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Yaya Han cosplay update ( hopefully SFW )

Well, my big Yaya Han post with my Top Ten favorite costumes of her is still in the works but Yesterday I was looking into a few cosplay related things so I wanted to do just a quick update. Some of my readers might remember that I posted a YouTube video of Yaya wearing this costume.

At the time I didn´t know to what the costume was related so I speculated it might be George Perez´ SIRENS series which I hadn´t read at that time.

Still haven´t as a matter of fact. Issue 2 just arrived in the mail and as George is always slow due to the amount of work and detail he puts into his books I´ll hold off reading them until all six issues have come out.

Anyway, the reason why I thought that the costume of Yaya could have something to do with George Perez´ SIRENS comic is that the characters in the comic are based on real persons - as that is a trademark of his work - some of which are cosplayers. And I thought this could be Yaya.

Well, it took me some time but after a lot of research I know it´s not. That character is called Skywire and she´s based on cosplayer Miracole Burns. There is the character Kage who is indeed asian but she´s based on model Akira Lane of whom I posted a few pictures. You can check out this article for the full rundown of whom all the SIRENS are based on.

I´m not going to write more about the series until I have had a chance to read the actual comic but if you want to know more about SIRENS from BOOM ! Studios there is an article by Sheldon Webe on ECLIPSE MAGAZINE and one by Brian Truitt on USA TODAY , Gregg Katzman on COMIC VINE has a nice interview with George Perez about the series and you can find another one that also covers Doctor Who, Deathstroke the Terminator and Arrow by Joseph McCabe on NERDIST . Jason Wilkins over at the BROKEN FRONTIER  website has an article about the artistic process behind the book and here are previews of  issue 1 and issue 2 . Last but not least I found the wraparound cover to SIRENS 4 on the PREVIEWS website .

Okay, so now we know that the costume that Yaya Han was wearing has nothing to do with George Perez´ SIRENS comic how I so erroneously thought. But about which comic was Yaya talking about in the video ?

It is called THE WONDEROUS 2 and it´s published by Lion Forge.

So far I couldn´t find it at any german online comicshop but US readers should be able to get it at conventions or online from the publishers.

Maybe if they can make a deal with a bigger comic distributor the comic will be available to a broader audience. It´s an eight issue mini series and it´s about a character based on Yaya Han. The story will be about Yaya´s beginnings as she was trying to break into cosplay and since she does her own costumes she did the designs for the super hero costume. She also had a lot of input on the series where her super powers and the story is concerned so this is not just a cheap sales gimmick. Fans of Yaya might want to check this out and I´m just going to ignore all the haters online.

For the complete downlow on THE WONDEROUS 2 - YAYA HAN SAGA check out Kid Marvel´s interview with Yaya on AIN`T IT COOL NEWS and there is another one on COMPLEX by Charles Buttersby about the comic, the manga she made in german grade school and the Golden Age of Cosplay.

Since we´re already talking about Yaya Han I wanted to post a few links I found while doing the research because I have already enough material for my big Yaya Han post and I can´t possibly put it all in just one post.

There´s an interview on YOU BENT MY WOOKIE ( I swear, you come across the strangest websites doing the research for posts ) that is not only full of interesting facts about Yaya but also a lot of pictures. Like I said, my post about my Top Ten favorite Yaya Han cosplay costumes is still in the pipeline but in the meantime there is a rundown on all the new costumes she made in 2014 ( of which none is in my Top Ten ) on her own website.

You can also find some pictures of Yaya Han and other cosplayers in nifty Steampunk outfits on this article from DSNG`S SCI FI MEGAVERSE about sci fi and Steampunk. Not really related to cosplaying but nevertheless it might be interesting to some readers. And I couldn´t possibly end this post - or at least the Yaya Han part - without posting another picture of her in the Chun Li outfit. The order of the Top Ten costumes is still in flux but right now Chun Li is alternating between number two and number one depending on another skimpy costume that is almost not safe to post.

Since we´re already on the subject of cosplayers I´m planning to do a solo post about I wanted to post a few pictures of Jessica Nigri´s Umbreon.

If you know the character you´re a bigger Pokemon fan than me ( which isn´t difficult - I don´t like the series at all ) because I had to look it up.

I know there are people who have problems with the fact that she does so many Pokemon cosplays and that her costumes are too revealing but guys, really ? First of all you can´t deny that Jessica Nigri must be a hardcore Pokemon fan because she knows all these characters and you couldn´t pay me enough to spend all those hours watching the show. So first kudos for that and then you have to respect how beautifully and imaginative these Pokemon costumes are designed. The Umbreon costume here for example has that whole " sexy harem girl / exotic bellydancer " thing going on.

