Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Not my big Yaya Han spotlight post - yet

Yes, I started this on my MASTER OF KUNG FU MONDAY post but it has gotten longer and longer so I decided to give Yaya Han her own intro post.

There are quite a few posts for which I have already prepared most of the material ( more Deja Vue posts as well the continuations of the Inferno Crossover and I really should do the All Stars post before it turns into one of these posts I keep postponing ) and I´m still fiddling around with the Yaya Han spotlight post. Usually I only use pictures of up to 200 KB but ever since I started doing the posts on the laptop the size of the pictures sometimes gets bigger when I try to cut them down in paint. This means that in some cases I have to use the pictures as I find them. Now I could just use the smaller pictures under 200 KB but since the post is all about her costumes I have decided to go to just under 1 MB here ( I think that´s the limit ) so I can post bigger pictures where you can see all the small detail and really appreciate all the work that went into making them.

There are just so many great costumes to choose from that it´s almost impossible to cut it down to a top ten list ( she has so far made over 260 costumes in the 14 years she´s been cosplaying ). So I have decided to make a separate post on the costumes where I actually known where they are from but there are still a few of those I had to leave in the countdown because they are my favorites like Power Girl, Jessica Rabbit or Chun Li.

So those three will most definitely be in the top five. Like always the order will be subject to change until I have actually written the post, but there is a new costume as my new number one that will blow you away !

Which is a nice segueway because I was simply blown away by the whole controversy about Yaya Han´s chest. Or better the comments she gets.

This post I found online centers about Yaya Han´s comment on facebook about starting a fanpage for her boobs ( which she actually did as an April´s Fool Day prank ) because of all the rude comments she gets.

Maybe if I made a FB page about my boobs some of you can separate the kind of comments you post here. I appreciate you all being here but sometimes I think some of you forget I am a human being with feelings.

Now the guy who wrote the post thinks she´s overreacting and since she is a model and has a " bodacious body " she should get used to it because " dressing in a way that shows off a part of her body will attract attention to that part ". He also has more tips like not to show cleavage if Yaya Han doesn´t want to be stared at, not to be a b - word if her breasts are just that awesome, take it as a compliment, use her boobs as a manipulation device or not to get " pornstar implants " if she acts prudish about it. And as crazy as the post it, most comments on it aren´t much better either.

The thing that I really can´t understand is that some people don´t seem to have any brain cells online. The whole argumentation centers around the old cliche that women which dress a certain way are fair game.

First of just because a woman shows some cleavage doesn´t mean she wants people to stare at it. Men are engineered to be attracted by big breasts by nature but women aren´t genetically programmed to like that.

So you might want to try to restrain yourself a bit in the overtly drooling department. I´ve also heard that if you really want to show your adoration and appreciation flowers don´t hurt. Second IF some women like to dress up as certain characters we should be glad about it and encourage it.

Those women are shining beacons that brighten our sad existences and I think the world is a better place with them in it. I would totally go down on my knees and bow in adoration before Yaya Han if I had the luck to come across her at a con - if my bad knee wouldn´t prevent me from it.

And I probably couldn´t get up afterwards ( for health reasons I mean, not what you are thinking again ). So if you have the luck meeting such a wonderful person who has put a lot of work into that costume you should come up with something better to say than " Nice boobs. " or " I would like to xxx my xxx between your xxx and xxx censored censored . "

Or at least keep those things to yourself. This reminds me of an artist of erotic comics who met a fan who told him that he was a big fan of his work and that he relieved himself a few times a day using his comics. The fan was surprised that the artist didn´t want to shake his hand after that.

How is it that people become such trolls online ? Does Yaya Han know that some people are doing dirty things while looking at her pictures ? Pretty sure. Does she need to read about it on facebook ? Most definitely not.

Whatever happened to class ? You have so much time if you are writing something you don´t have to write the first thing you have on your mind.

Does Yaya have awesome breasts ? Yes. Does that concern anybody besides her fiancee to whom she has probably already shown them ? No. Yes, she´s totally hot and sometimes she wears really skimpy cosplay outfits but a gentleman never tells and enjoys the pretty sights silently.

If you want her to take your comment as a compliment maybe you should phrase it as a compliment. Maybe she does have implants. But my own view on it is that while I think too many people are getting unnecessary cosmetic surgery I think that is a decision that everybody has to make for himself. If you are happier with a bigger bust that´s good enough for me.

If it doesn´t endanger your health there is nothing to say against it.

