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20 days later - the all butt edition

It´s the last day of February so I better get a move on if I want to do three posts this month. I wanted to do a post on Monday to celebrate Norm Breyfogle´s 52nd birthday but I was just too bummed out and busy with watching the 84th Annual Oscar Awards - especially the part with Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz celebrating Big Culo Day.

Some people said that was inappropiate but hey, we´re talking the Oscars here not the Noble Prize or the Humanitarian Award. Like Billy Cristal said, it´s a show where millionaires give each other golden statues and there have really been worse moments at the Oscars.

At least Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz have some meat on their bones not like Angelina Jolie. Boy, she looked ultraskinny and that´s with the 20 pounds television adds.

And what was up with the whole leg thing ? That really didn´t help. I had the impression she was auditioning for the female version of Kelley Jones DEADMAN. Now who looks skinnier ?


And talking about women who used to be hot and comics, you may remember that I was pretty psyched about DC´s new WORLDS´FINEST series by George Perez and Kevin Maguire starring Huntress and Power Girl. Well, back then I didn´t know that the book is sponsored by the catholic church or how else do you explain Power Girl´s new costume ?

I really just don´t know what to do with DC at the moment. Which is one of the reasons I stopped posting the DC news. On one side it´s a fulltime job with all the comings and goings, scandals and lies, hurt feelings and bruised egos. The other side is that it´s just too depressing.

They are totally out of control and there seems to be no plan at all. I mean how else do you explain that they felt they needed to sex up Catwoman and Starfire while taming down Power Girl ? She even looks like a teenager. And on the other side they make variant covers like this. Does that make any sense ?

I mean they turn the knife just when people are about to say anything positive. Not all of their new titles are crap : Aquaman is just brilliant, Wonder Woman was better than expected although I want to know if Cliff Chiang will draw another issue someday and I heard that there is ONE good Batman book among the lot.

But no, DC doesn´t want good press. They almost bury the new SHADE series and now they start another s - word - storm with BEFORE WATCHMEN. As usual I´m going to wait and see before making any kind of judgement on the quality and / or necessity of the books but is anybody really surprised they went ahead and did it ? A few years back I might have said they would never cheapen the WATCHMEN franchise with this but the new 52 will do anything for a quick buck. And I guess this is what really counts. Right now everybody is shouting to the heavens above but when they DO come out most people will definitely buy them. Even if it´s only to complain. Except the DR MANHATTAN issue by J. Michael Straczynski and Adam Hughes. Because I doubt it will come out in time just like his ALL STAR WONDER WOMAN that never comes out. If it does come out I guess it will either be the last of all the specials or have some fill - in artist who finishes it.

But I don´t want to just complain and the good side to it is with the amount of DC books I want to read shrinking each month there are plenty of new books on my pull list or rather my internet orders by other companies. And in many other genres than just superheroes.

I´m totally in love with kaboom !´s SNARKED, iVAMPIRE has finally printed the third trade and naturally everybody is reading Sergio Aragones new FUNNIES book. Of course there are also such brilliant superhero books like MUDMAN, THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN DISINTERRED from Image or John Byrne´s NEXT MEN sequel by IDW. And the occasional issue of DARK HORSE PRESENTS which is the best page per cent ratio at the moment.

Last week I made a little list of books I get per internet shops or via amazon and that´s quite a lot of money my comicshop could earn. The only reason why I get these issues elsewhere is that they don´t have it. Or not as cheap as amazon. Of course there are a few series I have on my " to read " list like AVENGERS ACADEMY where I read the first issue, liked it but haven´t gotten around to get some issues.

It´s one of the cases where I waited too long to decide if I should get them from amazon and they were much more expensive when I finally had made up my mind. Well, I hope they will be cheaper again in the future as the artists include Tom Grummet and Tom Raney, two of my favorite artists.


Sometime around the end of last year I had some kind of virus that blocked my internet with some fake charges of internet rights violations claiming to be from the german government internet police division. Now the reason why I knew it was fake was that aside from claiming I had surfed on some pornsites ( Hello ? Internet, male....D´uh ! ) it also claimed that I was distributing child porn and participate in terrorism. The cherry on top was that it stated that I could unlock the internet by sending 100 EUROS to a special account. Say what ?

Now I don´t know about you but I don´t want terrorists and pedophiles to be able to buy their way out of jail with a measly 100 bucks. Man, the guy who set that fraud up must think people are stupid or too panicked to think. Anyway, since the internet was blocked I just used a different participation ever since but Yesterday I started it again and after running the antivirus programm twice it was eliminated.

So there had been tons of links I had saved there for posts but later on couldn´t use which will be popping up in future posts. Like the next one that is a bit of old news from 2011 but I´m not sure if my readers have read about Adrianne Curry´s eviction from ComicCon 2011 because her costume was too skimpy and showed too much butt. She dressed up as Aeon Flux and it seems she stayed a bit too close to the original.

Well, it has also been said that she was escorted to the exit because she was charging people 20 bucks for taking pictures of her or with her. Since I wasn´t there it´s hard to know and it´s neither the first time there have been scantily clad cosplayers at ComicCon nor that someone charges you for photos. And everybody must decide for himself if a picture like the above is worth 20 bucks for him or not ( click here for a picture gallery of Adrienne Curry in the Aeon Flux costume ). I have to say I give her props for " keeping it real " like those kids say nowadays unlike all those wimps at Hollywood for their laughable try at it.

Man, nothing against Charlize Theron but that doesn´t even resemble it in the broadest sense. This is what it should look like. And no, it doesn´t cover the buttocks in the slightest but that´s how it was designed by the original artist ( picture below courtesy of Drew Gardner on DeviantArt ).

So where´s my stand in this ? Hard to say since I´m kind of biased when it comes to women showing skin for cosplay. There were some people who said she should have sticked to her other outfits like her slave Leia one, but after reading that Adrianne Curry was molested in 2010 after a STAR WARS convention I don´t think that´s an option. Getting kicked out of ComiCon really is the lesser evil here.

In any case it seems that Adrienne Curry has something of a bad luck streak when it comes to cosplay : molested in 2010, kicked out in 2011, who knows what will happen in 2012 ? I just hope those bad experiences haven´t managed to turn her off cosplay forever.

Last but not least on the question whether her butt is too bootylicious for ComicCon or not - aside from the allegations being true or not - which started the whole thing I guess you have to decide that one for yourself.

As usual before closing things I have to report the newest going - ons on the Doctor Who front. While I have finally managed to get my brother started on the season 4 with David Tennant I´m myself starting with the second season of William Hartnell. I have just finished watching THE DALEK INVASION OF EARTH and I have to say who ever casted Carole Anne Ford as a teenager must have had a serious eye problem.

If you see the DOCTOR WHO ORIGIN special there´s a scene from another movie she was in that apparently was one of the reasons she was cast as the doctor´s granddaughter ( the other that she was " a good screamer " which sounds like it has a double meaning if I ever heard one ) but she looks more like a grown woman in that. And in all the right places if I might add.

Anyway, I´m rather enjoying the episodes old as they might be. Today´s video at the end of the post is also Doctor Who - ish, it´s the title track of the series played with Tesla coils. And you thought science was boring.

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I´m not losing my mind here....that gorilla just used a jetpack, right ?

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