Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I just can´t get around to do a new post

Well for the last couple of days I tried to do a new post but something else always came up and in the end I had to deal with other stuff instead.

I have tried to continue some of the series I started - mainly to include some updates about stuff I have mentioned in previous posts or didn´t get to mention - but since it looks like I can´t do a full post Today neither this is going to be one of the hodge podge inbetween posts I have to do.


One of the posts I had planned to do last Friday was another PHANTOM FRIDAY post since it has been too long since I did the first one. But as always I got too tied up in other doing the research and when I finally wanted to start the post it was already too late. Since my old computer crashed and I started working on the new laptop I had to start my picture archive from scratch so I have to look for a lot of pictures that I think I have only to find out I didn´t. This post ( which may be coming this Friday ) was supposed to focus on the similarities between covers of the Phantom and other icons of pop culture - starting with the women.

Now I don´t know but the woman in the picture looks kind of familiar to me. Maybe one of my readers can help me out because my swedish is a bit rusty but I don´t think MARABELLA is the translation for MARILYN.

Anyway, at the end of my last post about The Phantom I mentioned Dick Tracy and Doctor Doom and so I wanted to put them into this post but it was very difficult to find good covers for them - especially for Dick Tracy.

I´m not sure if I found a really good one but I think I´m all set up for this Friday. I´m just a bit bummed out because one of the reasons I wanted to do the post on Friday last week was that it was March the 7th which was swimsuit model / wrestling sexbomb Tylene Buck´s 42nd birthday.

She also goes under the name of Brandi Wylde and even was a wrestling diva for a short time. Tylene began working for WCW as an NWO party girl always seen with Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner and others.

They later repackaged her as Major Gunns, the valet for the Misfits in Action. She later turned on them and joined Team Canada and managed Lance Storm. She was one of my candidates for the SEARCH FOR POWER GIRL series waaay back when it was still on this blog. Besides being one of my most used templates for banners I casted her as Ice in my Justice League movie (  Nicole " Coco " Austin took the role of Power Girl ).

And Tylene was Ms Marvel in my Avengers movie casting. I know, this casting list was totally wishful thinking on my part and the way things are going in Hollywood right now Ms Marvel is probably going to be played by one of those almost starved to death girly girls after they casted that skinny chick as Wonder Woman. And to add another wrinkle to it : now that Disney has all the power she´s probably going to wear that new abomination instead one of her more classic costumes like this one.

But back to Tylene Buck I just wanted to give a quick - although belated in this case - shoutout to her and wish her many happy returns since she made me very happy every time she was on as Major Gunns when she was giving mouth to mouth to some lucky wrestler or just wearing a bikini.

Ah, the good old days when hot wrestling women and the Nitro Girls were shown on german tv - sometimes even in bikinis. Those were the times. And speaking of bikinis make sure to check out Tylene Buck in the IRON MAN swimsuit videos where she wears some supertiny microbikinis.

There is one where she stars together with Linda O´Neil, April Hunter, Cori Nadine and LeAnna Scott that has a warning at the beginning that you should not watch it if you have a weak heart. And I totally believe it because you won´t make it through the first minutes that are a montage of all the hot models in the video. I´m not sure if they are still making them ( if they are smart they still do ) or where to get them - besides some best of compilation DVDs - but that´s the one you want to get.


Time to pimp some blogs : the Hero Initiative NEW AVENGERS variant by Terry Dodson with Ms Marvel I used above is one of several I found on Pedro Angosto´s MAN OF BRONZE blog which can be found on the blog roll. I tried to find the post again ( I thought I left a bookmark for it ) but after searching for over an hour I think it will be some other time, sorry.

There are some really good ones in there like the one by Steve Epting

or the ones by Amanda Conner ( with some female Avengers ) and Bill Morrison. I will definitely post the link if I can find it again, I promise.

Even without the link you should check out the blog since it´s where I go to keep up to date on comic news, previews and the best of art. I know, it´s in spanish but there are just so many art posts for which you don´t have to understand spanish that it´s worth your while. The best pictures you will find here are probably swiped from there and I really try to keep up with the blog but that usually takes me a few days. Because that guy posts so much in a month. Boy, when does he sleep ? In any case, go over there and tell him SUBZERO sent you. Or don´t tell him. But look through some of the posts, I´m sure you will like it. I mean where else can you find the CATWOMAN pages by Guillem March that DC didn´t have the balls to publish ( part 1 / part 2 ) ? Or my new favorite Power Girl cosplayer ?

