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Happy birthday mega MILF Sonya Kraus

Today Germany´s most famous MILF celebrates her 42nd birthday so it´s about time she got her solo post. Sonya Kraus is on german tv every time, all the time and if it´s not as host of her various tv shows which are constantly on reruns or as a guest on another show she´s on a special.

For all my readers outside of Germany Sonya Kraus is a tv presenter who started out with a tv programm called Talk Talk Talk that showed clips of other talk shows from Germany and all over the world. Yeah, like we need more shows about talk shows. What would happen if we missed any of the misfits and freaks on talk shows. Anyway, I´m not watching the show for the clips and I don´t think anyone really does. At least no male viewers.

Yes, I think it has more to do with her physique. I may be in the minority there because my brother never lets any chance pass to tell me he can´t figure out what I see in her. Of course that might have something to do with the fact that´s she´s not a female bodybuilder or fitness model.

Talk Talk Talk was a weekly show that is now in reruns every other day.

Usually montages of different shows where she wears different outfits.

There is Talk Talk Talk - Die Late Show which does not show ( like you might think ) clips that are too sexy or too hot to show before midnight.

Much rather it shows the clips that are too gross to show during the day when people are eating and stuff. The clips are older but the presentation is new which means Sonya Kraus has one outfit during the whole show.

And there is Talk Talk Talk fun and Talk Talk Talk Büro which shows everything the first two don´t cover. Just in case we missed something.

More shows she´s hosting are S.O.S. - Do it yourself ( a show about home improvement ), Fort Boyard ( which was a french tv programme ) and Desert Forges ( same as Fort Boyard but in the desert ). What I don´t understand about these shows is, okay, I know why they would take a dozen of celebrities and put them on a desert island, an isolated castle or just smackdab in the middle of nowhere. But why bring them back ?

She also was the girl who shows the letters on the german version of wheel of fortune. Yep, the one thing the germans like in their tv is originality. She also is on dozens of other shows as guest or candidate.

She also starred as an actress on various tv movies and series like DIE FIRMA ( a comedy show about a company ) or HAUSMEISTER KRAUSE which I missed. You just can´t escape her but then why even bother ?

Another tv show she used to co - host was CLIP MIX a show about clips from other talk shows, tv shows, funny commercials and funny internet clips. This clip is from an episode where they had a german designer as a guest. Sonya slipped into one of his creations and showed her big talents. Her male co - host was so distracted he forgot his text and she caught him staring down her cleavage. I know what he was thinking. Got milk ?

Sonya Kraus became famous for her skimpy outfits and her stunning body which she is not afraid to use to her advantage. Her most famous quote is :  " Your breasts can open doors for you. " and in the case of Sonya and her incredible body control they even open dresses. When I read she can make men come just by breathing hard I didn´t believe it but now ....

SPIEGEL ONLINE: As the prominent tv MILF provocative outfits are also your signature feature on Talk Talk Talk and according to your own declaration serve the unrestrained employment of your breast features.

Kraus: And why not ? A veritable cult following has arosen around these outfits and especially young women are very interested in which clothes I´m wearing. After the audience phones broke down several times during transmission ( and not only because of the usual flood of filthy calls by horny sex offenders ) we even set up a styling forum on the internet.

As a former model Sonya did many shootings but while she confessed to read the PLAYBOY and look at other naked women in the pictures she has only done shootings for MAXIM and FHM. I think she did a nude shooting for a calendar or charity but so far she hasn´t done PLAYBOY pictures.

But Sonya is not only always on tv, the germans really dig her. A recent poll revealed that every fifth married man would cheat on his wife with Sonya and with unmarried men there is no question that would go up to one hundred percent. In the polls about Germany´s sexiest women she´s always in the top ten and even in the top three in the MILF category. Sonya is one of three items german men would take on a desert island.

The clip I have chosen is from Sonya´s appearance on the game show DIE PERFEKTE MINUTE ( The perfect Minute ) and at that time there was a big brouhaha because she had very big breasts after being pregnant and the press was having a field day because the show was advertised as being " family friendly ". Now I don´t know what could be more family friendly that a pair of big breasts but then I also had not ignored all the promos where you could see Sonya´s new " porn boobs " as the press called them.

What do you know, it really IS like staring directly into the sun.

Anyway, Sonya appeared on the show wearing just jeans and a tight t - shirt and an ample cleavage and when she was handling these balls with great care - no pun intended - ( I never quite got what she was supposed to do but I didn´t care either ) and leaned forward for once in the history of german television the camera guy did what he was supposed to do and filmed it. At least SOMEBODY at Sat1 knew why people buy a High Def tv.

Sonya Kraus has now officially been nominated Germany´s top MILF !

For years Sonya has been the uncrowned german tv MILF queen as the hottest woman at the MILF age. But now the entire country could see Sonya´s new giant mommy boobs on the tv show THE PERFECT MINUTE.

And unlike most times on german tv in all their screenfilling glory. Yes, this is what HD tv was invented for. I mean usually my younger brother can´t stop telling me he can´t understand why I think Sonya´s hot. But when he saw her new megasized boobies he was drooling like crazy.

I have to say that the reaction of the german press was a bit fake, since they have been advertising the new season of the show with Sonya´s megacleavage for weeks. So it´s a bit weird that they sound so surprised. And it´s not like Sonya hasn´t been on the news already talking in detail about how her new " porn boobs " are almost exploding out of her chest.

