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By George ! Logan´s Run : it begins here

Another day, another celebrity birthday. Today Jenny Agutter celebrates her 63rd birthday. Jenny has starred in many movies like THE EAGLE HAS LANDED ( yes, there really is a movie with that title ), THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS or cult movies like AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON or DARKMAN. To Today´s movie going audiences she´s probably best known for her part of Councilwoman Hawley on AVENGERS and CAPTAIN AMERICA : WINTER SOLDIER but the movie she´s most associated with is the sci fi classic LOGAN`S RUN.

Since I already did a lengthy post on POP CULTUR ICON - LOGAN`S RUN that covered pretty much everything from the movie to the tv series and the comics I thought I could start what will hopefully become a series.

Longtime readers of this blog know that I´m a huge George Perez fan and at the start of his long career George did a comic adaption of LOGAN`S RUN that lasted seven issues in 1997. For the longest time I have been searching for material on that but there is not much I could find. Than recently, when I was looking for something else, I found an old CD which contained the complete run of this series. So as I have not seen this material anywhere else on the internet I plan on posting the entire series.

But before we start I have to a mention one more thing. You may have noticed that the post on Alyssa Milano I started Yesterday has vanished.

That´s because in my zeal to do the best Alyssa Milano post ever I may have posted more GIFs than the internet is able to handle. So despite all the work it took me to do the post I will probably have to split it into two ( or more ) posts : one which is the main post and where I will have to substitute some of the GIFs with ordinary pictures and one bonus round which will probably be Alyssa Milano´s Top Ten Outfits on CHARMED. Until the posts are finished they will remain in the draft folder but I´ll try to put up the basic version of the Alyssa Milano post up as soon as possible.

But now let´s start with the first issue of LOGAN`S RUN by Gerry Conway, George Perez and Klaus Janson which doesn´t have a title, oddly enough.

Before we come to the link and video section I have to mention another cult siren who celebrates her 58th anniversary : sexbomb Joyce Hyser.

And before you ask : you don´t know Joyce Hyser, you don´t remember the movie JUST ONE OF THE GUYS for which she is best known but I bet you remember this scene where she shows her incredibly big ..... talents.

Back in the 80s your best bet to see some naked breasts were screwball comedies because you knew even if the script was totally worthless and the actors without any kind of talent you were going to get boobage. Joyce Hyser may not be famous and may not have played in the best movies but every prebubescent boy growing up in the 80s saw this movie.

And to think she almost didn´t do it. Joyce had a no nudity clause in her contract and was against showing her wonder twins especially after a female friend told her : " Honey, WITH THOSE BREASTS if you GO TOPLESS in that scene, NO ONE you meet will EVER look you INTO YOUR EYES again ." Thankfully she shot the scene showing her breasts and without showing them and in the end decided that the scene didn´t work if she didn´t go topless. This is what I call " poetry in motion ".

So the thanks of an entire generation of hormone driven boys is yours for logic winning over superstition. Or naked breasts winning over whatever.

Today´s link section is rather short because I already had all the material for this post. There are still two sites I want to mention, TRANSPARENT - ALUMINIUM which has a post on Maitland Ward´s cosplay as Jessica 6 from LOGAN`S RUN and SPACE BITCHES , a tumblr feed with tons of cool sci fi babes, vintages magazine covers and artwork from master artists. 

There is always talk about an upcoming remake of LOGAN`S RUN and I half expected to be able to post at least a trailer of the new version. But there has been no real progress on that front since my last post in 2011 so here is a documentary about the making of the original movie.

Now I can´t do a post that involves George Perez without mentioning the best series he worked on, THE NEW TEEN TITANS. I really have to find the time to do the often postponed BLACK AND WHITE SUNDAY - GEORGE PEREZ´ NEW TEEN TITANS post. His art is just absolutely george - ous !

From his work on THE NEW TEEN TITANS the best single issue story - and maybe the best story of his entire run - has to be Who Is Donna Troy ? Naturally this has been retconned numerous times since then but it´s still a classic tale in which George Perez takes those people to school who say you can´t do epic in one issue. I just love a good " done in one " story.

We´re staying with Robin and start the Christmas themed videos since next week is Christmas week. Last Year Scott Niswander from COMIC MISCONCEPTIONS presented the Christmas tale BATMAN - THE SEARCH FOR SANTA CLAUS. I wonder what he will do for an encore this year.

This post doesn´t have much about Jenny so to remedy that situation here is a video from FILMBAR70 that shows her in various roles.

Now if you want to celebrate Jenny´s birthday but don´t have one of her movies in your movie collection here is THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS.

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Mate! I remember Joyce Hyser from that movie. It made quite an impression on my adolescencent mind. What a wonderful reminder this is. Cheers.