Monday, July 19, 2010

On the fritz

Just a quick post for those that were anxiously waiting for the new post on Sunday. On Saturday there was some kind of electrical discharge in our house that shorted out the television, the phone lines and the internet. The tv and the phone have been fixed but the internet is still on the fritz.

I don´t know when this will be fixed and if I can post in the meantime. Right now I´m sitting in the Aktiv Center, the course I´m participating in from the Unemployment Office, but since the times we can use a computer are very few and sporadic I don´t know when I have access to a computer again.

Maybe I´ll use an internet cafe but they are a bit expensive and my budget is pretty tight right now ( I had to order some pen cartridges and stuff from amazon - long story ). I´ll post an update as soon as something new happens.

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    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    Hi all

    Another newbie here. I've joined on the recommendation of a friend on here. Looks like there are lots of interesting threads.
    I love gardening and messing about with the camera so you should see me joining in with those for starters.

    Look forward to 'meeting' you all, Dennis from XXXXXX website!