Monday, April 11, 2011

5 years - now what ?

First of all I want to thank all my readers for sticking with me especially with my erratic posting schedule. And of course all my collegas friki del comic from the blogroll and all other bloggers out there who have entertained, educated or amused me through the last 5 years.

Since I don´t just want to pat myself on the back with this post I spent a few hours surfing the bloggosphere ( especially my esteemed bloggers from the blogroll ) for some special content. I already added some of the links to the appropiate posts but here are a few ones that I didn´t want to get lost in the shuffle.

Yesterday I wrote about RANTIFUSO´s 5 year anniversary ( once again congratulation, guys ! ) and another cause for celebaration is Comic Geek Speak reaching episode 1000 to which we also want to say kudos and frekking swear all the way.

To celebrate this a bit here are a few selected episodes about the top 5 comic origins , a spotlight on MARVEL comics in the 60s and since we´re talking about Marvel, here´s an episode that could remind them what the role of the comic book publisher is and GREAT CEASAR´S POST ! has a spotlight on Johnny Storm .

More of my favorite comic heroes : an episode about the first appearances of Madame Xanadu, Spawn and Dr. Strange

( who has one of the best origin stories ever ) and COLLECTED EDITION has a new review of one of the best - if not THE best period - Green Arrow story ever GREEN ARROW LONGBOW HUNTERS .

This three part saga, and the series that followed written by Mike Grell should be in every comic fan´s collection. With all the stuff DC is releasing lately in trade form it´s a shame that this is not included.

More favorite comics with - at least in my opinion - one of the most underrated comics ever with this edition of Book of the Month Club SQUADRON SUPREME . For me this series is way more groundbreaking than WATCHMEN because with all the great stuff WATCHMEN did it was still a standalone series. It didn´t have to deal with the continuity of an already existing universe and happened outside of monthly stories. So Alan Moore had it easy compared to Mark Gruenwald.

Another comic that deserves more attention is featured in Book of the Month Club INVINCIBLE and here´s my own review on INVINCIBLE ( in german ) on now sadly defunct website PHIL & LAMONDS COMIC KOLUMNE which I think I already posted.

A cool idea is this gallery on DeviantArt that has trade covers for graphic novels in the style of cheap pulp paperbacks.

And to close the subject of superheroes here´s the alphabet of superheroes ( click for solution )

Last but not least I want to announce the BIG 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CONTEST right here at TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN which is the same contest like the last one - with a few changes. Once again I have dug up some loot from my personal comic collection although this time I won´t tell you which comics. I have the feeling this prevented some readers from entering the Christmas contest and discovering some great comics.

There also is no condition to entering this time around, just send me a comment in the comment section with your adress ( and maybe which comics you like ) or send an e - mail if you´re more comfortable with that. Just send me an e - mail and get free comics. How sweet is this ?

And with that I´m wrapping up this post, I hope you had fun on this blog in the last 5 years and I´m off now to do a bit of celebrating.

Today´s video ( which I hope I didn´t already post ) is the 1978 DOCTOR STRANGE movie that explains why there never was a tv series.

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