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Beyonce birthday post gets re - posted

I was so busy with other stuff that I totally forgot this but thankfully I had already done this post last year ( or better worked on this ever since last year because I kept adding more pictures and GIFs and stuff to it until I had to give it its own post ) so in tribute to the babe who came up with the " bootylicious " thing I just re - used what I already had written.

Today is Beyonce´s 43rd birthday but instead of doing a celebrity birthday post I posted part one of my SUBZERO edition of casting the JLA movie.

Now the reason for that is that I have already finished all the JLA casting posts months ago but I don´t want to post them all at once because then my blog would be full of the hottest sexbombs on the planet and some people have a problem with that. Also I like to keep things different here so I like to do the comic related posts between them. The thing is that it takes me a very long time to do my post because they always - always - end up longer than I planned them. I´m also kind of a perfectionist which means I try to do the best posts possible with the best pictures and all kinds of extras like links and videos and GIFs and anything else I can think of. So the time between posts can be really long and to shorten it a bit I post the JLA casting posts after each finished new comic post.

So I was totally oblivious to Beyonce´s anniversary which I´m going to rectify by bumping the JLA casting post to the top of the blog once I have finished my next comic post. Which means that I now have two posts with hot babes in short succession but for anyone who reads the posts in a few weeks ( I hope my next post is finished until then ) it will really not make a difference if the JLA casting post post will be posted Today, Tomorrow or in a few days but I feel I should set the Beyonce post at her birthday.

Now when I re - posted previous posts on my old boob blog I reworked the download links and tried to add some new pictures. Which I will also try on this post. When I first made this I didn´t find the animated GIFs I was looking for so I had to make my own. And while they are how I wanted them I have found a lot of new Beyonce GIFs since. In fact I have now so many that I put the main part of them in a folder and kept the best ones in another folder which is the one I´m currently using to put all the new pictures in that I collect for the posts. So instead of the old GIFs there will be some spanking new ones in this post. I say some because like with the pictures I will keep the best ones. I thought about re - using the Justice League casting post with Beyonce but since her part in that one was very short ( It was mainly about Halle Berry, that one really got away from me. The post I mean, not Halle Berry. Ah, what I wouldn´t do to her ! ) and mostly stuff from her birthday post I´m re - posting this anyway.

So I have included the link to the JLA casting post with Beyonce above if you want to read more about Halle Berry as well as the link for her old birthday post if you haven´t already checked it out and want to see this post in the original version. I´m going to put some new things in here as they occur to me so let´s get to what I wrote about Beyonce last time :

Some of the younger readers might not know that but Beyonce didn´t start out as a solo act but rather as part of a group called Destiny´s Child. I know that when I saw the first video of Destiny´s Child on Mtv ( they still played music videos at that time although they had already begun with the animes and the reality tv shows and such ) I wasn´t impressed. They were announced as the next big thing - I think the video was the remix for NO NO NO NO NO  - but frankly while the song didn´t sound too bad it didn´t exactly overwhelm me.

The moment when I really took notice of the group - in it´s original form before the various membership changes - was when their HOP ON THE BUS video aired. It´s still one of my favorites even if I can´t find it anywhere on DVDs or the internet. Anyway, the video was very sexy but the woman that got me going wasn´t Beyonce Knowles but Kelly Rowland.

I didn´t notice Beyonce until the - aptly enough - BOOTYLICIOUS video ( ? ) and Kelly is still one of my favorite performers. I´m glad that she stayed until the end - although you never know if there is not a reunion coming.

Anyway, Beyonce did start a solo career after a few years and while a lot of people didn´t think that was a good idea she managed to become a world famous singer, performer and actress. And no, I haven´t seen a lot of her movies because they either are comedies I can´t watch like the Austin Powers movies ( which in my opinion are only funny for american audiences because I don´t think it´s ridiculous that the world´s greatest spy is british ) or Dreamgirls which just has too much drama for my taste. My own life has already enough of that so I don´t need to watch movies to get even more. But who knows ? Maybe some day I´ll watch the movies.

Now since we are on the subject of movies I should probably mention that Beyonce was one of the candidates for my JUSTICE LEAGUE movie ( well, I casted the female members ) and you can find the link for that above.

I cast her as Mari McCabe which went against the new JLA comic from that time since Ed Benes obviously based her appearance on Halle Berry.

And knowing what a big fan I am of Halle Berry you might think it obvious that I would do the same. But they do that with a lot of female black characters in comics and I don´t want to cast Halle in five different roles.

And I don´t use the term " black " to provoke. It´s just that " afro - american " sounds more like some pc nonsense to make it sound not as offensive while people have the same stereotypes in their minds.

Technical speaking Mari is " afro - african " since she was born in Afrika where there are also white people. And she doesn´t even wear an afro.

So, for playing the afro - african - american Justice Leaguer who is also a model I went with somebody who is hot, has starred in a few movies and is no stranger to the world of fashion. She even designs her own clothes.

So the bootylicious Beyonce got the role of Vixen in my fantasy casting for a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, and boy she does bring out the animal in men.

Vixen is not really a good name for a woman in Germany as it sounds like wichsen or wixen ( I´m never sure what the correct form is ) the german word for spanking the monkey .... to stay with the animal terminology.

When I did my posts about the best runs on Justice League or Justice League of America this was ways before Ed Benes became the regular penciler when they restarted the title. And I think one of the reasons why I never did a long post about that period was that I mentioned some of the issues as I was reading them. All in all I wouldn´t say that it was a bad run, they had some decent stories in there and it sure helped that they stuck a lot of hot babes in the series since that is Ed Benes´ forte.

