Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Busy with Markie Post post post production

It´s a weird title and you probably think I have lost it a bit ( or at least miscounted how often I used the word " post " in the post title ) but I assure you it´s correct. Because instead of doing a new post Today I spent a lot of time going over an old post - what you might call post production - about 80s cult siren Markie Post . So, yes, three times the word post.

When I first brought that post over from my old boob blog I had included some download links for clips of Markie Post from the cult show FALL GUY.

Because they were already in it and since only the first two seasons of FALL GUY ( Markie Post´s tenure on that show is a big part of the post ) were available in Germany and it didn´t look like the situation was going to improve on that front anytime soon ( and it really hasn´t in the more than 2 years the post has been up ) I kept them for my german readers.

Of course I knew that these kind of links never last long and while they have vanished over the years - except two very small ones - I have kind of ignored that since that is not what this blog is all about. It´s primary about comics and comic related stuff and then about everything else and I know that  I am always in danger of making this blog too oversexed.

The reason why I finally decided to give the post a much needed overhaul was that it is in the top ten of most popular posts and it has 9 comments. And because one video I had posted from YouTube wasn´t there anymore.

Now on my old blog I did this kind of " reloaded " posts a lot and I also did many of the posts like the one I´m writing right now to let my readers know that I added some new material and / or replaced some old material with other material of the same or a better quality. God knows where I found the time for all this but back then making a post was much faster. I have wrestled with the question if I should do an announcement post on this blog and even though I don´t want to turn this blog into a new version of my old boob blog I have decided to go with making this post.

Like I said, in part because it seems to be a very popular post and I could not find a lot of other posts on the net about this topic. Another reason is that while the post is in the top ten list and in my new " best of the best " link I know that a lot of readers don´t check out the top ten posts or the links at the bottom of each post. Because that´s simple logic and mathematics. People are lazy and if most of the people would check out the links at the bottom of the posts my top ten list would look different.

And of course I want to pimp the post a bit because cult sirens like Markie Post are a favorite subject of mine and I have put a lot of work into the post. I haven´t done nearly as much pimping as it deserves because with my erratic posting schedule I have missed most opportunities - like birthday posts - for that. So here´s my little reminder for all my old readers and a shout out to my newer readers ( I hope I still have those ).

So without further ado let us go into media res like the old romans used to say. What exactly is new about the post ? There are a few new pictures of Heather Thomas and one of Raquel Welch in better quality I added. Yes, I find it really sad when the best pictures can be found on my posts because I usually think that most bloggers on the interwebs are doing a much better job of it. So finding out that I have posted most of the best pictures is kind of sobering. On the other hand I should not complain because that is what I strive for. So mission accomplished on that front.

There are also no new download links because to tell the truth that always bothered me a bit on this blog and I wanted to get away from that kind of content anyway. If you are a longtime reader of this blog you have already downloaded the high quality bikini clips of Markie Post ( and sexy Heather Thomas ) I posted and if not then I don´t have any new links for that.
What I have added are more clips from YouTube and other websites. Because my posts have always been a kind of " show and tell " mix in the sense that I think it´s not as effective, it´s not good enough to just write about a comic. You also have to show some examples of the art to get your point across. And if you write about a poignant scene - or in this case a scene with a hot woman in a bikini - I think you should include a clip if you can for your readers. I think that there is always the one person out there who has no idea what you are writing about or hasn´t seen a tv show so I try to include anything somebody might need in these posts.

So for all those of you who have never seen Markie Post on FALL GUY or NIGHT COURT ( I finally found a clip from the episode where she wears a dress with a very Power Girl - esque cleavage window ) here´s your chance to see those scenes. And for all those readers who remember her on screen appearances you might also enjoy this trip down memory lane.  

Now there were some clips I couldn´t find on the net and which I uploaded from my from my laptop. The quality is not as good as I hoped when you go through blogger and for some strange reason blogger made a big thick black outline around the video so I had to make them really big to get rid of most of that. Well, as I found out just one hour ago the reason for that is that while the clips are in the new 16 : 9 format the part where there is actual footage is in the older 4 : 3 tv format. So that mystery is solved.