If you know the character you know that it´s basically a big black bunny or ferret like thing. Those Pokemon creature look so generic. So to go from basically an all black design with some ornaments to this IS amazing.

Secondly you can´t fault her craftsmanship with all the small detail she puts into it. Just open the picture above and the next one in a new window to better appreciate all the work necessary to pull this one off.

Today I´m just doing one deadpan segueway after another. So apropos " pulling something off " I have always said that if you got it, flaunt it.

Yes, there are characters from comics, movies or anime which were not intended as sexy characters but when the muse strikes you just go with the flow. Would we have a Batgirl, Harley Quinn or even Firestar Today if creators always slavishly stuck to the comics ? Most certainly not.

While a big part of cosplay is about the costume and the craftsmanship you should play to your strengths. That´s not saying that you can´t be a certain characters if you don´t have the right body, race or gender for it.

I mean there are thousand of cool cosplays out there where guys go as gals, gals go as guys, there´s black Superman, female Thor ( although Disney totally stole this one ) and Yaya Han did the asian Power Girl cosplay that just totally rocked. So there is no limit to the imagination.

Cosplay is all about having fun, being creative and trying new things. Just Yesterday I re watched some episodes of HEROES OF COSPLAY ( mainly to remind myself how much work and hardship is endured in making these costumes only to have some guys go " Nice rack ! " so I can do a cosplay post that´s NOT oversexed ) and the Peter Pan´s Labyrinth skid in the final episode is one of the greatest things I have seen in my whole life. And it wouldn´t have happened if they had stuck to the original versions.

That said, sometimes new versions of established ideas or concepts can be pretty bad especially when it´s just change for change´s sake without any substantial idea behind it like DC´s NEW 52 has proven. But you have to be creative. And like with all creative things you have to work with the tools available to you. Only a fool leaves his best weapon behind going into battle and if you have an awesome body you should not hide it.

Which is by no way an open invitation for anything. I have said it before and I´m going to say it again that just because women dress a certain way it doesn´t mean they want to have sex with anybody who comes along. Sometimes they just want to feel sexy and we should be thankful for the few occassions when they do and not behave like dumb cavemen .

I know I might not be the most qualified to talk about this because I´m an old perv - and I never made a secret about that - and I have posted some pictures of Yaya Han or Jessica Nigri or other female cosplayers bordering the NOT SAFE FOR WORK category in the past but I´m trying to be good.

And I want to apologize to all of them if I went a bit overboard in the past or will do so in the future but I just get tooooo exited for my own good sometimes. Anyway, I also want to mention that I don´t care for this whole discussion if Jessica Nigri´s breasts are real or not. I have already elaborated on this in my last cosplay post and I always say that if you can touch them they are real enough for me . And I´m talking about their physical existence in real space time not the hypothetical possibility of me ever touching them which is probably right about zero - this is not an encouragement to go off and touch the breasts of female cosplayers, at least not if they don´t tell you to do it ! So here´s one final picture of Jessica´s Umbreon cosplay and you can either use it to find out if they are real or not or appreciate the minute detail on the embroidering.

There are many more pictures I would like to post but since I don´t want to drown this blog in pictures I will just put down three links. You can find a lot of them online and here are a few that I used for making this post.

You can also find some on this post from COMICBOOKMOVIE that also has some of Rosanna Rocher as Dora the Explorer ( insert your own pun here )

and Kitty Honey as Blair from SOUL EATER. I have to say I suffered through a few episodes of this but it seems I missed all the good stuff. And I´m not talking about Miss Honey´s spectacular rear view here but the funny Blair clip that´s in the post. I never saw that kind of stuff.

So it´s once again time to wrap things up before this becomes too sexual harassing ( although it might already be too late for that ) since the german premiere of THE FLASH is about to happen in fifteen minutes.

I can´t believe it but I found a video where George Perez is actually talking about SIRENS. Which sounds much better than SHE DEVILS.

I like to post videos of comic artists at work any chance I get so here is one of George Perez doing an awesome Thanos sketch at a convention.

I also found this video of NEW TEEN TITANS 1. While I wish I had found it when I did one of my numerous post about one of the best comic series of all times I´m grateful that someone is going to all the trouble of turning all the single issues up till The Judas Contract into videos with music. 

Because the first part of this post has been about Yaya here´s a video I´m sure I haven´t posted before where you get to know her a bit better.

And here´s one from the WonderCon 2014. There are 2 versions of the clip but I opted for the longer version because you see more costumes. And if you don´t want to see them all you can stop anytime you want.

Of course you can´t put all the brilliant cosplayers into one video and since I couldn´t decide which one I should post here is the other one.

Not that it has anything to do with the topic but I like to post surprising videos now and then and here is one about the universal appeal of music.

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