Monday, December 14, 2015

Giving head : Erik Larsen´s SAVAGE DRAGON

To bring a bit of variety to the blog I wanted to pimp one of THE best comic series ever : SAVAGE DRAGON. But because I haven´t read the latest issues I´m posting a Top Ten of Erik´s headshot splash pages.

Man, Erik Larsen kills it with the ..... what ? Were you expecting something else with this title ? Oh, I see. You thought this would be the blowjob scene between Savage Dragon and Horridus I mentioned in my last post about the series. Okay, but only because you asked so nicely.

Yup, that didn´t work out. Thankfully Horridus later hooked up with Rex Dexter and they are getting it on 24 / 7 or so it seems. Best series EVER !

I don´t know if DRAGON CON has actually anything to do with the comic or if Erik Larsen gets any money from this ( probably not ) but here are some cosplayers with really great looking costumes from this year´s venue. This is what I imagine the daily life of a superhero looks like.

Speaking about Erik Larsen, here´s an interview where he talks about how SAVAGE DRAGON started and the creative process of the book.

Now if you haven´t read any of my previous posts on SAVAGE DRAGON you can either use the " Savage Dragon " tag to find them all or you can check out this video from MEANWHILE to get a little SAVAGE DRAGON 101.

One of the things you hear about Erik Larsen is he has a strange way of holding the pencil when he´s drawing and before you start to wonder ...

I always like to add a cartoon video and SAVAGE DRAGON had a cartoon show in the 90s. There are some videos on YouTube where you can see entire episodes but they are low quality. So I´m posting the intro which is missing from all those episodes and which has a slightly better quality.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

I got the B&W Archives so 4 and 5 can wait til the price goes down. Colour looks good but the stories are fun in B&W too!

SUBZERO said...

I started reading the series when the first mini series came out so I have all the issues in color. I did buy some trades because of the extra stuff Erik Larsen included ( in the first trade he put the pages in chronological order and added 17 pages ) but because he stopped doing that I only have three of them. There are some hardcovers but I never bothered with those because they are a bit pricey. One of them even costs up to 100 bucks because it was a limited edition.

But I guess the series is great no matter in which format you read it.