Sunday, September 21, 2014

Disney needs to ressurrect Namorita - NOW

As always I wasn´t planning on doing a post Today. In fact, I was just happy as a clam, going through my e - mails but in the end I just had to write another missive about another squandered superheroine sexbomb that hasn´t been resurrected by Disney so far like everybody else.

That´s right. I´m talking about the stunning Submarinette, Prince Namor´s favorite cousin, the underwater babe with the terrific twin torpedoes and the most exciting streamline shape in all the seven seas.

Taken away before her comic babe potential could be fully realized in the events that led to CIVIL WAR she still hasn´t come back like a lot of other comic characters like Hawkguy, Scarlet witch, Bucky, etc. Now this has always pissed me off but Today I was almost coerced into writing about it. Like I said, I was going through my e - mails and the first part of that is always going through the spam for this blog. Because there is always a lot of people who want to be clever and put links in their comments which naturally get blocked by blogger. Nevertheless there is always the odd chance that some of these comments get by the spam filter so I have to check all the spam. Which is mostly the same three posts but from time to time there are also others and one such post that has come up quite uncharacteristically often in the last few days is MY X - MEN TEAM or ALL I WANNA DO IS ZOOM ZOOM ON YOUR BOOM BOOM, BOOM BOOM .  

As you might have guessed from the title it´s my casting for a X - Men team that prominently includes mutant massita Boom Boom. Another candidate in this and my X - Babe Comicbabe Battle ranking was Namorita and since those posts are obvously very popular with my readers - spam or no spam - I though I should give it the once over since the links at the bottom were kind of funky and the whole layout a bit questionable. Anyway, when I read my old post from back in the day I wanted to include this picture of an unknown hot woman cosplaying as Namorita ( or the photo of some hot model that was photoshoped to look like Namorita ).

But I had some trouble finding it in my various folders ( this always happens ). So I went to the internet to look for it but what I found instead were a lof of other pictures of Namorita like the one below which is from the MARVEL SWIMSUIT SPECIAL issues. It´s much bigger and in a higher resolution than the one I had posted back then so I decided to change it.

She was one of my picks because it had just been revealed at that time that Namor was the very first mutant of the Marvel Universe and since Namorita turned out to not be his cousin but kind of a clone that was enough for the " mutant by association " rule. Hey, I was ready to go with anything to get some hot comic babes in my X- Men team. And since they had just made Hawkguy a mutant why couldn´t Namorita be one ? So I included her and also stressed that she would wear this sheashell bikini.

And before you call " foul " or call me a pervert or something worse the guys at Marvel put her in this costume, not me. The Bronze Age rules !

Okay, technically speaking she only wears this on the cover of this issue but you can see her in her full metal - bikini glory ( two years BEFORE the slave Leia outfit took over our collective minds ) in the very next issue.

As Doctor Andy notes in his post on the issue Namorita is not wearing this when Tiger Shark kidnapped her, so it´s very possible that some serious sexual harassment happened here.What I wonder is if Namorita did not have it on her did it come from Tiger Shark´s own private collection ?

Namorita also sported her Follet Tortuga bra in MARVEL TWO - IN - ONE 2.

She has a similar metal bikini / harem girl outfit in SUPER VILLAIN TEAM UP  9 and AVENGERS 155 . Doctor Doom approved of her court attire.

Yes, Namorita was really working it hardcore and I especially liked her as a supporting character in John Byrne´s NAMOR series which I just re - read last year and I have to say it still holds up surprisingly well.

Of course there was the whole thing were it was revealed that Namorita was not Namor´s cousin but actually a clone of Namor first cousin Namora that gave their relationship kind of a weird vibe. But I enjoyed the issues.

I even read the Jae Lee penciled issues but I don´t know for how long. His style was so not my thing back then and I got rid of all but his first issue.

Back to Namorita there were still some weird things coming her way when writers turned her into some kind of man - eating blue skinned mermaid.

Man, despite all this bunch of bad stuff that was just dumped on Namorita like being crucified by the Sea Urchin .... is it just me or was NEW WARRIORS a book that was in the top of the sales charts in the 90s ?

