Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I think I need three clones of myself

It´s been an awful long time since my last post but I have a really good excuse because I was busy, busy, busy with my new job, Christmas presents and - last but not least - my Christmas contest on this very blog.

So let´s do the update first. Thanks to my brilliant idea of announcing it at the german Comicforum and Paniniforum most of the books from GRATIS COMIC TAG 2011 are gone and the rest ( and some of the american comics ) are probably going out this week. Last week I sent out the first wave which set me back a whopping 10 bucks for shipping. Man, next time I really have to see if I can find a sponsor. So I hope all people who received some comics are happy with them and if you want to return the postage ( as somebody already did ) you have my address now.

Boy, the lengths I go to for giving away free comics. I even went into Ludwigsburg one more time after spending most of last Wednesday showing my brother the new location of the SAMMLERECKE in Esslingen. It really would have been cheaper to send the comics by mail but since I already had agreed to a meeting in person ( I thought I would go to the comicshop much later and spend more time there ) there was no way out.

So, I think still in the pot - for anybody still interested in getting free comics - are SPAWN Band 50 from INFINITY ( contains issues 99 and 100 ), MARVEL EXCLUSIV 26 - DAREDEVIL HÖLLENFAHRT, SQUADRON SUPREME Buch 2 - HYPERION vs NIGHTHAWK, PUNISHER - DIE LANGE KALTE NACHT and some issues of COMIX : issue 07 / 2010 ( 2 copies ), 08 / 2010, 04 / 2011 and 05 / 2011.


In the comments of the last post somebody asked me to post some art of mine, since he read in my deviantart profile that I was an artist. Now there have been a few people asking for some art of POWER FREAKS and I DID look for it but the truth is I can´t find it at the moment. The only page I found is this one and I´m not sure if it´s safe to post. It´s the splash page for the first issue, art by my brother with inks by me.

The only piece of art entirely done by myself is this illustration ( that is also on the deviantart page I share with my brother ) which I did a few years ago and even sent to the letters page of LEAVE IT TO CHANCE but since I did that around the time the series went on hiatus ( I´m not sure if it´s been officially canceled ) I never found out if they received it.

It´s one of my earliest coloring jobs and being a big fan of crime stories that take place in sewers ( which I think must have something to do with all the EC comics I read ) I put the two main characters there - Chance Falconer and her red pet dragon. I thought about putting some of the gremlins there but then I opted to go for the simple design. I did it in the style used in the series or better TRIED to do but it turned out as a mix of that and Tintin. I think Today I would do it differently.


One of the things I hoped for with DC´s NEW 52 initiative was that we would see more art by some of the industry´s veterans who don´t do much comic work now. But instead of new titles by the likes of Kerry Gamill, Bob McLeod or Mike Zeck most of the new artists look like they were frozen in time during the iMAGE explosion.

One of my favorite artists has always been Ron Frenz who really should get more work and who did a brilliant zero issue for SUPERMAN BEYOND with the great Sal Buscema. As you can see by this comission piece he still has it.

For longtime readers of this blog it´s no secret that I´m still a big fan of John Byrne and after long weeks fellow blogger Pedro Angosto has finally worn me down by posting a whole plethora of beautiful John Byrne comissions. You can find more pieces here , here and here or just use the link for MAN OF BRONZE on the blogroll.

And since I already mentioned the blog I was really floored when I read that Jason Pearson apparently had some kind of personal crisis around the 10th of this month . He left what sounded very much like a suicide note on facebook and was incommunicado for a dreadful hour. Thanks to the intervention of some friends he´s better now but it´s kind of a shock when you hear that such a talented artist has a nervous breakdown.


I don´t know if that´s a good sign or not but it has been a while since I did my news roundup posts where I include all the funny and interesting and strange stuff you can find on the interwebs. And the first thing I MUST post is this picture that expresses all our feelings about the TWILIGHT saga.

Next comes this aircraft identification chart courtesy of COMICBITS ONLINE ( also to be found on the blogroll ) which really explains a lot.

And I think I found this on facebook or Allyson Mack´s blog. Words to live by.

So Christmas is coming around and there´s still some shopping to be done and you never know what to get.

