Thursday, September 11, 2014

Problems with blogging : black sexbombs

This was part of the SUBZERO´S NEWEST PROBLEMS WITH BLOGGING post but because I went overboard with the animated GIFs I have decided to take this part out since I´m going to include a few more of them here.

So here´s the part that was originally me wrapping things up :

To end the post on a positive note I want to talk about something I love and where this new ( or not so new ) function has indeed helped me. I may have mentioned once or twice that I love to watch late night shows and one I enjoy watching in particular is The Arsenio Hall Show.

The show has great guests and for me this is sometimes the only way to keep up with what´s going on in Hollywood and which new shows I should look out for. There have been dozens of great guests on the show but here are the 3 where I was most thankful for that Arsenio invited them :

Letoya Luckett from the cast of the reality tv series SINGLE LADIES.

Man, she just oozes sex appeal while she´s still keeping it classy. The dress is a simple black dress that looks very elegant but is short enough to let her legs work their magic. What powerful magic it is. She got legs !

But you don´t get to see too much of her legs. What you DO get a good look at is the cleavage which is really thin but goes down very deep.

She´s really exited in the show so the slit moves a lot which is great for watching - the downside is that she talks a lot with her hands so it was

difficult to get good screenshots. The other negative thing is that she was there with three other members of the cast and they were only on for like five or ten minutes as the last guests. This one definitely needs to do an encore performance. I mean just look at that smile !

My number two is Kenya Moore from the reality show REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA ( man, I really got to watch more reality tv ) and her dress didn´t leave much to the imagination. Arsenio was sweating buckets.

And who wouldn´t ? Not only does the dress having a plunging cleavage to her belt, the fabric is so thin you can see her nipples. And the dress is like a second skin. This is Kenya from the front when she went on stage.

Here is her dress from the side, and thanks to her generous cleavage you can see her breasts almost completely especially when they´re jiggling and let me tell you, they jiggle a lot. And her butt is out of this world.

She sat on it for the entire interview but here is a picture where you can see the whole thing. Man, she´s bigger than Arsenio and she obviously has a thing for him. She would completely ruin him if she ever got him.

Now you´re probably asking : " Holy cow, if those sexbombs are his numbers 3 and 2 what does his number one look like. Who is she ? "

None other than actress Nia Long who came with the other female members of the cast to promote her new movie THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY.

Yowza ! When did Nia get so incredible ? Her talent really has exploded since I last saw her in MADE IN AMERICA. I guess this is why so many Hollywood stars want to get pregnant. It´s like a natural boob job.

Now you know. My number one of big breasted ebony sexbombs on THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW is Nia " Me So Horny Me Love You " Long " Time ".

Now this post would be rather short if it wasn´t for the video section. Since she´s at the top of the post I want to start with Tatyana Ali from THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR where she does a performance in a Janet Jackson - esque outfit with booty shaking abilities to make her proud.

I may have posted it before but here it is again, just in case I haven´t.

The next clip is with megahot Kenya Moore. I couldn´t find a clip from here appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show on YouTube - at least not in good quality - so I hope you will like this one. I really like her dress.

Now I did find some clips from the shows I mentioned above and the first one is with the cast of SINGLE LADIES, including the sexy Letoya Luckett.

I even found one video with the female cast of BEST MAN HOLIDAY.

And here´s an interview with Nia Long from the set of the movie. You can find interviews with the rest of the cast but I just had to post this one.

Two more videos from the red carpet of BEST MAN HOLIDAY, one with the cast and one just with Nia Long. I posted both in case one gets deleted.

And for all who have no idea what THE BEST MAN HOLIDAYS is, it´s a sequel to THE BEST MAN and here is the scene with Regina Hall as a stripper on the bachelor party that finally sold me on buying both movies. YouTube says it´s age restricted so I have no idea if you can see it.

Since I wanted to include something comic - or at least pop culture - related and the theme of Today´s post are incredibly sexy afro american woman I thought what better than another video with the incredibly well endowed Melina Pendulum ? Man, I really have to stay focused not too drool the whole time. Anyway, here are her thoughts on Lola Bunny.

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