Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy birthday Lynda Carter !

This is part 2 of my birthday post for Lynda Carter ( she´s 60 Today ) because Wonder Woman was just a small part of her career and a few of my readers - especially outside of the USA - may not know the following bits of info.

This is the part I enjoy the most while doing the research for the posts because I find tons of things I didn't know like the fact that her name was Lynda Carter and not Linda Carter. Although I watch a lot of tv most of the stuff in this section was news to me which is the reason why I put it on the blog.

She first participated in the 1972 Miss World USA which she won and went on to the Miss World competition where she reached semi finals. Besides playing Wonder Woman she also appeared on Starsky & Hutch.

She also starred in a movie called BOBBIE JO & THE OUTLAW in which she had her only nude scene.

She played Rita Hayworth in " godess of love " which you can find on YouTube. I did not include them here because it's in eight or more parts and the post is long enough as it is. And she was in the movie " I posed for Playboy " where she appears in lingerie.

She also did a commercial for Maybelline ( and I´m trying hard to make no puns here that contain the words " moist " or " wet " )

was on the Muppet show and two times on Circus of the stars.

Watching the MUPPET SHOW clip just makes me realize how good the show was. I don't know how the kids nowadays manage to grow up without it. All those iphones and ifis and fyous and not a decent Muppet among them. I really must get some of the Muppets DVDs, if only they weren´t so expensive.

Now aside from all that there was a more recent tv show ( well, recent since they just showed it here a few years ago ) where Lynda Carter played a role which was called HAWKEYE. Sadly this wasn't your bowslinging Avenger who loved to butt heads with Captain America

but rather the original version from whom Clint Barton got his name.

Aside form acting one of Lynda's passions has always been singing. Here she is singing " could this be magic "

Lynda Carter singing " Rock'n Roll " as Tina Turner and in a transparent outfit ( sorry, embedding was disabled ) - watch it here

Here are more recent clips. I don't know how she does it. Maybe she really went to Paradise Island and drank from the fountain of youth but with 57 ( okay, they are three years old, so what ? ) she still looks hot.

high definiton clip no embedding

With that I´m ending this post since I have to sleep some time. If you want more of Lynda Carter there are hundred more clips on YouTube which you can find easily like if you want to watch her on Starsky & Hutch. I hope that I have included the best of the best here but there may be some that have escaped my attention. I end this salute to one of tv's hottest ladies with the usual link section :

lynda at cult sirens / lynda wiki / lynda at imdb

ultimate lynda carter website / lynda sings

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