Thursday, June 06, 2013

Up to my neck in comic pictures

Well, the good news is I finally managed to get most of my pictures from the computer to the laptop using my mp3 - player since I couldn´t get the right USB cable. The bad news is it´s going to take some time to shift through all the files and decide which I still need and which I don´t.

( the picture above is courtesy of Frank Cho´s APES AND BABES art blog and you can find a slightly different colored version right here )

Right now I´m looking for CIVIL WAR banners to add on the last posts where I couldn´t because I had no access to them. Also I´m adding some important pics here and there. So Today I´m mostly working on old stuff which you won´t notice on the blog. 

But to bridge the long wait for my next post I decided to share some of the weird or funny things I stumble upon while doing that. The next pics may be the start for a new series that could become a regular thing here on the blog - if I manage to post more often that is. I´m not sure what I´ll call this new feature so for the moment I´ll go with


In this section I´ll put pictures which have the same basis which is in most cases variations on a theme, and with theme I mean famous covers. The comic industry is very incestuous that way and who doesn´t love these familiar but new covers. Today´s pics are based on one of the most famous covers of all time : Kevin Maguire´s cover for the first issue of the Bwa - ha - ha League.

I´d like to give some credit to the blogs where I most definitely found them but since it´s been so long I really have no idea where they´re from. Sorry, guys.


Another curious find on the internet has to do with the Legion of Super Heroes. To longtime readers it´s no secret that I´m a huge fan of the series especially the era when I grew up which is sometimes alled as the disco era. What I especially liked about that time period were the costumes  - designed by Dave Cockrum and not by Mike Grell as one might come to think - and not only of the female members. For a comic of the 70s they were rather radical and almost nobody wore a cape. Now the costumes of the girls were of course especially stimulating for a young comic reader since they didn´t leave much to the imagination. It´s even impossible to do a porn version of Princess Projectra´s dress from that time.

Okay, she´s one of the few who got a cape. But her dress has high heeled stiletto boots and a tightfitting swimsuit with cleavage that goes way below the belly bottom. How do you want to pimp that up ? It´s impossible.

Anyway, I always maintain that those clothes were ahead of their time - as well they should have being in the future and all - and here is proof. Exhibit A is Phantom Girl´s good dress.

And here´s Halle Berry wearing something that looks strikingly similar.

I have no idea from when that picture is but my guess is long after the 70s. So either Dave Cockrum was very good at predicting future fashion trends or the designer of that dress was a legion fan.


Now this is just an excuse to get more hot babes on the blog. But since - so far - I haven´t done of of those posts that consist of nothing but pictures of bootylicious cosplayers I think I´m entitled to some leeway.

And I also want to give props to all those dedicated cosplaying massssitas out there. Your hard work doesn´t go unnoticed. So, as usual I don´t have any info about this cosplayer who does her riff on Caitlin Fairchild, with the swimsuit from way back when GEN 13 was a viable franchise and Jim Lee made good comics. At least better than those he does Today.

Now before we come to the end of the post here´s a taste of things to come. Provided the gods are willing my next post will be about comic cult goth babe Nemi. Chances are you have already heard of her since a quick research revealed that not only are there numerous post about her in englisch but there are in fact several books out in the english language. I think they´re even ahead of the german editions which is no surprise.

And that´s all for Today. Or to use the words of a famous blind lawyer who may or may not be a certain crime fighter :

Of course I have something better for you to watch than Kojak. Since THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR seems to be the end of the second half of this season and we have to wait until November for the big anniversary episode I have decided to watch the whole season from beginning to end. This time with all the episodes in the right order. So, as yop might have guessed, Today´s video is another trailer for the big anniversary made of old clips from past Doctor Who episodes. This one is a bit longer than the last one I posted.

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