You know, the decade that everybody tells you sucked comic wise but which had incredibly well written, well drawn books like NEW WARRIORS, SLEEPWALKER and the newest incarnation of DER GEISTER REITER.

The new Ghost Rider by Javier Saltares and Mark Texiera was such a huge success that Marvel decided to put him in every book they could even if it was just for a few panels. But it was one of these cheap marketing ploys that actually worked on me and brought me back to reading THOR.

But we will get to talk about all that when I finally get to do my long postponed Ghost Rider post. Which I really hope to do one of these days.

Before we get back to Namorita I want to mention that I really don´t like coming off like one of those cranky old guys but the books that came out in the 80s and 90s just rocked so much more than Today that it just can´t be me. I mean I´m reading my old posts and realize that the x - books were really awesome. I actually cared enough about X - Men books that I thought long and hard about which team members I would pick for a team. And then I would go to all the trouble to actually write a post on it.

And now ? For the longest time I didn´t care what happend in the x - books, I got back into the x - verse by reading the german translations but there was just nothing interesting happening. I came back just after the EXTINCTION AGENDA and I don´t know if that was a good way or a bad way to start again but the only story that I thought was exceptionally well written and drawn was the SCHISM thing. That event started me on WOLVERINE AND THE X - MEN which became one of my favorite series ( although I skipped most issues not drawn by Nick Bradstreet since I can´t stand Chris Bachalo´s art ever since his STEAMPUNK image series ) or better said the only x - title I read. Later I started on ALL NEW X - MEN which for me is one of the few good books left that Disney publishes.

Man, Today I´m talking about a lot of old series but what can I do ? I´m trying to get into these new books but it´s kind of the same like with GEN 13 where iMAGE tried to recapture the success of the first run of the book but because the writing and art just got worse and worse with every new volume it just died a slow and agonizing ( mostly for the readers ) death.

And the same seems to be true for the NEW WARRIORS in that they try to come up with a new twist or a new team or SOMETHING and you are all exited and you want to give it a chance and then when you are at the comic shop you hold the first issue in your hand and it looks like crap.

And they had the real Nova on the team not some stupid third grader.

Okay, I really have to wrap things up since I already edited 2 posts Today and didn´t get to finish my e - mails. Again. So I want to mention once again that I was always very fond of the curvaceous Namorita and I can´t believe Disney is actually not cashing in on the possibility to have a comic book about a mermaid. They need to bring Namorita back because I think she was a great character and her death was totally meaningless.And I do not care if they go back in time, get the regular one or the blue skinned.

Now this is the part that usually lists all the websites that contrinuted to this post but in this case most of them have nothing to do with the topic of Todays post. Nevertheless I´m going to include them since I think there are some interesting ones but I´m afraid it´s going to be a long list.

The Marvel Swimsuit Special issues have come up a lot lately with the Spiderwoman scandal and if you don´t know them you can see the entire 1993 issue at italian website L´ANTRO ATOMICO DEL DR. MANHATTAN .

You might remember that I mentioned these publications in one of my latest posts about Ms Marvel and a nice supplement to that post are COMIC POW !´s entry on Carol Danvers ( [ Ms / Captain ] Marvel ) through time and WRITEUPS´s Carol Danvers profile that talks in depth about her many costumes. I have always been particular fond of her classic Bronze Age costume because it not only had a window in the front

 but also on her back side. And what a back side it is.

TOP TENZ has an article about the Top Ten Worst Moments in Marvel Comics and number ten is Ms Marvel´s rape in AVENGERS 200 and I have another related post for you. As I mentioned so many characters have come back to life at Marvel that it seems there is a revolving door and it´s a total injustice that Namorita has still not come back. Well ONCE UPON A GEEK has written a nice article about Mar - Vell called Captain Marvel, The Last Good Dead Superhero . As most of you know he met his demise in Jim Starlin´s fantastic graphic novel THE DEATH OF CAPTAIN MARVEL which I can only recommend to anyone who still hasn´t read it.

Speaking of great comic artists Gene Colan has no connection to all this besides the fact that Ms Marvel once appeared in an issue of Tomb of Dracula and Vlad just ignored her. However I just have to mention the aptly named LONGBOX GRAVEYARD where you can find many entries under the Tomb of Dracula tag with many pictures by the great Gene Colan.

