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And tell me ( Doctor ) Who do you love ?

Normally I don´t like to do two posts about the same subject in a row but since my last post seems to be pretty popular with the kids ( with 1.249 hits it´s way above the normal readership level ) AND I kind of promised it here are the websites I came across during the making of my last post.

Yes, things seem to be picking up on the blog since this is the third time that I have cracked the 1.000 hits per day benchmark in the last two weeks ( 1.089 and 1.162 respectively ), a trend I hope to continue here.

Now this is going to be only a short post with the links I would have put in my last post but you can´t always do those long post. Although truth to tell, ALL the posts I do are planned as short posts - or at least the vast majority - and then they turn into these marathon ramblings because I just keep adding and adding stuff. Case in point, while I am putting all the research links here I already added some links in the last Doctor Who post as well as more text and pictures. In fact, just this morning I was writing another text block on it. But that´s okay because I didn´t find them researching the post so they were never planned for an extra post.

Before starting I want to mention that the following links are neither listed in any particular order nor sorted according to importance, their excellence or the quality of the content. When I do the research on my posts I´m mainly looking to verify something, get some interesting facts or more often find some particular or cool pictures to post. Which is quite important for us bloggers who don´t know how to get pictures otherwise.

So the order in which the links are listed is not an indication of the quality in any shape or form which also would be impossible for me to do since I haven´t read much from the blogs or websites beside the little tidbits I needed for the post. I´m only human and as long as the day has only 24 hours there are things I have to leave for later. Also a guy has to sleep.

So without any further ramblings ( yeah, too late for that ) here are the links that I think deserve their own post, Doctor Who and otherwise :

First up is CLASSICAL GALLIFREY ,  a website that has no new posts after December 2012 but nevertheless it´s an invaluable resource for Classic Doctor Who since it has detailed posts with long descriptions and indepth thoughtful analysis of every episode of the Doctors One to Eight. It also has a lot of neat pictures upon we bloggers depend. I came across the great post on ENLIGHTENMENT which is really fantastic and though I was tempted to copy some of it for the post I decided against it in the end. I have stated in my last post why this is the best Doctor Who episode with Tegan but you owe it to yourself to read the post to see that other people agree with me. And not only is ENLIGHTENMENT rated as the best Tegan story it is also number eleven on the Top Twenty Classic Stories charts.

Another reason why I think the site is so great is that the navigation is really easy since it not only has labels for people like the various script editors, but also there is an index and links for all the different doctors at the top of the blog which leads you to a list with links to all the episodes.

Now while the blog focuses on the production and writing ADVENTURES WITH THE WIFE IN SPACE is more of a fun read. It´s basically transcripts of the conversations devoted Doctor Who fan Neil Perryman has with his wife Sue while watching the episodes. It´s funny, entertaining and - for somebody like me who has no knowledge of british pop culture and tv series - full of fascinating facts and tidbits. So far I have only read part of the entries on THE ARC OF INFINITY and ENLIGHTENMENT ( those posts are really long ) but I totally recommend it for new Who fans. In fact the blog is so outstandingly good that it is available as a book by amazon.

Now I´m not sure if I haven´t posted the link to Tansy Rayner Robert´s TANSYYR blog before but I´m putting it here just in case I DID forget.

While not an exclusively Doctor Who blog it DOES cover tv series and that includes The Doctor. If the first two blogs were too specific for you and you have just begun to delve your toes into the Whoniverse ( how I envy your journey ) the blog has an introduction to Classical Doctor Who and individual posts on the Doctors. I found A MODERN WOMAN´S GUIDE TO CLASSIC WHO : THE FIFTH DOCTOR YEARS ( 1982 - 1984 ) which gives you a basic idea about the Peter Davison Doctor as well as detailed info on his companions. It also breaks down the best stories to watch and lo and behold, The Black Guardian Trilogy is listed as best marathon watch and Enlightenment as most lavish dark fairy tale ever told in Doctor Who.

Our next link is Steve Hill´s DOCTOR WHO IMAGE ARCHIVE and like the name says it contains a plethora of pictures. It´s archived according to Doctors, companions, monsters etc. Of course there is an entry on Janet Fielding complete with a biography and a character outline for Tegan. For more about our favorite companion from Down Under you can also go to TWA , which is the official homepage of Tegan´s Worldwide Admirers.

Another veritable treasure trove of Doctor Who related pictures - and also animated GIFs ! - is NOT TONIGHT DALEK and while it has no new posts since the end of November 2013 it´s still four entire years worth of pics ( with more than 1400 posts in 2011 alone ) with anything Doctor Who related from episode pictures to behind the camera pictures to Doctor Who badges, Doctor Who milk chocolate and even the Dalek boardgame.

Now you might think that the picture from my last post of the Master reading an issue of Doctor Who Monthly is from that website but I actually swiped it from greatbriton´s PICSPAM ! Doctor Who ( Five ) archive . 

