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again with the comic news

Man, sometimes it just seems the gods are against me when I´m writing this blog. Especially the gods of the internet since first all pages from Comic Book Resources are constantly reloading and now blogger was out of order for an hour.

So I won´t be able to put all the news I wanted into this post because it´s already later than I originally planned. I know I should start on the post about the GRATIS COMIC TAG comics rather sooner than later but the last few days I tried in vain. Somehow I just couldn´t bring myself to do it - first I was waiting for a comic order and then I just wasn´t in the right mood. The weather is pretty shitty at the moment which is just peachy keen for wine growers but tough nookies for the rest of us. So I decided to post some news I found interesting, comment - worthy or just weird.


I´m not the only one who recently celebrated an anniversary and although it´s not a birthday I just had to post the link to Alan Davis´ panel at the Comic Con International about his three decades in the american comic industry. The just recent recipient of an CCI Inkpot Award in comic art talked about how he began his comic work as part of the british invasion, why he´s happy his CLAN DESTINE is not fully integrated in the Marvel universe and confirmed that he´s doing an upcoming 5 issue storyarc on CAPTAIN AMERICA. Alan Davis has always been one of my favorite artists and it´s still a mystery to me why he hasn´t reached the superstar status at Marvel he so clearly deserves.

If I haven´t already posted it here´s the link for his website

And speaking about Alan Davis and the so - called " british invasion " of american comic books there was a panel at the Comic Con International in San Diego with Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis, Dave Gibbons, David Lloyd, John Higgins and Alan Davis.


Another happy news bit involving a british comic artist is the new MUDMAN series by Paul Grist. After self - publishing for much of the 90s, Paul Grist brought two critically acclaimed original titles to Image Comics in 2002 : the crime drama KANE and then the eclectic superhero series JACK STAFF. Recently, Grist has been using his sparse, signature style to develop a new superhero that will be introduced to the world this November with the debut of MUDMAN.

" This is my ' Back to Basics ' superhero comic," explained Grist. " It's not about alien menaces or cosmic powers ( though they may pop up once in a while ); it's all about growing up and finding your way in the world, and how the decisions that you make can affect others. In a way, it's probably the most autobiographical comic I've ever done. But with added mud. "

" Paul has been one of my favorite creators since writer Robert Loren Fleming turned me onto KANE back in the 90s, " said Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson. " His style looks deceptively simple, but he's a master of his craft, capable of some of the cleverest storytelling in comics. It's a big thrill for me that Paul's part of Image, and I can't wait to see what he does with MUDMAN. "

I still have a bit of catching up to do on JACK STAFF but since THE WEIRD WORLD OF JACK STAFF is already on it´s sixth issue I´ll probably have to wait till the trade comes out. I have to admit I have no idea on the status of the series - if it´s finished, canceled, on hiatus or going strong. Closing the gaps in my KANE collection is a entirely different beast because it probably means I have to get some trades so I will have some material twice. Not that that´s not already the case but I´m still a bit hesitant on the issue.

On the other side since there are not that many single issues available it´s probably my only option to invest some money into the trades and give away the redundant issues for free - once I finally manage to re - read the whole KANE run and do the big megapost on the series.

So in the meantime it´s nice that Paul Grist´s art keeps popping up in the likes of Captain America 616 ( my vote also goes for contributions to the new Dark Horse Presents and Rocketeer Adventures by Mr. Paul Grist ) but with MUDMAN we have a new series we can sink our teeth into.


And speaking about the new DARK HORSE PRESENTS so far 2 issues have been out with a third to be released any day now and so far the track record is pretty impressive. Issues 1 and 2 had contributions by Frank Miller, Paul Chadwick, Neal Adams, Harlan Ellison, Howard Chaykin, Richard Corben and Michael T. Gilbert.

While Neal Adam´s BLOOD serial has divided comic fans ( I really like it and can´t wait to see in which direction he goes ) Paul Chadwick´s new CONCRETE short stories are one of the main pulls of the book. He shows that he hasn´t lost his magic touch and how much you can really tell in short 8 page vignettes about everyday life.

Another high point are the pages by Richard Corben and while the story hasn´t wowed me so far the art is something you want to project on a wall to enjoy it during your lunch break.

Add to that interesting, surprising and captivating stories about an out - of - shape contract killer, an ex - cleaner who tries a new life as a bike courier, what may be the weirdest interpretation of Batman yet

and a girl with magic powers ( about which her parents are not too thrilled ) and you have a roller coaster ride of comic stories that hits every part of the emotional spectrum.

With 7.99 bucks it´s in the upper price segment but with such high profile creators and 80 pages ( which is going to be bumped up to a whopping 100 pages for the third issue at the same price ) without ads it´s worth it. Especially when issues 3 and 4 add such great artists like Dave Gibbons and Sergio Aragones to the mix. Here are some previews :

issue 1 / issue 2 / issue 3 / issue 4


While there are many deserving candidates in that category like black Perry White ( say what ? ) and the new black / latino Ultimate Spider - Man ( ditto ) this week´s WHAT THE F - WORD ?!? award goes to the apparent return of Osborn´s Dark Avengers in NEW AVENGERS 18.

DARK AVENGERS was one of my guilty pleasures because while bitching that the sudden jump from issue 1 with 48 pages for 4 bucks to issue 2 at the same price with only 22 pages was too hard to keep the readers hooked - I kept buying it. This book surprised me because it turned out better than I initially gave it credit for. I knew the art would be mindblowing but the writing just pushed the whole " Suicide Squad done right " concept of the series into new levels of excellence.

Especially the way Osborn turned mentally imbalanced Superman - analogue The Sentry into putty was just incredible. The book had a definite ending and if it´s now back thanks to the original creative team of Bendis and Deodato it´s worth a look even if it´s only half as good as it´s previous incarnation. And even if we have to deal with Skaar and Hawkeye as new team members from the look of the preview image.


And keeping with the weird Brian Cronin´s newest installment of I LOVE YOU BUT YOU´RE STRANGE brings us the unforgettable tale of how Luke Cage went to Latveria because Dr. Doom tried to skive him out of 200 bucks he owed him in which Luke uttered the immortal words : " Where´s my money, honey ? "

Now this is not the only time Victor the Terrible tries to walk without paying as he did the same thing in an issue of DAMAGE CONTROL. It seems those monarchs and heads of state are all to busy to bother with such mundane things like paying their bills. You know that Dr. Doom never did an honest day´s work by the way he´s surprised Luke Cage went to all that trouble just for 200 bucks. I bet there are some people who would wrestle with Dr. Doom for that sum.

I also wonder if Luke Cage using the words : " Where´s my money, honey ? " is a not - so subtle hint that he may have also worked as a pimp. Be that as it may this storyline alone is reason enough to get your hands on THE ESSENTIAL LUKE CAGE. Yep, Doomsey it´s payback time and you will find out how Luke Gage plays it, witch !

And with that we end Today´s post though I hope to continue Tomorrow for all who want to know what´s up with black Perry White. As we had kind of a british flavor to the post the video is from one of my favorite BBC tv series.

The second part of DOCTOR WHO´s current season starts on the 27th of this month and here´s the trailer.

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