For all my readers in Germany my tip is go over to amazon.de and get some hardcovers because you can get them sent till Christmas if you order now. My tips would be - as I said before WEDNESDAY COMICS, DARK AVENGERS ( the complete collection ), WEATHERCRAFT, BULLETPROOF COTTIN, iZOMBIE, LOVE AND CAPES, ULTIMATE X - ORIGINS and THE NEW TEEN TITANS - GAMES by George Perez or the long overdue AVENGERS - ASSAULT ON OLYMPUS by comic legend John Buscema.

But I´m sure you´ll find something interesting. I´m wrapping this post finally up as this day has gone different than I thought. Instead of spending my time with watching female wrestling and getting some rest before having to work Tomorrow I have worked on this post for most of the afternoon.

And naturally we can´t end this post without mentioning Today´s celebrity birthdays. First up is Jenny Agutter who turns 59 and who played in such cult classics like LOGAN´S RUN and AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. I did an exhausting post on Pop culture icons - Logan´s Run that you should really check out because not only does it have all kinds of stuff about the movie but also the tv series and the comic adaptions.

The other one is Joyce Hyser who celebrates her 54th anniversary and before you ask : you don´t know Joyce Hyser, you don´t remember the movie JUST ONE OF THE GUYS for which she is best known but I bet you remember this scene where she shows her incredibly big ..... talents .

Back in the 80s your best bet to see some naked breasts were screwball comedies because you knew even if the script was totally worthless and the actors without any kind of talent you were going to get boobage. Joyce Hyser may not be famous and may not have played in the best movies but every prebubescent boy growing up in the 80s saw this movie.

And to think she almost didn´t do it. Joyce had a no nudity clause in her contract and was against showing her wonder twins especially after a friend told her : " Honey, with THOSE BREASTS if you go topless in that scene, no one you meet will EVER look into your EYES again. " Thankfully she shot the scene showing her breasts and without showing them and in the end decided that the scene didn´t work if she didn´t go topless .

So the thanks of an entire generation of hormone driven boys is yours for logic winning over superstition. Or naked breasts winning over whatever.

And speaking of breasts - naked or otherwise - the Batgirl costume below is a re - design I could live with. I don´t think that next to prostitute Catwoman and stripper Starfire bikini Batgirl would stand out.

edit : the Batgirl bikini picture above and the one with She Hulk as a singer are courtesy of co4 on DeviantArt. Originally I didn´t put up a link to his gallery because there is some art that is not safe for work ( topless She Hulk and such ) but after posting a picture, a gif and the video of cult siren Joyce Hyser topless I would feel like a hypocrite. So I´m putting the link up but I´m also mentioning the NSFW part for all who don´t want to be exposed to that kind of stuff. I know, too late for that now but it´s different if it´s my decision and on my blog or a link people can follow.

As it´s now waay past 20.00 hours and there´s nothing good on tv I´m going to watch the Doctor Who special VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED. Since the Christmas special won´t air for a few more days I´m watching all the specials I haven´t seen yet like River Song - meaning backwards. I know where The Doctor will end up as I go further and further into his past.

Since I haven´t posted it yet here´s the trailer for this year´s Christmans special THE DOCTOR, THE WIDOW AND THE WARDROBE.

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Anonymous said...

Joyce Hyser's boobs brought me here.

SUBZERO said...

Yeah, they are simply mind blowing. Do I know my audience or not ?

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Joyce used to date Bruce Springsteen? She was his girlfriend in the late 1970s. I was watching his Australia shows on YouTube, admiring how he still has it after all these years, and then I thought about Joyce's boobs, and what they must look like, today.

I hope that Joyce is very happy to be able to look at the scene you posted the screencap from and be grateful she did the nudity after all. Not just for the sake of the film but so that she can look back now and admire what she probably took for granted back then.

By the way, when HBO would show the film in the 1980s, they had two versions—one with the boobage, one without (where you mostly just saw Clayton Rohner's reaction shot and Joyce was only shown holding her shirt open from the neck up). I missed seeing the movie in the theaters and saw it on HBO as mild entertainment on some bored afternoon (a time slot where they used the tamer version, obviously) and dismissed it as mild entertainment, never knowing there was a much better version out there. It wasn't until I eventually had it on in the background during some bored late night that I discovered the true beauty of the film. ;)

Or "beauties", to be technical.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including the new clip. I never grow tired of watching Joyce Hyser. I tried to find the movie on DVD but so far I couldn´t find it anywhere.

SUBZERO said...

I have posted an animated GIF of that scene because apparently blogger does that now. I hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

It's on Netflix