Now I don´t exactly know what qualifies as " pornstar implants " but when you are a professional model - which Yaya Han is - and your " bodacious body " is what you work with it is only natural to make adjustments if you want to get a certain look. That doesn´t automatical mean you do porn.

I also read comments that she´s an " attention whore " which is just crap.

She´s a professional model and cosplayer who has made her hobby her job. She has an international reputation as one of the best in the world and she has her own brand. Now I know the owner of the Sammlerecke pretty well, so sometimes we talk stuff and he told me that if you are selbstständig ( self employed ) this means selbst ( self ) and ständig ( all the time ). It looses a bit in the translation but basically it means that as your own boss you have to do it yourself and have to do it all the time.

So Yaya Han wouldn´t be on tv shows ( I´m not sure if it qualifies as a reality show ) like HEROES OF COSPLAY if she didn´t think that it would be good promotion for her business. It´s not like the other cosplayers on the show don´t get any exposure from it. And I´m sure that Yaya is also on the show as an ambassador for cosplay and she´s really great at that.

She´s always willing to help out other cosplayers and in her interviews she gives precise, helpful answers for people who might be thinking about starting with cosplay. Yes, some of her answers might sound rehearsed but on the other hand you don´t want to start stuttering or forget what you wanted to say when every interview you give is also in big part self promotion. And she always tells people that there is not only one right approach to cosplay and that you should do what you are comfortable with. You can do it just for the sheer fun of it or you might want to compete with others. If you want to do the latter one you should be aware that there is more pressure involved when people compete for money.

Of course she wants to get more exposure for cosplaying because it´s her profession and she also sees it as an art form. She´s not like certain comic people who don´t have enough self esteem to ask for the same funding movies, books and paintings have been getting for centuries.

There was an episode on HEROES OF COSPLAY where she had been at a convention abroad ( I forgot which country ) where were really passionate about the presentation and they did the costume skids with prerecorded music and lighting effects almost like a little theatrical play and she liked it so much that she wanted to bring that to american audiences. Not to be the big star but because that was the next logical step for cosplaying as an art form for her. This is the direction she sees for this, the next part of the evolution, so she wants to WOW people with this new approach.

She doesn´t have to do that. She also doesn´t have to do new costumes that are always better than the last ones now that she is mostly acting as a judge on cons. I tell you if I was in her place I would probably be too lazy to make new costumes and just whip out an old one. Which is probably the reason why I wouldn´t be in her place. Yaya is where she is right now because she is constantly challenging herself to go way and beyond. I only hope that it´s not always so much of a stress as you see on the show because that´s just too much. There never seem to be any quiet moments and you need to recharge the batteries once in a while.

But I´m starting to go on a rant - well, another rant that doesn´t have anything to do with my initial rant. I guess I have already said my piece about the whole situation and after this long intro I can hopefully concentrate on more pleasant stuff on the Yaya Han spotlight post.

To further elaborate on the whole boob / implant thing here´s a video of Yaya Han cosplaying as Power Girl at the Boston Comic Con 2013 where she explains how you can get the right chest size. Yes, sometimes it´s just a question of buying the right bra. Just don´t read the comments.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

HaH! That fan could well have been one of a number I've spoken to (as well as comic pros) who read my Eros work!!!
I was watching the George Perez Avengers-JLA cosplay tribute video last night and thought about all this. yes, the costumes on the women CAN be quite revealing BUT that reflects the look in comics, anime etc.
Its a whole thorny issue not helped by certain female cosplayers who DO pose VERY much ala soft porn at events -and these are closed off areas at events BUT it reflects on women who are serious about cosplaying and the perverts who take up skirt shots as they walk around need arresting. And organisers simply turn a blind eye -I've seen public statements from organisers as well as (including female) publishers asking for "female cosplayers" for events and when a male cosplayer said he was available to one he was turned down as "the wrong sex". They know nerds and geeks are attracted to attractive female cosplayers like flies to s***. When I posted about this I think one person responded!! Goode luck!

SUBZERO said...

Yeah, I´m not sure if I´m not a big hypocrite for doing this post since I included many pictures people might drool at.

I was just quite shocked by the whole thing.

I´m the first to admit to being a full on old perv but that doesn´t mean I´m doing it in public. Or being crass about it.

I like to look at beautiful things be it art, comics or women. There´s nothing wrong with enjoying or appreciating that but you don´t look with your hands. I also think YouTube should really read some of the comments to the videos. Is there nobody who screens that sort of thing ?

lee woo said...

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Cindy Dy said...

You are so lucky for having a big boobs. Not everyone have been blessed enough like you.