Sunday, June 20, 2010

Still catching up

Well, it seems I was much too optimistic last time because I still haven´t gotten to the next part of my trip to Erlangen this year. I just hope I can give a decent travel report as it gets more difficult to remember the exact happenings the longer it takes.

Posting on Sundays seems to become a habit, I´m just glad I managed to finish a HORST story this week even if the follow - up takes longer than expected. Last time I posted a few links and there are still a few left that I haven´t gotten to post. So here´s the second part :


Jeffrey Renaud poses ten questions to Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray about " No Way Back ", the 136 - page hardcover featuring art by Tony DeZuniga, who co - created Jonah Hex in 1972 with writer John Albano. The writing duo also share their thoughts on the " Jonah Hex " ongoing series, the forthcoming movie and the DC Universe Animated Original Movi " Batman : Under the Red Hood " scheduled for July, which will also feature a Hex animated short.

  • 20 questions about jonah hex

  • I have to say I´m not up to date on BATMAN books, I jumped ship on BATMAN AND ROBIN the moment Frank Quitely was off the picture, BATMAN R.I.P. didn´t manage to catch my attention as well as BATTLE FOR THE COWL and THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE sounds pretty boring to me. As there is no new BATMAN ADVENTURES title that has halfway decent art the only BATMAN book I´m reading now is the german version that has the new story of Dick Grayson as the new Batman.

    Nevertheless as well as over at Marvel some of DC´s titles are nearing the big numbers so it seems there is something special planned for Batman issue 700. So far I haven´t read the article because I will probably read the german version next year but judging from the pictures I would surmise that there could be spoilers involved.

  • more about batman 700 ( possibly with spoilers )

  • We´re staying at the batcave with Ben Morse over at THE COOL KID´S TABLE who takes a really good look at the history of the different incarnations of Robin.

  • the history of robin

  • Here are some older links that I haven´t gotten around to post. Old news to most readers but maybe there´s someone out there who hasn´t read them yet :

  • neil gaiman ends batman with a loveletter in comic form

  • neil gaiman interview my mark daniell

  • interview with detective comics artist j h william

  • the new line of bat books ( after battle for the cowl )

  • And last but not least, something of a newer date over at GRUMPY OLD FAN where Tom Bondurant takes a look at the Man of Tomorrow´s role in the DC universe


    Speaking about iconic characters Steve Sunu interviews Scott Beatty about DYNAMITE´s new LAST PHANTOM series. I tried to get into the PHANTOM new books because I have alway been a fan of the character, but after reading a rather unimpressive trade it somehow got on the backburner. But I have to say, those covers by Alex Ross alone are making me wonder what´s it all about.

  • new and maybe the last phantom series

  • And since we´re on this subject I would also like to plug a new blog about the PHANTOM that goes by the name of THE GHOST WHO BLOGS. It started this year and I don´t remember where I saw the link first. In any case it´s a cool blog and if you´re interested in the works of Lee Falk or the Phantom in general you should check it out.

  • PHANTOM - the ghost who blogs


    Here are some articles on the newest trends in comics : webcomics, digital comics and the i - pad.

  • yen comics publishing director ken hassler on digital comics

  • jason snell about the i - pad as a comic reader

  • kelly thompson about ten really cool webcomics

  • Not really space agey but since I posted the ten cool webcomics list here´s a list about the 30 most overlooked comics. I recommend to take a look at it as you may find some jewels in it as well as some of your favorite reads.

  • 30 most overlooked comics


    As a guy from Spain, who lives in Germany and writes about comics from America I can understand which role minority superheroes play in the lives of some fans. The next links all deal with this subject.

  • david uzumeri on why we need minority superheroes

  • k. d. brian on self - identity and hispanic superheroes

  • article about young x - men´s female muslim dusk

  • johnny bacardi on red wolf


    As Marvel´s trying ( but not really succeding ) to get more attention to female comic artists here are some reads on that subject. Now while I don´t say you should read comics only because they are made by women I am an advocate of seeking out those comics as they often fail to get attention. And mostly it´s not because of a lack of quality.

  • hope larson tells the truth about girls and comics

  • how girls can find comics

  • comic book store etiquette ( must read for shop owners )

  • girl comics´coleen coover interview

  • another coleen coover interview about girl comics

  • coleen doran on the business of being a comic artist

  • interview with famous webcomic creator kate beaton


    My favorite part : the comic creators interviews.

  • joe kubert on doing xoai

  • frank miller on doing the passage of time in comics

  • comics college harvey kurtzman

  • comics 101 love and rockets

  • talk with roger langridge


    The usual assortment of various articles that didn´t fit into the other categories.

  • origins of the word fanboy

  • how old is peter parker

  • how long does death last in comics

  • And with that it´s once again time to wrap it up as I´m already 20 minutes over my time limit. I now have to immerse myself in water or else I loose all my strength.

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