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Movie rummage table : Time Masters

Because the comments section has been flooded with spam once again I spent most of my internet time Today deleting that. So it´s just going to be a short post this time around. This is kind of a follow - up to my series of Moebius posts that I had to interrupt and which I hope to continue soon. I still have to do the post on the INCAL books.

Anyway, this week I dropped off at one of the stores where I go to look for DVDs after work, to see if I could find the seasons of DALLAS I´m missing ( season three and four which contains the famous storyline where JR gets shot ) but as usual I didn´t find them.

So I went through all the DVDs at the rummage table looking for something else that I could buy, and when I say that I have to mention that I´m a little bit like Monk in that regard as that I have to go through all of them and put them in an orderly fashion, although I know they are not going to stay that way for more than fifteen minutes after I turned my back. Now there are some people who sneer at those rummage DVD tables but I have found all kinds of DVDs at them from PEANUTS to BATMAN - THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD to DC´s animated WONDER WOMAN, even cineastic milestones like Andy Sidaris´ FIT TO KILL.

Anyway, I found three interesting animation movies and since I wasn´t sure if I didn´t already have two of them I bought the one I knew I didn´t have. In fact, I was totally sure I didn´t have the movie but I wasn´t so sure if I knew the movie at all. The name sounded kind of something I have heard before and some of the pictures on the back looked familiar - especially the winged creatures - but I really couldn´t recall the movie.

Well, when I re - watched it later on I remembered a few of the scenes but not all of them so it was kind of watching a new movie.

The movie I´m talking about is TIME MASTERS ( HERRSCHER DER ZEIT in german ), a french animation film done in 1982 by Rene Laloux and designs by Moebius which gives the movie a certain flair. The story was written by french sci fi author Stefan Vul who also wrote the story on Rene Laloux animation movie THE PHANTASTIC PLANET during the 70s. I once saw the DVD for that also on a rummage pile but I had no idea at that time what the movie was all about. Back to TIME MASTERS,the movie begins with a strange vehicle racing across some alien dessert

while the driver, Claude, is making a desperate emergency call : they have been attacked by hornets ( which are just gigantic and disgusting ),

his wife Anna is dead and Claude is trying to get to safety with his son Piel of 7 or 8 years. Then the vehicle crashs and Claude ( who is wounded and stuck in the wrecked vehicle ) sends Piel away while he makes a last stand against the hornets. Which the viewer only can guess since you only see it from afar with alien vegetation in the way, gunshots are heard and then there´s a big explosion followed by a lot of smoke. Piel wanders off, all alone on the desert planet Perdide, his only companion a microphone gadget Claude gave him which calls " Mike ".

Through " Mike " Piel comes into contact with Jaffar, a friend of his father who tries to guide him safely through the perils of the planet and hurries across space toward Perdide with his spaceship and his passengers, Prince Matton and Princess Belle who are fugitives because they stole half the treasure of their home planet. It´s never said if they are brother and sister or married although since we are talking about blue bloods it could be both. They also pick up an old geezer named Silbad who has been on Perdide before and knows the terrain as well as two stowaways in the form of telepathic gnomes. Time runs short and not only Piel´s life is in danger as the prince has no intentions of delaying his escape for a kid.

The movie is not really one of the best animation movies ever made but for Moebius it´s still worth seeing it. It´s a big step above most of the animation movies from that time period and especially in Germany it´s one of those obscure movies you hear about but never see. It was on tv a few times during the 80s and 90s but was completely unavailable afterwards until it was finally released on DVD in 2008.

Not really an undispensable movie it´s still quite entertaining for those who haven´t seen it or those who - like me - have seen it so long ago that they have mostly forgotten everything. I bought it for 5 bucks and you can probably find it for the same price at some rummage table or in on of the many " Everything 1 Euro " shops. You can also look on the internet for it and I think amazon has it for 5 EUROS. It´s offered at three different prices but they´re all the same version so look for the cheapest one.

Before closing this post and the new episodes of NCIS and THE MENTALIST are on ( so much for my idea to take a nap before that ) I wanted to mention Todays celebrity birthday babe Stacey Dash, who appeared in such movies like MO MONEY, GETTING PLAYED and ILLEGAL IN BLUE but is best known for starring in the movie CLUELESS and repeating her role in the tv version of the movie.

Stacey is really the only reason to watch the CLUELESS tv series since she busted out on that show but sadly she waited with posing for PLAYBOY until she was 40. She turns 47 on this very day which means that I can safely say that I find her hot without having to fear attacks from the political correctness police.

Now usually I only post one video at the end of the post but this time I´m making an exception. Well, not really, since it´s the same video only in three different versions. Of course it´s the movie TIME MASTERS, first in the german dubbed version which comes in eight parts and has the biggest frame size and good sound. The picture quality is not that good but you don´t have to strain your eyes that much.

The second version has a better picture quality although it is a bit smaller, but not as loud. It´s the full french movie.

And last but not least, the full english movie, TIME MASTERS. Enjoy !

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