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Comicbabe Battle : Fighting Femmes Finalists

Like I said in the first part, I don´t know in which order the five finalists in this category are going to be. Since it has been three months ( !!! ) since I started this the participants have been going up and down in the ranking.

And even as I write this I have to keep shuffeling them around as I just found out that my number 5 is really my number 4 and so on. As always this list is nowhere near complete or immune to change. Who knows how this list would have been one month ago ? All the contents are totally unqualified musings by me about fighting girls I mostly know nothing about. Heck, for my first finalist I even had to use the STREET FIGHTER WIKI.

Like is the rule in these posts comments or suggestions are always welcome. And with that let´s get it on !

Number Five Finalist : Elena

Elena is a princess in an African tribe that has a cultural tradition of fighting, making her a warrior princess. She may have been born in Kenya, but her fighting style is Capoeira which utilizes her strong, long legs with dance - like moves and fancy legwork. That combined with what might be the most revealing fight attire for a female in Street Fighter - verse history ( it´s basically a white bikini ) alone earns her a spot at the top five finalists.

With her white hair, blue eyes, and dark skin Elena looks like the fighting game version of X- Men´s Storm which also gives her bonus points. She is barefoot while fighting and has long, powerful legs. And thanks to her fighting style she´s always spreading them and spinning them around giving the viewers quite the spectacle.

She´s the stripper of the Street Fighting babes - without the stripping pole of course. And it´s probably rather difficult to slip her dollar bills during the fight. So to make it short : she´s hot.

The only reason why she´s so low on the list is that - as I said - I don´t know anything about her.

Number Four Finalist : Rainbow Mika

The wrestling chick with the stripper outfit should be included just for her exploitation costume that´s clearly designed to distract her male opponents.

Mika is a big fan of Zangief ( henche the wrestling motif ) and she´s a spunky fighter who won´t let others bring her down. From what I read she´s a fun charakter and her fighting style not only includes high flying legwork like with Elena but also hot girl - on - girl ( or girl - on - boy which is not as hot - at least for the spectators ) action holds. And anybody who has seen female wrestling knows how hot that can be.

Although I´m not sure her highly provocative outfit would pass WWE standards. Although they don´t care very much for female wrestling, they just want pin ups. But I bet the designer of her costume came right from the strip club. Or from watching Foxy Oil Wrestling.

So Mika earns her position for her stripper name ( come on it´s true ), her stripper outfit and the fact that I really had problems finding suitable pictures of her because most of her positions are endangering to impressable youths. Although most of them have probably seen riskier poses of the nubile Mika in their Street Fighter games.

Number Three Finalist : Mai Shiranui

Yes, as a breast man I was also surprised to find the contestant with the biggest cupsize at the number three slot. I thought she would be competing for the number one position.

I mean, she has it all. The original innovator of gaming's jiggle physics, Mai Shiranui, has the measurements of a Russ Meyer girl and an oufit that barely covers her. I mean she´s wearing butt floss so it´s no surprise one - tenth of the internet is devoted to fan art of her breast and butt cleavage.

With good twice as much devoted to adult images of all kind.

She should be included just for her winning quote alone: " Me Bouncy ! " The only fighting female who can top that is King of Fighters´ Angel with her patented : " Do I make you hard ? " I mean, wow.

Although I have read that the phrase may just be a translation mistake. Mai's most famous victory pose has her opening a paper fan and declaring : "Nippon Ichi" ( " Japan's Number One " or " Best in Japan ", depending on which books you read ). The quote's been infamously misinterpreted as either " Me Bouncy " or " Ni ( Boing ) Ichi ", either of which are understandable mistakes considering the jiggle that goes with the pose.

Playmate ninja Mai has gained a reputation as Ms Fanservice because of her giant gazongas and her barely covered butt, mostly because of:

1. the remarkably bouncy animations she was given in SNK's King of Fighters series

2. the character design that Masami Oobari gave to Mai in the infamously fanservice - laden Fatal Fury spin off anime, which increased the amount of cleavage in her outfit to ridiculous levels, and happily demonstrated the inevitable results of fighting in it.

SNK attempted to rehabilitate Mai's image with a new outfit in later Fatal Fury sequels, but the popularity of the ' original ' outfit and KOF ensured its immortality.

She´s also constantly hit on by the guys in the game, like a fighting game version of Power Girl. Which was one of the reasons why I saw her much higher in the ranking.

" Me Bouncy !" indeed.

And with that we reach the contenders for the top spot who - not surprisingly - both are from the Street Fighter universe. I have long meditated about who should be number one and even thought about making a tie. But in the end there has to be a winner so here is the ultimate verdict ( at least for now ).

Number Two Finalist : Cammy White

After the letter " M " for Mika and Mai we end this countdown with the letter " C " which also should tell you who is the actual winner. Only by hair´s length - or should I say by a g - string´s length - Cammy misses the number one position.

Now don´t let the pigtails and the blond hair fool you, if there ever was a fighting girl with stripper qualities it´s Cammy. The queen of butt floss, who always seems to have Sisqco´s THONG SONG as a theme music has risen to this position only by the power of her fantastic backside.

