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Happy birthday wrestling legend Gail Kim !

Today the korean knockout from Canada with the superbendable hardbody who put the t and a in TNA, Gail Kim celebrates her 39th birthday.

Today is also Andy Sidaris´ birthday but since I re - posted most of the stuff about him in my post on Dona Speir I don´t see any need to rehash it so soon. But before you think you have dogded a bullet again let me say that we will have legs in this post, breasts and buttocks, a whole lot of buttocks. Now with my obsession about asian hotties you might think I already did a post about Gail Kim but as always I kept putting it off.

So this comes at possibly the worst time for me since I haven´t watched any wrestling show since my Mom came from Spain last year. She always hogs the television so you watch what she watches or you have to watch whatever you want to watch somewhere else or something else which is one of the reasons why I watch so many shows from the internet or on DVD boxes. My brother used to watch wrestling with me but they have managed to schedule every wrestling show so that somebody who works regularly can´t watch it and I haven´t seen wrestling for months. And to tell the truth I don´t miss it. It´s always the same - especially the WWE´s " sports entertainment " crap - and the only thing I miss is the TNA´s knockout division. Usually I look for those clips on the internet but I have also fallen behind in that department and my laptop is filled to the brim with Hammer horror movie starring Hazel Court, Yvonne Romain and Vincent Price and I have to watch those before I can download other stuff.

So I´m not really caught up on all the going ons at TNA ( I don´t even know if they still exist ) and the last time I watched it Gail Kim had come back after being pummeled by Taryn Terrell and the Dollhouse. There were some fights where she was supposed to go one on one against Taryn Terrell but of course the other members of the Dollhouse kept interfering and managed to weaken Gail Kim so that Taryn dominated her with ease.

By the way, it´s not just my imagination, right ? Taryn´s boobs have gotten seriously bigger since she joined the Dollhouse. XXXL sized.

Coming back to Gail Kim for a moment ( yes, I know, it´s impossible to write about Gail Kim and not to mention Taryn Terrell, but we´ll come to that later ) initially I just wanted to write a short pice about her that I could attach to the regular comic related post on her birthday but then I went looking for some animated GIFs and the part got longer and longer and it quickly became apparent that I had to give this its own post.

And that´s with keeping in mind that I couldn´t download most of the GIFs I found because they were on some strange website where they appear as a video instead of a GIF and when you try to download the video you can only download it as a internet HTML file which is as helpful for making a post like an ice cream cone on the Vesuv. Now I thought about adding some info from Gail Kim´s bio but you can find that on wikipedia and hundreds of wrestling sites if you want to read that .

I don´t have to tell you what a talented and record breaking athlete Gail Kim is : she was the first WWE diva to win a championship in her first match which was a seven - woman battle royal, she became the first TNA women´s champion in a ten - woman gauntlet match and has held that title five times and was TNA Knockout Tag Team Champion with Madyson Rayne. She won the TNA Knockout of The Year Award in 2007 and was voted Queen of TNA in 2013. She also has been Funkin´ Conversatoy Women´s Champion and the Diva of the Year in 2001 at the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation. She´s the number one female wrestler in the world according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated and thousands of fans worldwide.

She also posed topless for a cell phone ad campaign in South Korea.

I don´t know what it is but asian girls are my kryptonite. Now I don´t want to resort to sexual stereotypes but they just have the extra oomph that works better than viagra and makes you hear " Me so horny me love you long time ! " in your head. Gail Kim is a very gifted athlete - and I mean that without any pun - but when I see how worked up she gets in the ring, the fire in her eyes when she plays the heel or the kind of punishment her body can take and especially how flexible she is ....... 

As long as she gives her opponents a taste of " defeet " I don´t care. I know I am not supposed to like her when she plays the bad girl but her tight body just distracts me, like when she ambushed Velvet Sky after Velvet had won the championship and her boobs almost fell out of her top.

Or when she uses her legs to choke her opponent while the ref counts.

And just check out Gail´s incredible glutes. Now if these cheeks don´t get your heart pumping faster you are either gay or dead so check your pulse.

Now the name " Gail " sounds like " geil " the german word for horny. So you can imagine that she´s only known in Germany as die geile Kim ( horny Kim ). Like Kylie Minogue has been christened die Geile Minogue.

But being " gail " is not the only thing those exotic sexbombs have in common  as Gail Kim looks right at home as the star of a burlesque show and I bet she got some awesome stripper moves she could teach Kylie.

There have been some epic matches between Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell where both of them went over the limit. At first Gail had the upper hand because of her experience but Taryn Terrell made up for that with sheer enthusiasm and she´s a fast learner so she also got a few good licks in.

Now Taryn Terrell started out as a referee for the knockouts division and I have to say that her referee uniform is still my favorite of all her outfits.

Especially Taryn´s bonerinducing short shorts were a sight to behold.

Whenever Taryn slid across the ring on all four it made just want to jump on top of her and ride her firm butt to Laramie like they say in Germany.

Like I said, her outfits as a knockout were not half as sexy as that.

But she more than made up for that on the swimsuit photoshoots.

Then Taryn Terrell became the champion for a while and if you compare her from that phase with later you can´t deny there´s a growth spurt. 

The whole thing with the Dollhouse ( the asian chick from the group could be a real sexbomb if she was willing to slut it up with a different outfit but I guess it´s forbidden to outshine the great Taryn Terrell ), I know it´s supposed to make things more interesting but let´s face it, this was old when the Beautiful People did it years ago and also Taryn attacking Gail Kim in her personal life and going after her husband is nothing new. Like the NEW 52 it´s designed to be exciting but I just find it boring.

But who knows ? Since I haven´t seen any wrestling shows for over six months the whole thing with Taryn Terrell and the Dollhouse may be over and Gail Kim may have returned as the new TNA knockouts champion.

So I´m off to watch more Hammer movies in the hopes that I can soon find out what´s going on with TNA wrestling and if Gail Kim is still competing. Until then Happy Birthday Gail and Many Happy Returns !

Originally I wanted to post another of the great battles between Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell but since it´s apparently impossible to find videos with fights in good quality on YouTube we´ll have to settle for this one.

Since this post is about no comic series in particular I want to inaugurate the argentinian comic documentary series Continuara ( to be continued ) with the cult comic series Cybersix by Carlos Trillo and Carlos Meglia.

Today is also the birthday of german musicians Laith Al - Deen ( 44 ) and Stefan Waggershausen ( 67 ) but I choose to go with german musician, comedian and actor Heinz Erhardt. Unlike most german comedian Heinz´ intelligent humor was mainly based on the ability to make fun of himself not of others and he also starred in a lot of movies like The Oil Prince from Karl May with Stewart Granger and Mario Girotti a.k.a. Terence Hill.

Today would also have been the 54th birthday of Dwayne McDuffie who had a big hand in DC´s MILESTONE universe and the Justice League cartoon. Since I´m always trying to get more Legion on the blog I chose Far from Home where three Justice Leaguers visit the 31st century.

Ah, you just knew there was a Yaya Han video coming at the end of the post. Anyway, I´m mixing it up a bit with Yaya cosplaying as SUPER SONICO. No, I have no idea who that is but I could use a nurse like that.

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