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The terrifying return of Dr. Subzero

It´s been ages since my last post but now that the course from the Umemployment Office is finally over I hope I can increase my post quota. Even if I now have more time I´m a bit sad the course ended because from all the things they sent me to this was by far the best.

But now it´s back to the usual treadmill and hopefully to more comics. As it is I probably won´t go to Comic Action in Essen because it´s from the 21st till 24th of this month. And I don´t think I can make all the travel arrangements and find a hotel in seven days. Well, there´s always next year.

A date ( or rather three of them ) that I have a chance of making is firstly Don Rosa who will be at the Sammlerecke in Essslingen this Friday, the 15th of October from 15.00 hours till 19.00. Don Rosa is, of course, best known for his work on THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SCROOGE MCDUCK. Then on Saturday SIMPSONS artist and ROSWELL creator Bill Morrison will be signing from High Noon till 14.00 hours. And, last but not least, REBIRTH artist Ethan Van Sciver will visit the Sammlerecke on Thursday, the 28th of October from 16.00 till 18.00 hours.

I haven´t been to a signing at the Sammlerecke so far but if you are in the vicinity and have the time you should check it out. I for one will try to be there as I still have a ( mostly ) brandnew sketchbook that´s in desperate need of sketches.

So, what else ? I just read that John Byrne´s NEXT MEN is going to return , this time under the IDW banner.

For my taste this has always been one of John Byrne´s best books and I was a bit sad when it ended with a cliffhanger. I don´t know how the publics reaction to the book was but I liked the experimental character of the book both artwise and in the storytelling and format.

IDW has been collecting the old issues and starting in December John Byrne will open a new chapter with everyone´s characters from the Green. Maybe I´ll get something special under the christmas tree this year.

I mean metaphorical speaking. Who puts his comics under a christmas tree ? No, really.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that DC UNIVERSE LEGACIES 5 has come out with art by George Perez. I mentioned in one of my past columns that because of this the Teen Titans graphic novel GAMES was delayed but like I said : this issue of LEGACIES is totally worth it.

George delivers his usual mindblowing graphics drawing dozens of DC characters from Yesteryear that remind me why I loved pre - crisis DC so much. Okay, maybe part of the enjoyment is the trip down memory lane back to when Firestorm was cool but I don´t care. This issue is just comic book heaven and there is still one more issue of George Perez coming up.

Between issues 3 and 4 done by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez ( who really doesn´t do enough comic work ) and Jerry Ordway taking over issues 7 and 8 this is one book I should have had on my pull list. In any case, with comic books of this caliber the wait for the GAMES graphic novel will be over in a jiffy.

What else ? I´ve seen the AVATAR movie or I should say THE LEGEND OF AANG - LAST OF THE AIRBENDERS. Now that James Cameron had so much success they had to change the title to avoid thousands of lawsuits of enraged moviegoers who expected to see blue Monchichis duking it out in the jungle.

Like all movie adaptions they had to shorten it a bit - hell, they put the complete first book into the first movie - but aside from that it´s a great movie that´s faithful to the cartoon series. The casting is excellent and you should really try to watch it in 3D. I can´t recommend this movie highly enough.

Speaking of movie adaptions THE WALKING DEAD tv series seems to be a reality and here´s Daniel M. Kanemoto´s version of the opening titles for it :

October has begun which means I´m starting to think about Christmas presents. I like to finish my Christmas shopping at the end of November since you just can´t go shopping in December. Maybe I can get some presents at the comicbörse in Stuttgart or via amazon. I already got a signed copy of the newest HARTMUT issue for Martin and I´m thinking about getting the comic and the DVD ( withz the 3D version of course ) of Neil Gaiman´s CORALINE for my sister. I think this is right down her alley.

I just was at the Sammlerecke on Monday which meant ordering fromblackdog the same day. Lately there are a lot of books I have to order online because there are some books I read outside of my pull list or there are some books that should be on my pull list. The order from blackdog arrived Today and the other comic I ordered from amazon arrived on Tuesday. I have been doing the ELVIRA posts last month and while doing the research I realized that this is something that should be in my movie collection but isn´t.

Okay, it´s not the critic´s choice but ELVIRA is just something else and the movie is much better than the second one. I´ve been looking in every DVD shop in Ludwigsburg but obviously they have no taste or the movie is just too old. In any case, I found a copy at amazon and although it´s only the english langugae version ( and has no menu whatsoever ) for 5 bucks it´s really O.K.

I also ordered the VOL 5 of NEW MUTANT CLASSIC because even if I already have the ASGARDIAN WAR part of this ( a few times to tell the truth ) I wanted to get all the NEW MUTANT CLASSIC trades anyway. And I´m so there if I can get a 30 bucks trade for 13 bucks.

From the comicshop I got AVENGERS 5, CAPTAIN AMERICA 609 and 610, JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA 43, AVENGERS PRIME 3, USAGI YOJIMBO 130 and 131, ECHO 24, TAROT WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE 63 ( I still got eight or nine old issues in my box ) and SAVAGE DRAGON 163. Apparently my comicshop missed issue 162, so I´ll wait a bit with reading the issue. Maybe they´ll get number 162 till then.

From blackdog ( which were really superfast this time ) I got the ASTRO CITY - SILVER AGENT SPECIAL 1 and 2, Steve Epting´s first FANTASTIC FOUR issue ( number 583 ), BATMAN THE ODYSSEY 4 and BRIGHTEST DAY 11. Normally I should have the ASTRO CITY specials on my pull list but somebody at the store must have f - worded it up. What got me a bit angry is that I have been reading all the ASTRO CITY issues so far and when we finally get to learn the inspiring and tragic fate of the Silver Agent ( something that´s hinted in the whole ASTRO CITY series ) the comic shop botches it.

Ah, whatever. It´s not that I can´t get the issues with a bit of extra cash. It´s not like when I started collecting comics where you were lucky to close the gaps in your collection after a few years.

By the way, did anyone else notice that BATMAN THE ODYSSEY went from " number 2 of 12 " to " number 3 of 13 " ? I checked issue 4 but sadly it doesn´t say " number 4 of 14 " . We still get one extra issue from Neal Adams who still hasn´t lost his touch.

Speaking of Neal Adams, one of the things I´m going to get my hands on is the reprint of SUPERMAN VS MUHAMMED ALI ( Tales from the Kryptonian brought you the news ). There are still german copies available at comic conventions but I want a pristine copy in the original language for my comic library. It has great art, one of the coolest team ups ever and I finally get to read the original story. I don´t trust the german translators.

So I got enough reading material on my plate right now and my next post will probably be about JACK STAFF. In preparation for my reviews of 2 HOT GIRLS ON A SUMMER`S NIGHT and the sequel MAEVE from MY EXCESS as well as some other british comics I wanted to reread my old reviews of the series but it seems I haven´t written that much about the series. So that will be one of the upcoming topics.

For Today I´ll leave you with another video which is one of the coolest things I´ve seen on the internet this year. I just hope this is the right clip since I still don´t have audio on this computer ( which is the reason why I´m still behind on A COMICBOOK ORANGE ). The guy in the video is an artist who wants to raise awareness for homeless people.

I have to say my hat is off to so much social conscience. Especially if it manifests in such an inspired performance. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Dancing Kermit´s with QUEEN´s " under pressure " :

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