Tuesday, July 09, 2013

It´s that old feeling of deja vue again

There will be no new post Today because I´m preparing my next posts. Although what I should be doing is resting - it´s my free day after all. But once again I´m sitting in front of my laptop and looking for new pics, in this case for the new cover homage section on this blog.

So I will not be doing a post Today, sorry. Nope, I just won´t so don´t even try it. I´m going to deactivate my laptop right now and then I´m going to get some potato chips and some coke, lie on my bed and watch an episode of BONES or GREEN LANTERN ANIMATED or some old episode with David Tennant as DOCTOR WHO.

That´s right. So, before I get to that I wanted to mention that the picture above is - of course - not the cover of an actual comic but something somebody made up. Because, sadly, the X - Men and the Legion have never met within the pages of a comicbook. Part of the picture is from the DARK PHOENIX SAGA, as you´re probably aware of ( I already posted that cover ) and the rest is from LEGION OF SUPER - HEROES 296.

Another Legion - related cover is issue 18 of the shortlived VALOR series.

The book started good with Mark Bright on the art but then the artists got worse and worse and the whole reason for doing the series in the first place - namely replacing Superboy in DC continuity with Mon El because after CRISIS there never was a Superboy who could have inspired the kids to build the Legion - got too confusing.

What I can´t believe is that I did not put the following one in the first batch of CRISIS covers. I did read MAN OF STEEL when it came out and PANIC IN THE SKY was one of my favorite storylines from that time.

Well, the whole Draaga storyline basically. I just love that storyline and from time to time I go back and re - read it. Boy, I was so thrilled when they put Draaga in the WARWORLD two parter of the animated series. I still get goose bumps when I watch it.

Here´s another cover with Supergirl taking the position of Superman in a nice role reversal. It´s the penultimate issue of the Peter David run and since I didn´t read most of it - or if I did I blocked it - so it is understandable that I blanked on it.

The book could have been really great if Peter David wasn´t always so preoccupied with building stuff up that he doesn´t notice when he´s boring his readers to death. If he would have just done it another way - skip a few years to the future and get right to the fun stuff of Supergirl and Power Girl and a few alternate Supergirls partying and having fun - I bet he would be still writing this book. Anyway, the new book with Supergirl seems to be pretty solid and since my brother´s birthday is coming up I will finally be able to read the second trade.

Now this one is for the 50th annual edition of the CRISIS, I think.

It´s another zombie variant cover by Arthur Suydam and while I´m glad that the comic industry still gives work to the old veterans I was already bored with the first MARVEL ZOMBIE series. So for me the second, third and so on were totally unnecessary. But there seems to be a market out there for that kind of stuff, otherwise Marvel wouldn´t be making so much dough with it. The old saying that the market only supports the best books is just a saying and really doesn´t have any truth to it.

Case in point : MAJOR BUMMER. A really funny, action - packed thrillride of a series with mindblowing art by Dough Mahnke who draws the best aliens ever and that was canceled with issue 15 while crap like DEADPOOL has five different titles at the same time. But I guess we get the comics we pay for. Anyway, if you haven´t read it that´s almost a crime.

Get out, look for the issues, it´s a great read. Sadly you can probably find the complete series ceaply in bargain bins.

Now one CRISIS homage cover where I never made the connection is the cover for COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS 80 PAGE SPECIAL by Jim Lee and Alex Ross. That´s because we see it from the other side.

See what a difference a small change of perspective can do ? Man, I get all misty - eyed just thinking about the fact that back then they wrote a sequel to CRISIS that was so brilliant because they had started planting the seeds three years in advance. Three years. Now it seems they don´t plan three months in advance.

Anyway, I remember that the comic was really pretty good with a shocker ending and a really low price of 1 dollar. Good times.

And speaking of INFINITE CRISIS, Todays last CRISIS homage cover is a tie - in issue for that, FIRESTORM 21 with lots of Firestorms on the cover.

I have to say I never read the restarted series because for me Firestorm was Ronnie Raymond and Professor Stein. I really wasn´t interested in anybody else playing the part so I just skipped it.

Once again it´s time to wrap things up on this post I´m not writing Today. Because I´m not working, you see ?  As always here is a video for your further enjoyment and this time it´s a real treat.

A few days ago I saw a documentary about pop culture icon Roger Corman that prompted me to write a post about him. Which I will probably do next. But in the meantime I want to put THE INTRUDER on the blog. It´s also known under the titles SHAME or I HATE YOUR GUTS.  It was William Shatner´s first lead role and he plays a white supremacist who comes into a small community to stir trouble in a southern town that is about to integrate its high school.

Roger Corman mortgaged his house to make it and he claims it is the only film of the over 300 he's produced to lose money.

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