Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pimping the blog - maybe a little too much

Once again Subzero has been going over the old posts correcting some errors, adding new stuff that got deleted or generally just pimping them. So there have been no new posts since my Black and White Spirit post.

The thing is I was working most of the time on what I like to call THE VANISHING POST ( how about an obscure Superman reference right there ? ) and some readers might know what I´m refering to since I could never finish the post and had to put it back in the draft folder. A few times.

I have now finished with the final version of the post ( once again ) but it´s a bit strange to read it now because on one side I´m happy that I finally found out ( or rediscovered since I may have just forgotten how to do this ) how to make screenshots, on the other side I bitch because blogger won´t allow me to upload GIFs which it now apparently DOES.

There also may or may not be a special function ( it might also just be other people on the internet who do this ) that turns the pictures you upload on blogger into GIFs so I have been experimenting a bit with that especially with Stella Getz´s mostly unknown video for her smash hit Ta - Di - Di - Boom where I tried the difference of normal pictures I post

versus the new feature of animated GIFs that I found on the internet.

I have to say I´m not entirely sure if the GIFs will not become annoying over time ( well, I don´t think they will if they show hot women ) and distract the reader. Also I still haven´t figured out if some of the GIFs I found were made by an automated function, myself or some kind of Alpha Primitives slaving away on the undernets. So I have decided to let that rest for a while especially since I still haven´t figured out if there is a possible application for my posts about comics - when I do talk comics.

Yes, I can now put GIFs on the post but how would that improve my comic posts ? And it´s ultimately only about always improving the blog and the quality of my posts. Evolve or die. So maybe - if I managed to make one myself or found one on the internet - I could put GIFs up where instead of one cover of a certain comic you had four or five covers that would always change. How would that be better ? And would it be better than before ?

Since I´m not convinced that they really add that much to my old posts I´m concentrating on other stuff now like sleeping more. The last days since Sunday I have always been working on the blog until night ( better said until early morning ) and it´s really taking a toll. Man, I´m not even unemployed for a month and I´ve already got my old habits back. And my alcohol consumption is already up 200 percent from what it used to be.

On the plus side the 2,200 clicks per day limit has finally broken and I´m doing a lot of posts lately so post 500 is only 11 posts away. Count them. 

While it´s nice that blogger allows GIFs now I´m not sure if it´s worth the trouble so I have only added a few of them here and there ( besides the vanishing post where I put a lof ot them ) in old posts where I previously had wanted to post some GIFs but had to settle for putting a link to the GIF instead. In the case of my post on Jamie Lee Curtis´strip on TRUE LIES there were so many I didn´t even try. Maybe on her next birthday I will rework the post or add the stuff via a link but so far I´ve only added some GIFs for Tatyana Ali, one of Carmen Electra and some for Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han. In the latter cases I added them to the posts I´ve done because I haven´t gotten around to do proper posts about them. 

On NOT MY BIG YAYA HAN POST - YET I added this new GIF of Yaya Han

and this one below from the SyFy series HEROES OF COSPLAY which I did not think I would be able to add since it´s a prety big one with 23MB !

Now where the whole post got probably off the rails was when I added this GIF somebody made from a video of Yaya Han in various costumes.

And since it´s very small I added these screenshots ( I had more and bigger pictures before but the quality of them wasn´t much better ).


Which might have been too much ( and I´m not talking about Yaya  Han´s impressive chest which might have help from the push up bra so you can stop with the talk about her getting a boob job ) since I talk about the whole controversy of her breast and men objectifying her because of it.

And now I´m doing it. I mean initially I just wanted to include the pics to show that her breasts - or at least how much we can see of them - are a sight to behold. But the fine line between normal blogger and lecherous old internet pervert is one I always slid around when I make these posts. And I´m the first to admit that it is a battle which I do not always win.

There is much I´d like to add but since it will be six in the morning before I get to finish this post and I want to at least try to sleep a little before I have to go to my old boss Tomorrow I have to cut things short. So we´re done with degrading women who cosplay for now and the next post will be about - well probably also about degrading women but in comics so it´s all good. At least it will be kind of comic related as there are some things about women in comics which are unsettling and which I want to address.

Most of this post was about Yaya Han so I think I should include the video from which the GIFs and the screenshots were made. It was done by Jesse Rhytms and here´s the vimeo site where you can watch AND download it in normal and HD quality. I just hope I did not go over the top with that.

One more video since I still haven´t gotten around to do my promised real Little Big Yaya Han post with my 2nd favorite costume of her : Chun Li.

If you want to know what my favorite costume is - well, you´ll have to wait until I can do the post but here´s a hint : it´s at least as hot as this.

No, that´s not Yaya Han but asian erotic model extraordinaire Akira Lane of which I already posted two pictures. Shame on you for not recognizing her. I can only wish Yaya Han would do a photoshoot in this ensemble.

Anyway, here´s the video and maybe I´ll add some stuff Tomorrow.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Like the gifs and maybe displaying a series of comic covers might work . Hard to read text with boobs in your face (no. Not here in my home....if only! erm)but I had no idea you could do this on Blogger.
I'll mention you on Google+ again today and a link to this post.

SUBZERO said...

Oh thank you very much. Then everybody knows what a perv I am.

Seriously, thanks. And any attention is good attention, right ?

Yeah, the whole GIF thing with blogger came as a surprise to me as they seriously have boosted how big the files are you can upload. I mean 23 MB GIF ? For real ?

Yes, I see how the boobs may be distracting ( I like this kind of distraction opposed to when people come in and want stuff ) and I also don´t have boobs in my face literally. We lead sad lives.

There will probably be no boobs on upcoming black and white posts or if they will be in black and white. There´s another SPIRIT post coming which will be about how I came to read the SPIRIT and one of the reasons are the hot femme fatales Will Eisner created. So there will be definitely be talk about comic boobs.

Anyway, I don´t know if you´re using blogger but maybe just try uploading a GIF ( a small one for trying ) maybe it works.

I guess I´ll find some way to use this on a comic related post somehow.

And thanks for the latest post with the Rocket Racoon covers. More material for my Deja Vue posts.

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

I try to help, Sir. Boobage. I think there is a time and place for boobage. I will investigate. I do put links to this blog on my google+ so hopefully some of the 180,000+ have taken a peek..."Hey -this guys page is fulla cleavage!" "Yeah, but he's German" "Oh. Cool." Germans in a nut-shell:sauerkraut, BIG sausages and boobs. Where are all my copies of Neue Revue???
Gifs I'll leave alone as its waaay too tempting to use. But Blogger allowing files that size -I did note the other day that they had changed the add photo/video page. So long as its not drastic changes I'm happy!

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

My mistake. My Google+ views are 781,869. 180.000...pfah!

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

OOOH. Love the Hank Pym-Ultro Gif. Excellent.

eric clark said...

When Yaya han is in her bra. What film is that in?

SUBZERO said...

Which one ? The golden one with the pink body is from episode 3 of Heroes of Cosplay and the black one is from the video under Wonder Woman´s butt. There is also a link where you can download the video from vimeo.

eric clark said...

The black one.