Voted number two in the list of ass - ential video game babes Cammy is arguably the hottest......or at least has the nicest ass. I’m not sure what makes her think that outfit is good for fighting in, but I’m not entirely sure what the rules are in Street Fighter either. Realistically, it’s not much worse than a lot of outfits in women’s sports. In any case it should be really distracting for her male opponents. Either way, I approve.

Cammy ass pictures are surprisingly easy to find, which speaks volumes to the impact her butt has had on the gaming world. In all of my research so far, Cammy’s booty seems to be the most celebrated in terms of the sheer number of ass pictures out there. People just really, really love that ass and for good reason. The only problem is with deciding if the pictures are safe for work but since I have no idea what the criteria for the american hemisphere are anyway I´m willing to risk it.

That in itself says a lot if the picture of an outfit from a video game might not be safe for work. And the fact that is was really difficult to narrow it down to four pictures ( I left two good ones out because I had already posted them ).

I myself was surprised that Cammy went higher and higher in the list as time went on but so far most of the girls in the countdown at least pretend to cover up. Not Cammy, her butt is the first thing you see and not only the gamers are mesmerrized by it. I mean her butt is practically naked and from the front only her crotch is covered - barely. She´s basically half naked. And the game developer also seem to use her booty for their intents.

Cammy is fanservice without the pretenses. As you have seen she even wears little more than a bikini in the latest games. The power of her buttocks is so great that she was actually voted back into the SF franchise after missing the console edition of SF III ( although she made the PC version ). Capcom held a poll and fans voted the hottie back onto consoles. Talk about bootylicious.

So as usual this countdown is also interesting for me because Cammy came a bit out of left field and almost - really almost - changed the end result to a draw.

Fighting Femmes Winner : Chun-Li

With Cammy in the number two position this should come as no surprise. There really is no other who could top her than the big mama of fight so Chun-Li ends up in the first place.

I´m not sure if it´s Chun Li or Chun-Li but just to be on the safe side I´ll stay with Chun-Li.

The first of all the fighting babes it IS strange that she wound up here since she is the one who wears the most clothing. But what Cammy does for uncovered tush Chun-Li makes up for in sheer size. Sir Mixalot´s favorite martial arts girl has a butt that just don´t quit. Add to that the combination of foxy lady with an upper class look who constantly spreads her legs during her fights and you may begin to understand her hotness. And not only does she spred them muscular legs she also spins them around, twirls and rotates them. She´s like a stripper with an invisible pole.

That´s one of the reasons why she´s the one with the most porn comics. Who hasn´t dreamed about getting some special revenge from this tough as nails arena champion ? She really makes them fishnets look good although there are some ways to change her conservative look to an outfit more to our liking.

Chun-Li's gigantic thighs brought many a gamer to Street Fighter II, and the width of her hips as been a closely analyzed feature for years. Make them a little too big or small, and people start rioting! Chun-Li's legs don't just dish out a mean lighting kick, they move the whole damn world.

Chun-Li was first introduced in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. She has since appeared as a player character in every one of the Street Fighter games produced since her debut. Her name is Mandarin for “ beautiful spring ”. While that could be interpreted as the season, I think spring references her jumping ability due to her thighs. Chun-Li’s role in the storylines varies, but is usually that of an undercover agent. She was also played by Kristin Kreuk in the recent box office flop Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun-Li.

Which may have something to do with the fact that it had nothing to do with the Street Fighter universe. I just can´t understand how people can waste so much money, talent and time to f - word a movie up. I mean, making a good Street Fighter movie should be the easiest thing in the world since there are so many great stories in the history that you only have to pick one, make it into a movie and rake in the money.

But no, the first thing they do is " make it better ". I mean how is that supposed to work ? Like I always say, you can´t improve perfection. That´s always the problem with the movie companies, they always think they know better then thousands of readers and writers who are doing this for years and sometimes decades. Just because someone writes for movies doesn´t mean that he is a better writer than a comicbook writer. People often forget that. Writing comics is as hard as writing for other media. And just because you´re a successful movie writer it doesn´t mean that you are a good comicbook writer. Which readers of Marvel comics had to learn the hard way the past few years.

Back to our main topic, the only good Street Fighter movie I´ve seen so far is the anime version and even that wasn´t without problems.

There is one scene in the movie with Chun-Li taking a shower ( another reason for her top spot ) that apparently was too hot and had to be censored. In the scene Chun-Li is taking a shower and afterwards she has a fight with Vega. You can say what you want against Vega ( at least his native country is cool ) but he sure knows how to pick his ladies. Even if they are not very excited about his way of showing his affection in most cases.

The end was that Chun-Li´s shower scene was censored which is another reason to get the uncut version in Spain. Although I´m not sure which version is available here. There are a few versions of the cut scene floating around.

the uncut shower scene :

the whole fight with Vega :

Video Games

So for being the first after which all other fight girls were modelled, for her class and style, for her unparalleled bootyliciousness, the way she spreads and spins her legs and for being one of the few whose scenes were so hot they had to be censored Chun-Li wins the top spot of Fighting Fem of all time. If you haven´t had enough of this topic here are a few articles I used during my research :

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  • So that´s the final verdict for this edition of COMICBABE BATTLE and I hope that this feature will appear more often on this blog. Like I said, I´m always open to suggestions.

    Next we will finally get to the JACK STAFF post. Or at least the first part that hopefully covers KANE.

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