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Comicbabe Battle : Fighting Femmes - the runners up

Welcome to another eagerly awaited installment of COMICBABE BATTLE, the competition of comicdoms hottest ladies. The heat is on in Germany and my brain is slowly dissolving so let´s talk about one of my favorite topics : sexy comic babes.

As longtime readers know I promised this section would return in 2008 but it took a bit longer. My last entry was on October, the 27th2007, which was the third part of the Spiderbabe winners and the fifth part of the Spiderbabes in total. Yep, some entries took a while longer than others.

Anyway, I even thought about starting the SEARCH FOR POWER GIRL section which, for various reasons appeared somewhere else for different reasons. As usual, a lot of stuff came up in the meantime, I´ve gone through various computers, each time losing my picture archive. But now the time has come for the glorious return of COMICBABE BATTLE. I know that there are some readers who don´t like this kind of posts so just wait till Sunday when we will return with the usual big serious comic posts. For Today we´ll just have a bit of fun.

As WORLD WITHOUT SUPERHEROES is still in full effect ( I think I just dated myself ) this will be a post about the hottest and most badass chicks in fighting games. As it´s been a while since I delved into the realm of virtual tournaments it shouldn´t come as any surprise that most of the candidates come from the various editions of STREET FIGHTER, the game that started it all.

As usual this is a very subjective, short list that isn´t complete in any shape or form. If you have other possible candidates, want to comment on my ranking or say anything else just drop me a line.

So let´s get started with the no - holds - barred - knockdown of the most gorgeous knockout that have ever graced the screen in all of their pixelated three - dimensional glory.

Fifth Runner Up : Crimson Viper

Since I don´t know much about this character, besides what I have read in some STREET FIGHTER comics, she´s in the lowest position of the runners up. For this post I have decide to go with five runners up and a top five list. You may argue that I could have also done a top ten but since I put all characters that are mostly unknown to me in the runners up section it´s fairer since I really can´t do a qualified ranking on them.

I have read somewhere that Crimson Viper is modeled after Angelina Jolie ( back when she wasn´t so skinny ) but since I´m not that big a fan of Angelina - and I couldn´t find any good pics that are safe to post here - she doesn´t score very high on my list.

She got that whole " open shirt / easy access " thing going but there are others who do it better. And she´s not as busty as in the picture above.

Fourth Runner Up : Vanessa

Now here´s a character who shows what the " open shirt " look is all about : Vanessa ( no last name known ) from KING OF FIGHTERS. I have to confess I never played the game or else she might be in a higher position.

I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts.

Yup, if you also got RIGHT SAID FRED´s famous song playing in your head that´s all right. Vanessa is a hot redhead who obviously is way too restrained by her shirt. At least that how it looks like on most pictures that I found of her on the internet. Maybe all the pics are just the collective gamers who whish that wardrobe malfunction would finally happen.

In that case I would look pretty stupid. For the moment let´s say the pictures of Vanessa in her open, wet shirt look with the unbuttoned pants are real which keeps her at the ninth position of this list.

Third Runner Up : Sakura

Another candidate I know from the STREET FIGTHER comics rather than from the games. A spunky fighter and optimist she got the whole schoolgirl look done to pat that´s so popular in Japan.

Which is also one of the reasons that she´s not higher in the list. There are lots of pantyshots when she´s doing her flying kicks and I´m sure there´s some heavy bouncing action going on under her shirt. But this whole thing about school uniforms is way too near underage lolitas to be in my comfort zone.

So Sakura stays in the nuber eight spot.

Second Runner Up : Ibuki

And we´re staying with the later arrivals to the STREET FIGTHER heritage with Ibuki.

This one hasn´t even been in any comics I read so to me she´s a blank state.

Her hair looks a bit weird but maybe she uses it for some special techniques. She looks a bit like a ninja but even though she got the " easy access " cut - outs on her pants that can show her panties - at the right angle - her outfit doesn´really show much of her possibly hot body.

Also, she´s not of legal age. What is it with those new STREET FIGHTER additions ? I´m beginning to wonder what their target audience is. So, I´m sorry but I can´t give more points.

First Runner Up : Rose

Now Rose is a full grown woman, no doubt about that. Add her skintight see - through suit to her playmate - of - the - year measurements and you know why she almost made it to the top five list.

It´s been a while since I read the comic but as far as I remember it she was kind of a spiritual character with Tarot cards who went up against Bison ( we hate him ). She could be my Queen of Wand anytime she likes.

And that´s it for the first part. In the next part we will come to the big guns - so to speak. Then we will find out who´s the best of the best. And yes, I´m writing " we " because I´m still not sure in which order they will be.

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