With our next entry TEGAN we actually go into overtime since it´s already past midnight. You might think it´s all about one of the companions but it´s actually an acronym for Tardis Experiences Great And Numerous and it covers all the Doctors from Classic Doctor Who to the New Who stuff.

THE DAILY P.O.P. is not a Doctor Who only site but it has a section for the Doctor Who audio dramas from Big Finish which I know are a big part of the Doctor Who canon. It helped many a Whovian to overcome the lonely Doctorless periods - especially the Wilderness Years - and you can follow the labels to that like the one with the Peter Davison audio dramas .

The audio dramas are also a part of DOCTOR WHO REVIEWS which is all about The history of Doctor Who ( November 1963 to July 2011 ) and has posts with pictures on 1.074 adventures in space and time : ordered, analysed and enjoyed. It even offers a timeline that incorporates the tv episodes, the audio dramas and the graphic novels. How neat is that ?

Talking about neat, it can´t be pure coincidence that the newest entry on THE TIGER WHO CAME TO TEA - another website dedicated entirely to Doctor Who - is on Enlightenment . This post helped me a lot because it covers all the episodes and has a truckload of pictures. Thanks for that.

Back to not Who exclusive websites, pop culture site SHADOWLOCKED has an archive of Doctor Who reviews and also an entry on ENLIGHTENMENT . Ditto goes for THE PROJECT76 BLOG ( link to the Doctor Who archive and Black Guardian Trilogy entry ) and DVDACTIVE  which has another Black Guardian Trilogy review with pics. Which brings us almost to the end.

Fellow blogger and german comic icon Geier would probably bite my head off if I forgot to mention his newest webcomic and since our paths are most likely to cross in Erlangen I don´t want that to happen. The name of the strip is DOKTOR WER and it´s kind of a german version of The Doctor

although his ZURRIA ( Zeit und relative Räume im All ) looks more like a portable toilet. The new installments can be found on the DOKTOR WER facebook page and the readers get to vote on how the story continues.

I think it´s a great idea and there are even Sunday pages in color.

Last but not least is MORE OLSENS THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A STICK AT at CEDAR AND WILLOW which hasn´t anything to do with Doctor Who.

I only came across this because it claims that Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane are really covers to disguise Turlough and Tegan, traveling companions of the Fifth Doctor Who, on such adventures where they crossed over. These adventures were mostly taking place in the 1980s. While I can neither confirm nor deny that it´s an extensive post on Jimmy Olsen in all the different media that includes a Jack Kirby Chronology. Also I just had to post a link to a website that mentions cult siren Betty Brosmer and has an awesome post on Power Girl ( with T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agent Dynamo ) .

Again the post has taken much longer than planned ( we´re already two and a half hours over the limit ) so you see why I gave this its own post.

Next up we will - hopefully - have more comic related content, either the long awaited All - Star Squadron post or more Inferno Crossovers stuff. I really have to get back to that topic very soon because the folder with the AVENGERS issues has been lying on my chair for over a week now ( I took it out of the shelf storage to write about issue 300 which is a 64 page spectacular ) and it´s really just in the way. You know, if somebody who is new to TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN comes across this blog he might think I´m a guy living the UK since everything on the first page of the blog is a lot of Doctor Who and a review of a british independent comic.

So I´ll post more european stuff in the near future - it would be a real waste to not use all the material I have prepared on spanish comics from Bruguera, SUPERLOPEZ and MORTADELO & FILEMON - and I´ll definitely do another cosplay post since the last one was so well received. It will probably be a post about cosplay goddess Yaya Han and I will have to watch my phrasing on it because I don´t want to get into any trouble.

Because words can have a double meaning very quickly when well endowed cosplay girls are involved and I´m most likely to get carried away here.

What can I say ? I´m a still active guy and asian girls are my kryptonite.

And Yaya is just one extremely talented lady. Get a load of this bombshell.

And not only that, Yaya also dresses up like some of my biggest erotic fantasies. But I´ll try to restrain myself and be halfway professional and focus on the costumes. By the way, since we´re talking about my favorites : her Chun Li outfit is on the top of my list and since I can´t possibly fit all the pictures into one post you will see a lot of them in the next posts until I run out or tire of them ( NEVER gonna happen ). I have posted the biggest size I could find of this picture ( 1.6 MB ! ) so be sure to open it in a new window to study all the detail work on the dress.

In our last post we didn´t have a Doctor Who related video at the end of the post but this time I´m including one although it´s a bit sad. While we are still waiting for the next Doctor to arrive this video counts down 11 THINGS WE WILL MISS ABOUT THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR. My hat ( or fez in this case ) is off to the brilliant Matt Smith who did a really outstanding job as everyone´s favorite Raggedy Man in the Tardis. Geronimo !

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