Yep, after years of trying every trick in the book to make her boobs bigger she now got her wish. And while Sonya can´t wait to get her old cupsize back the male population of Germany hope she can keep her XXL - boobs for a very long time. That and doing nude pics for PLAYBOY. That would rule so much. Sonya all naked with her new giant double d airbags.

Anyway, here´s the article from the german press :

Die perfekte Minute: Sonya Kraus bezaubert mit Mega - Still - Busen

So sexy kann nur eine stillende Mutter sein ! In der Charity-Sendung " Die perfekte Minute " sorgte Sonya Kraus am Samstagabend für Momente der geistigen Verwirrung, zumindest bei männlichen Fernseh Zuschauern.

Die beworbene Familienfreundlichkeit des Sendung wurde gerade während der Spiele mit Sonya Kraus hammerhart auf die Probe gestellt. Die blonde Quasselstrippe schien vor allem wegen ihrer spektakulären bildschirmfüllenden Pornostar Oberweite eingeladen worden zu sein.

Beim Spiel " Stäbchen - Lift " musste sich Sonya Kraus über einen Tisch beugen, bearbeitet mit zwei Schaschlikspießen hoch - konzentriert mehrere Tischtennisbälle...In ihrem weißen Top wurde es trotz großem Ausschnitt zur Freude der TV - Zuschauer tatsächlich eng, was ausnahmsweise auch der Kameramann bemerkte. Der hielt nämlich ungerührt auf das prall gefüllte Mega - Dekolleté von Sonya Kraus.

Im engen T - Shirt präsentierte Sonya die Milchbar ihres Sohnes. Ihr selbst ist die Oberweite, die sie seit der Geburt mit sich herum schleppt eigentlich schon zu viel. Doch viele Betrachter findens einfach nur super.

Eltons Kommentar :
" Was für eine geile Sau ! "

Und Ulla Kock am Brink ergänzte : " Was für ein Weib ! " Immerhin erspielte Sonya Kraus auch noch 50 000 Euro für einen guten Zweck.

Über ihren aufsehenerregenden Mega - Busen sagte Sonya Kraus der Zeitschrift
Super Illu : " Was ich früher mit vielen Tricks und viel Mühe hingeschummelt habe, ist heute einfach da. Auf Dauer ist das zu viel. "

" Wenn Resi, die Milchkuh, in Frührente geht, erledigt sich das Problem hoffentlich von selbst. " so Kraus. Wobei viele Zuschauer hoffen sich noch lange an den prallen Eutern zu ergötzen. Denn wie S. aus N. sagt : " Die Sonya Kraus ist eine geile Fickstute ! Die würde ich gern mal melken ! "

Es wird sich zeigen. Bis dahin freuen sich die TV - Zuschauer über jeden spannenden Einblick in Frau Kraus pralle Milchgebirge. Die würde so mancher gern besteigen …
......... and here´s the translated version :

The perfect minute : Kraus charms with mega - breastfeeding - boobs

Only a nursing mother can be that sexy ! On the charity show " The perfect minute " tv hostess Sonya Kraus made sure there were plenty of moments of bafflement, at least where male watchers were concerned.

The advertised family friendly character of the tv network was put to a bonehard test during the games with Sonya Kraus. The blonde chatterbox seemed to be invited mainly for her tv screen filling pornstar sized rack.

During the game " chopstick lift " the busty Sonya Kraus had to lean over a table and balance a few ping pong balls with full concentration......

To the delight of the tv - viewers it got pretty tight inside her white top despite a big cleavage - and unlike most times even the cameraguy noticed it. He gave Kraus almost exploding megaboobs a long close up.

In her tight t - shirt Sonya presented her son´s milkbar. She thinks the new xxl - boobs she got since her son´s birth are too big. But the audience just finds them super ! Elton´s comment : " What a hot bitch ! "

And Ulla Kock am Brink added : " What a broad ! " And sexbomb Sonya Kraus managed to win 50.000 Euros for charity with her appearance.

Sonya Kraus told SUPER ILLU magazine about her new and improved megatits :
" What I used to fake with a lot of tricks and trouble, now it´s just there. In the long term these torpedoes are really too much for me. "

" If Resi, the milk cow, takes an early retirement.....I hope the problem is solved. " said Sonya. If her bigger boobs vanish again many viewers would be disappointed like S. from N. who´s a big fan of her new giant melons : " I would love to milk Sonya´s juggs ! She´s the ultimate breed mare ! "

Which may never happen - but who knows ? Till then the viewers enjoy every exciting look at Miss Kraus bursting milk mountains. There are a lot of audience members who would love to mount her... 

Despite all the hype - or maybe because of it- the show got the highest viewer rating that day and even doubled it in subsequent reruns.

We have more birthdays Today but I can only cover a small selection here. Maybe next year I can do the rest. I want to start with Stephen Chow who has his 53rd anniversary and you may know him from movies like Kung Fu Hustle or Shaolin Soccer. Both get the highest possible recommendation.

She was part of my youth´s soundtrack : Cyndi Lauper celebrates her 62nd birthday which is an excuse to post a video from The Voice UK.

Another throwback to my younger years even if I didn´t see that many episodes with Lindsay Wagner as The Bionic Woman. Not that many with The Six Billion Dollar Man either for that matter. Lindsay turns 66 Today.

I thought I couldn´t pay tribute to Kris Kristofferson´s 79th birthday because I already have a casting show video but then I remembered that I bookmarked this clip ages ago. So here´s my shoutout to Rubber Duck.

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