This was probably one of the few times a comic company really took advantage of having a so called " babe artist " on a book even if Ed Benes can draw muscular men just as good. Of course it took them years before they had the idea to let him draw an all girls team like Birds of Prey.

Back to JUSTICE LEAGUE one of the big draws of the book - Ed Benes on art - was also one of it´s big problems since all the meticulous pencil work took that much longer so there were a lot of fill in artists and there were some issues where the art didn´t look really finished. The first story TORNADO´S PATH by Brad Meltzer was the best one since Ed Benes had already gotten a few issues in the can so he did the art on all issues.

The second story LIGHTNING SAGA was not as good because it was not as well rounded as the first story being a crossover with Justice Society of America. I liked the story because it brought the Legion of Super - Heroes back into DC continuity proper ( although some with different costumes )

and the West family returned after vanishing during INFINITE CRISIS

but it was all just build up for Geoff John´s LEGION OF THREE WORLDS epic. Man, you remember when Geoff Johns was writing good comics ?

And speaking about well rounded things : the things that probably most people remember from the issues is that JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA cover artist Michael Turner got a bit too enthusiastic about Power Girl´s breasts on the cover for issue 10 - which I can quite understand.

This was Brad Meltzer´s last story on the book and Dwayne McDuffy took over the writing reigns with the INJUSTICE LEAGUE story. The story didn´t live up to the expectations and there were a lot of guest artists on the book although Ed Benes managed to do the best parts like this double page spread. I thought I had a picture in better quality somewhere.

The next story SANCTUARY was another crossover, this time with the SALVATION RUN series which I still haven´t read. SALVATION RUN I mean, not the SANCTUARY story in JUSTICE LEAGUE. That I did read.

I don´t remember much of the story, there were some guest artists.

I liked the next story SECOND COMING much better which I got in the german trade for ten bucks at the comic fair in Leonberg. I don´t know if I already had the single issues and bought it as a present or if it´s still somewhere in my collection. In any case it had a slow beginning and turned into a parallel world story and longtime readers know that I love a good parallel world story. There were some guest artists in this one too which I think was the main reason why I got it in trade from because it´s easier to cope with that in the trade format. Or, like I said, it might have been a birthday present. Also Vixen was the main character of the story which had something to do with her origin and / or her powers.

Instead of just copying the abilities of animals she had started to copy the abilities of meta humans and the story resolved that somehow.

I don´t know if Brad Meltzer had been sowing the seeds for this or if Dwayne McDuffie had to do it this way because he had written himself into a corner in any way I liked the story and it also involved some trickster / spider deity that wove the threads of fate or such. And like I said, beautiful artwork of Vixen by Ed Benes in some of the issues.

Speaking about parallel worlds, Dwayne McDuffy tied his MILESTONE characters into the DC universe in WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE which I would have enjoyed more if I had actually read any of the Milestone books.

Apart from that there were the usual event tie ins like BLACKEST NIGHT and FINAL CRISIS before James Robinson took over. Since he wrote the excellent STARMAN series I had high expectations for that but his take on the Justice League just couldn´t win me over and he brought in too many characters like Nightwing, Troja or Cyborg who for me belong in Titans.

But you see that even back then some forces at DC tried to shoehorn Cyborg into the Justice League. All in all I would say that the Justice League of America run by Brad Meltzer, Dwayne McDuffy and Ed Benes could be summed up as some really good stories with great art in it, a lot of crossover events and tie - ins and a lot of different guest artists.

You could see that the idea behind it was to present a really cohesive super hero community where they brought in such characters like Red Arrow who were second or third generation legacy heroes - which I think they tried to copy from Justice Society of America although they didn´t pull it off as good as the JSA did - with the Justice League at its core.

They also put a lot of female characters in prominent positions like Black Canary who became the chairwoman or Vixen who had a whole arc.

Now part of this was obviously to give Ed Benes something to play with since he´s very apt at drawing the female form on the other side it doesn´t hurt to let the ladies show what they are capable of.

I especially liked the chance to read more about Vixen since I have not read the Detroit League run which is when she was last on the team.

Now that was a long tangent about the Justice League. So, time to return to our celebrity birthday babe Beyonce and wrap things up for Today.

This is the part where I posted the animated Beyonce GIFs I made myself last year so here are the top five of the ones I found on the internet.

Okay, one more animated GIF. Here´s one I made myself. So who´s got the better gluteus maximus : Janet Jackson or Beyonce ? You decide.

Anyway, here´s to the inventor and living embodiment of the word bootylicious, happy 34th birthday Beyonce and many happy returns.

I wanted to post GET ON THE BUS since that´s where my whole story with Destiny´s Child started but it should be no surprise that I still couldn´t find it on YouTube. Last year I posted the BOOTYLICIOUS video but since it all began with Kelly Rowland here´s an appearance on Craig Ferguson.

I still can´t find the CRAZY IN LOVE video where Beyonce first made her signature booty shake which thankfully has become such an addictive thing that girls of all ages or nations start shaking their butts like there´s no Tomorrow whenever they hear " oh oh oh oh oh oh ", thank you for that Beyonce ! Here´s another compilation where Beyonce struts her stuff.

But I just have to add a Beyonce video so here is one of her earliest ones BABY BOY featuring Sean Paul where she does her bellydance routine.

Apparently there is a new VIXEN animated series announced which ties in with the ARROW and FLASH live action series. I have no idea how this works but here is the best clip I could find which is not just a few minutes of animation followed by a long rant or review. Sorry for the shortness.

And speaking about animated series, Today´s recommendation is SYM - BIONIC TITAN which didn´t get a second season because there were no toys to sell to kids. Aaaaaaaaargh ! How stupid can people be ? Anyway, don´t let the art frighten you this is one of the best written cartoon shows for kids AND adults and the character writing is soooo good !

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