Speaking of cosplayers, the reason I didn´t do this post Yesterday is that I was looking for a better Jessica Rabbit picture to add to my last post ( the one I put on the post was pretty dark, I found a clearer one ) and ended up with more pictures of Jessica Rabbit cosplayers than anything.

Which made me go back and organize all the cosplay pictures I have. I already prepared all the pictures for a post about Top Ten Black Canary, Top Ten Black Cat and a special tribute to cosplayer Yayahan but now I have a new one with my Top Ten Jessica Rabbit cosplayers. I had one with my Top Ten Power Girls but I somehow lost it. So I will keep posting the best Power Girl cosplay pictures from time to time in my posts, like I´m doing right now. But there will - hopefully - be some more Top Ten cosplayer posts in the future. By the way, if you have any picks ( and pics ) of your own candidates for best cosplayers just give me a holler.

I know you expect me to post a picture of another sexy cosplay babe at this point, but instead I just have to give props to this guy who did an incredible job on the Medieval Batman armor. You´re totally Airwolf !

No need to heave a sigh of relief though, there are still some hot tamales to come. Quite a number of readers wanted to know who the hottie was that I posted at the top of my BIG CULO DAY post. Her name is Akira Lane and though it isn´t really a BIG CULO - at least not in the proper sense of the word - it´s one of my all time favorite pictures of female derrieres.

She´s a swimsuit / nude / fetish model and an actress who has starred in cinematographic classics like ACCIDENTAL STRIPPER, SECRET DESIRES OF A HOUSEWIFE 2 or NAUGHTY NEIGHBORS. You won´t find an english entry on her on wikipedia ( for some strange reason there´s only a german version available, maybe because Germans love porn ? ) so go right to IMDb where you can find her biography and a list of her movies . You can also find her on the usual social media like facebook and twitter and there are some Akira Lane homepages but since you can easily find them - and they have some adult content like her twitter - I´m not putting up links.

One last thing about the BIG CULO DAY post, since we´re on the subject of links I can´t post because of adult content. Since that was all about big butts I wanted to include some stuff of one of the best artists when it comes to that who I found on DeviantArt. It´s DarkerEve and you can find her series BEACH N BITCHES and other stuff there or on his adult blog.

And that´s all for this post. I wanted to include more shownotes for my last posts but I spent too much time looking for the post on MAN OF BRONZE so I will have to do that in the future. In any case there are some new links I found while doing this post so that will go on for a while.

Man, I was hoping to relax a bit for the rest of the day but with spending one hour trying to de - install some annoying programs and doing this - originally intended to be - short post that´s all I managed to do Today. 

Tomorrow I´m going to the comic shop in Esslingen where I hope to find some old THE SPECTRE issues by Norm Breyfogle and some old FLASH issues I´m still missing. With any luck I can do another post on Friday which will either be more about the INFERNO CROSSOVER issues ( I have found some much needed pictures for that ), another FLASH FRIDAY post or more Hi Jinks with The Phantom. If I´m not too tied up for that.

Now the video at the end of this post is also about one of my previous posts, in fact it´s about the last one. I mentioned Mariah Carey´s performance at the 2014 BET Awards because when I looked for a good picture of Jessica Rabbit pictures of Mariah Carey kept popping up.

Which is obvious when you see her generously cleavaged dress ( from which sadly nothing popped out ) together with her hair and Mariah´s stunning measurements. It just shows how ingrained in the pop culture Jessica Rabbit is that not only everybody knows who she is but that it´s the first comparison people - at least all the reporters - have in mind when it comes to a sexy singer who sings at the top of her chest.

Now I wanted to post the video of this performance on my last blog entry but I couldn´t find one in good quality so I posted a video of Jhene Aiko´s " The Worst " instead, not a bad replacement if I may say so myself.

But thanks to blogger extraordinaire and all around good guy ( unless he´s in a cranky mood because all of the idiots in the comic industry ) Terry Hooper I can now add it to this post. You may notice that it´s listed as her Oscar performance which is why I couldn´t find it. So enjoy the video.

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