Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Arthur Adams tribute month starts

This is my last post before the weekend post - which in all likelyhood will be another big link dumb post - as I will be busy the next days with preparing for my return to Germany. Instead of doing one of my famous comic reviews I'm using this opportunity to announce the start of ARTHUR ADAMS TRIBUTE MONTH for all the month of October.

Now you may ask yourself what that means especially since most post do Halloween centric themes during the month of October like GREAT CEASAR'S POST ( to be found on the blogroll ) who started his daily COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN. No, after finishing my last post - in which I used some pictures by Arthur Adams I may have psted before - I was reminded how much I love his artwork and how much poorer the comic landscape is now that he doesn't do monthlies antmore.

Fellow blogger Pedro Angost just wrote an article on the problem that too many pencilers can't do a monthly book because there are not enough inkers working in the industry who can work from breakdowns, IF the comic companies employ any inkers at all called Many Pechecos few Merinos ( sorry, it's in spanish ) so I know I'm not the only one who has these thoughts.

A few of my readers might think that this theme for October is just an excuse to put a lot of pictures with well - endowed comicbabes on the blog. Keeping aside that this blog hasn't been known to shy away from posting hot comicbabes that's just part of it. I mean, I started the COMICBABE BATTLE series with no other purpose than posting the best comicbabe art available. But Arthur Adams is not only an excellent babeartist, he can do the most detailed artwork and he makes everything look good.

No matter how garish the costume is or how ridiculous the character was designed somehow Arthur Adams finds a way to make it look cool, exciting and brilliant. Just check out his covers for the recently reprinted first Avengers issues. Someone who can make the old costumes of Baron Zemo, the Executioner or the first Black Knight look anything than ridiculous really knows his stuff. Of course his most famous cover from that run ( apart from the first issue that featured a gazillion Avengers and almost bordering on George - Perezque proportions ) is the one that featured the succulent Enchantress.

Yup, as always the booty overshadows the craftmanship. Which is another reason for ARTHUR ADAMS TRIBUTE MONTH : to show that Arthur Adams has more to offer than some of the hottest portraials of female comic characters.

Liks I said he can draw anything, he can do dynamic, he can do iconic poses and he's a big fan of horror movies, especially the old black and white classics like CREATURE OF THE BLACK LAGOON of which he did a fabulous bookshelf oneshot which may possibly be one of his best works.

That sure comes in handy once Halloween comes around. So now you may ask yourself what the whole tribute month is going to change on this blog. Not that much to tell the truth. I'm not going to do daily posts with just a picture and a short text because that's just not my thing. I don't post on a daily basis ( unless I'm working with a text I have already written like during CAPTAIN AMERICA WEEK ) and once I get started I never know where my posts end. That's one of the things I have been critisised for because it doesn't make the posts easy to read for comicnewbies but it keeps the whole blogging thing interesting and fresh for me. And if you want to know certain things I'm more than happy to elaborate on certain points. Heck, one of the posts that received the most comments was one that sprung out of an e - mail I recieved. So if you want to know something just post a comment.

That really doesn't tell you what I AM doing during ARTHUR ADAMS TRIBUTE MONTH, doesn't it ? Well, the idea is not to post more or less pictures with hot babes but to have a minimum of one Arthur Adams pictures - babe or otherwise - in every post from now on.

click here for a bigger version of Emma

Like I said, that's something I would probably do anyway, but by calling it a tribute month I can make my readers aware - not counting the readers who will think : " Gee, what's with all the Arthur Adams pics this month ? " nonetheless.

As I'm slowly preparing for my departure to exile Today's video is one I already posted but then changed with another one. It's the first chapter of LA NI√ĎA REPELLENTE ( something like the smartsass girl or the know - it - all girl ) a spanish animation series with a girl who's more unnerving than Shin - Chan. I'm going to spend the rest of the day with listening to the new episodes of Comic Geek Speak I put in my last post and saving the remaining beer in the fridge from going to waste.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

hey -when you gonna review D-Gruppe? hmm? Hmmm? ;-)

SUBZERO said...

I know. Right now I'm in Spain and I don't have the issues with me. I hope to get to it next week when I'm back in Germany.