this is seeing all the different blogs out there and their different layouts and of course content. On one blog ( that I´m not going to name before knowing if it´s interested in a link exchange ) I found this cool DARK KNIGHT trailer with scenes from TOY STORY 2.

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    Anonymous said...

    Consider it done mein freund! Great looking site by the way, I'm going to spend some time going through it. All the best!