I have also included some new clips with Heather Thomas because you cannot talk about FALL GUY without talking about Heather Thomas. At least I cannot as long as I have not managed to give her a solo post.

Heather Thomas played Jody and her role was to keep the male viewers hooked by providing some eye candy. Yes, fan service is not as new as some people might want you to think and Heather Thomas mainly got the part because of her absolutely amazing bikini figure. It did however take a few episodes before she could strut her stuff but once the tv guys got a taste of Heather´s " talents " it happened more often and the famous blue bikini scene was quickly added to the new intro of the 2nd season.

For generations of adolescent young boys the only highlight of the week was the short moment when Heather appeared in her famous blue bikini.

Markie Post played bail bonds contractor Terri Michaels ( who replaced previous bail bonds contractor Samantha Jack played by Jo Ann Pflug ) beginning with Season 2 and at the beginning she played a minor role.

One of the producers must have realized what a waste it is to have somebody like Markie on the cast without letting her " show off what her Mama gave her " like they say Today and the rest is 80s tv history. Markie Post got more involved in the stories where she stole the scene from Heather Thomas as soon as she donned a bikini ( mainly in Season 3 ).

But back to Heather Thomas . Thanks to her 37 - 23 - 32 measurements and the exposure in THE FALL GUY she became a famous pin up model during the 80s with posters in every boy's bedroom from that time.

She even replaced pin up godess Raquel Welch on the number one spot.

Careerwise she just didn't manage to cash in on her popularity because she didn't want to use her physical attributes to succeed and the high points of her career were FALL GUY and the screwball comedy ZAPPED.

But I see that I´m already going into too much detail on what is supposed to be a short announcement post. So for all those who haven´t already gone over to the new and improved Markie Post ( and Heather Thomas ) appreciation post please use the link for more of my usual ramblings and as many pictures, clips and links I could cram into it. I hope you enjoy it.

Well, there were almost no pictures with hot babes in my last post but I think I made up for that in this one. It´s nice to be able to keep it in balance here. Now, it´s obligatory to include a video that has something to do with the topic of this post so I thought about including one of the new clips and which would be more fitting than Heather Thomas in the blue bikini. If I know YouTube it won´t be there for very long so I probably have to do another post like this one very soon ( hopefully a lot shorter ).

Like in my last posts I´m going to include a few more videos ( which was another reason for making this post since I have more videos than I can post ) and the first one is a bit more comic centric. I had thought about posting Comicbookgirl19´s new lengthy Ghostbusters review video but I think I´ll save that for the right occasion. Instead here is a new one by Amy Dallen where she explores the literary roots of super heroes.

Now I also finally managed to watch the documentary about horror cult author Howard Phillips Lovecraft that I posted way back in June in my THE RETURN OF RETURN OF THE GODS post. Which lead me to this great video about J. R. R. Tolkien with great archival footage from the BBC.

And just for the heck of it and because I love a good song and dance number, here´s the opening bit from the 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards of Jimmy Fallon doing " Born to Run " with Tina Fey and the cast of Glee.

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I´m no sexual siren. I see prettier girls than me in the grocery store every day.


Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

hmm. Cleavage overdose? I stuck it all out (that sounds rude, doesn't it?) BUT I just cannot stand that Born To Run video. Okay, I've always thought Tina Fey was hot but there just is not enough in this video for me. I just found it "sickeningly Hollywood". There. I wrote it. Nice post but THAT video. I'm old. I'm diabetic. I can't take that stuff! Give me Tina Fey walking around for 30 minutes, nothing else, and I'd be happy: I wouldn't: I'd complain about 30 minutes of some actress walking about -I'm a living conundrum!
But great to see another posting!

SUBZERO said...

Well, it IS the Emmy Awards, so that is by definition the tv community catering to Hollywood. But I get what you mean.

And Tina Fey. What a woman. So far I haven´t delved into 30 ROCK but I might have to just because of her.

Yes, now that I have all the cleavages out of my system I´m trying to do a new post but the internet is just acting strange lately.

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

ahh, there are some great photos of Fey looking very hot. Should I say that? But she does and I think you might appreciate a few of them -very tasteful!