Sunday, August 31, 2014

Movie rummage table special : Megamind

I have decided to give this part of the big Nick Knatterton post a post of its own since I don´t want it to get buried at the bottom of the post.

Because I really want to pimp this cartoon gem you might have missed among all the CGI cartoons that are constantly released. MEGAMIND is a rather brilliant movie that really surprised me and in a POSITIVE way.

One of the reasons why I think people passed on this movie is that it looks like your run of the mill superhero movie with all the usual tropes.

And while it has your typical archetypes it uses them well because there is your Superman like good guy, your Lex Luthor like bad guy, your minion in a fisbowl mounted on a gorilla body ( can anybody say Brainiape ? ) and your Lois Lane like reporter ladyfriend and the movies doesn´t have to loose time to introduce or characterize them. You know who they are, you know what they do and you know in which direction the movie is going.

Except you DON`T.

There is a big twist ten or fifteen minutes in the movie which just throws it into unexpected territory. Which is also one of its biggest problems of the production company since you don´t want to give it away in the trailers. So you can only show certain parts and therefore it looks like another of a dozen of superhero movies. I watched all the trailers on YouTube and I finally found one that doesn´t spoil too much of the plot.

Believe me, it´s sooo much better than it looks. The cast is also fantastic with Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill and the superb Tina Fey ( she´s funny AND hot ) and you will really regret it if you don´t watch this movie.

The soundtrack is equally impressive, especially if you´re a hardrock fan. And this is the point where you want to stop reading UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE TOTALLY SPOILED ! If you trust my judgement just go and get this movie. It´s been out for quite some time now and you should be able to get it cheap in one of these " 6 DVDs for 20 bucks " rummage tables.

What makes the movie really enjoyable are Megamind´s performances who really knows how to make an entrance. Watch at your own risk !

So this movie gets my recommendation. Megamind, I allow it !

Like all posts this one gets a video at the end even if all I posted here are some videos. I got waaay to many YouTube videos. So, a few posts back I posted a video about Hugo Pratt who did the fantastic CORTO MALTESE comic which I read as a kid in the monthly installments of ZACK comics.

The video is in italian and apparently from a whole series of comic creator interviews that I will try to post in my next episodes.

My pick for Today is about a british comic called SYDNEY JORDAN and I´m not sure if I know this one from ZACK. Anyway, enjoy this video.

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