The Namorita pictures from COMIC VINE were really no help this time but I want to include it because it also has tons of other stuff and is a great resource. On the other side this post from NO MORE MUTANTS provided a better version of Joe Madureiras´ Blink splash page from ASTONISHING X - MEN 4 that I could use on the other two posts I worked on Today.

There´s kind of an X - Men / Alan Davis theme going on : GENTLEMEN OF LEISURE make an encore appearance on the blog with an extensive post about Uncanny X - Men 213 by Chris Clarmont and Alan Davis, HERO ENVY lists The Top 5 Greatest Battles of Wolverine that also includes Uncanny X - Men 213 and COMICS OUGHT TO BE FUN celebrates Psylocke Psunday and takes a look at how she and her teammates welcomed new member Havok - or not. I´m not sure what kind of website STORMANTIC is since they sell tarot cards with superheroes on them but they seem to be very fond of Alan Davis since this is their fourth post on him with a lot of pages that I will probably use in some upcoming black and white posts.

Likewise tireless is ERIK KANDOU since this is his third really elaborate post about Chris Claremont´s third Uncanny X - Men run. If you want to know what happens in the issues wihtout having to spend a lot of money on issues this is the address for you. More Alan Davis / X - Men stuff :

MARVEL COMICS OF THE 1980S analyzes Alan Davis´ cover to Uncanny X - Men Annual 11 in black and white, this guy has 98 original black and white pages in his gallery at comicartfans which he is willing to sell or trade but I guess the biggest help in making my black and white post will be tumbler page GOSH YES ALAN DAVIS that has tons of beautiful Alan Davis art

that has the occasional color page thrown in.

And last but in no way least this website lists posts about 80s tv sexbomb Markie Post ( which is how most people find this blog ) and my latest post on her is number three on the list although I think I got the first 2 beat.

I mean they have just some pictures and not a lot of information can be found there. My post has more pictures, links, videos and whatnot and is still ranked behind them. My only consolation is that this may be ranked in order of the date so it´s not a reflection of the quality of the content. 

Since I´m talking about Markie Post check out my big post on her which I just recently updated . I want to see it higher in my popular post listing.

Like always I wanted to add some video that is related to the topic of the post but I couldn´t find any good ones on Namorita and all the videos that came up looking for " Boom Boom " are not safe to post or the Vengaboys. So here´s one I found all about Night Trasher and The New Warriors.

One of the few mangas I´m still following is CASE CLOSED or DETECTIVE CONAN how it is called in the rest of the world. Naturally I became a fan by watching the tv series first and there are over a dozen movies but they are much too expensive for me. So I went looking for them on YouTube and was very surprised when I found out that some live action movies had been made. This is the first one and it seems to be kind of a prologue to the series because Shinichi Kudo is still in school as a normal teenager solving crimes. It´s in the original language but it has english subtitles.

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most successful sitcoms in the universe and I think beside the fact that the nerds are finally the real heroes here it has also a lot to do with the ravishing Kaley Cuoco who was invited to the Jimmy Kimmel Show in 2013. She always seems to be unfortunate with her haircut but I can´t fault her for her generously cleavaged dress.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

If its butt and cleavage you want in a Namorita....make her Latino. If you've seen the new J-Lo video you'll know what I mean.

SUBZERO said...

It´s not just that. I think like with Big Barda writers didn´t know what to do with her so they just killed her.

Which I always hated. They did the same with Thunderstrike. " Oh, we don´t know what to do with him. Let´s kill him. "

Why can´t more writers just let the hero retire for a while ? The big crisis is over and he goes back to his wive and kids. That way when a good writer has an idea for him he can come back. Which is much more difficult when he has to come back from the death.

I´m not saying heroes should not die in comics. Just make it mean something and don´t do it because you ran out of ideas.

Oh, and thanks for the tip about the J Lo video, I didn´t know that.

Now where did I put the Kleenex ?

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Now I have THAT image in my head!!!!

SUBZERO said...

Which one ? Me or J Lo´s butt ?

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

I wish J-los butt.

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

And you want to see BAD comic art -Namore The Sub-Mariner Annual #3 by "Gaijin Studio and friends" --so bad I cannot get past page 10!!!