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Flash Friday : Paul Ryan - Emergency Stop

Like promised last week we are back with another chapter from Paul Ryan´s run on FLASH. It´s my way of keeping the memory of the true Flash Wally West alive and also paying homage to the Jay Garrick Flash.

I know, I haven´t finished my last two posts so I probably shouldn´t do a new one but you can´t do a FLASH FRIDAY post on Saturday and I already had all the material prepared for this one. Now I thought about where to start with Paul Ryan´s FLASH run and most people among you will say : why not start at the beginning ? And while that is always good advice the story Emergency Stop by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar ( you know the story is good if you have two mad geniuses like Grant Morrison and Mark Millar collaborate ) has me just jumping in anticipation. So because I´m one of those guys who tells people to start at the good part and skip the rest here is issue 130 of FLASH in which Jay Garrick, Max Mercury and Wally West have to team up against a superpowered suit to prevent the Flash´s death in one hour. And yes, it´s a timey wimey adventure.

Ouch, as someone who has had his fair share of knee injuries I can tell you that´s gotta hurt. Anyway, what a surprise ending and you can see why I had to post this issue first since it is the set up of the following issues. What is gonna happen now that the Flash has two broken legs ?

We start Today´s birthdays - which are quite a long list - with swimsuit model Kate Upton who celebrates her 24th birthday. Aren´t you glad that you live in a time where magazines like Sports Illustrated finally put women with real curves on the cover ( Kate was the cover girl twice ) ?

Originally I wanted to post a video from Kate´s zero gravity shoot but then I thought a bikini video would be more appropriate to the weather.

Another hot blonde, Leelee Sobieski has her 33rd anniversary and the picture below with the Power Girl cleavage is from the 2007 movie Walk All Over Me ( you can find more GIFs here ) and be sure to also check out Finding Bliss where Leelee Sobieski appears in a stunning black dress.

Speaking of women who could have played Power Girl in a movie, german Superweib Veronica Ferres also celebrates a birthday, she turns 51 Today.

Today was really a good day in 1965 because british sexbomb Elizabeth Hurley was also born on that day. While she played in such awful movies like the Austin Powers movies ( which for me are just a sign for the inferiority complex americans have because the world´s greatest spy is not an american ) she was stunning in Kill Cruise with Jürgen Prochnov and Bedazzled. But if you really want to see her strut her stuff go and watch Sharpe´s Enemy. Not only is the Sharpe series one of the best series about war Elizabeth shows both her big talents for a short moment. And sorry, but you have to conform yourself with a GIF from Bedazzled.

Speaking of Jürgen Prochnow he turns 75 Today and he has been in a plethora of movies from the Oscar winning Das Boot to the robin Hood movie nobody watched and the much underapreciated In The Mouth Of Madness ( read Mark Butler´s 10 reasons why In The Mouth Of Madness is a horror masterpiece ) which I finally managed to see in the uncut version. Man, if you haven´t seen it this movie will freak you out !

Today you don´t see much of him apart from guest spots on shows like Navy CIS : Los Angles but in the 80s and 90s he was a big star. Another great horror movie with Jürgen Prochnov you should watch is The Seventh Sign which starred a very young Demi Moore. Who knew she would turn out to be a real live blow up sex doll with all the right stripper moves ?

Speaking about stripper moves or better stripper movies, Gina Gershon who turns 54 Today was in Bound with Jennifer Tilly but also in Showgirls where she played the senior star attraction in the Las Vegas show.

What I always found strange is that while Gina also is naked - or at least topless - in that movie nobody talks about it and they all concentrate on Elizabeth Berkeley´s performance instead. That´s what I call star quality.

But sexbomb Elizabeth not only can lick the chrome off your steelhard pole she also has the all important " pumping pelvic thrust " move down to pat. I bet that comes in handy with that portable casting couch she allegedly has and I would not mind being at the receiving end of that a few hours.  

Elizabeth got famous on Saved By The Bell where she co - starred with Tiffani Amber Theissen who was also on Beverly Hills 90510 where the writers put her in hooker outfits and bikinis a lot so she could show off the best real breasts in Hollywood - at least according to Howard Stern.  

Speaking of Beverly Hills 90510 and bikinis and hooker outfits co star Tori Spelling got her fair share of that due to her bigger breasts ( her Daddy´s money had to compensate for what Tiffani got naturally ) especially in the episode where she starred in a rock video her friend was shooting.

If you can call her wild fertility inducing movements dancing. She really was just shaking her big boobs in the general direction of the camera. But that she did very effectively. I never was a big Tori Spelling fan but in that scene she really squeezed her breast into a tight leather top and just pushed them straight in your face. Now that´s what I call entertainment.

After this sexbomb trifecta we come back to comics with Scott McCloud author of the seminal Understanding Comics and the Zot series, he is now 56. I get the feeling he suffers a bit from the success of Understanding Comics which overshadows his recent comic work. I tried to get into Zot because I heard good things about it and I think I have two trades - one in color and one in black and white - but I never know where they are. Maybe there will be an omnibus in the future so I can get the series in one book.

We start our In Memoriam section with world famous children´s book author Maurice Sendak whom most people will probably know from Where The Wild Things Are because that has been adapted as a movie but of course Maurice wrote many more books like In The Night Kitchen.

If there ever was a worthy successor to Windsor McKay´s Little Nemo it´s this book and I remember the joy of reading through the Maurice Sendak section of the local library. The were certain limitations to the amount of children´s books you could get each time so I had to wait a whole week - or however fast I could plow through my stack of books - before I could get the next book by Maurice. I was a real bookworm back in those days.

If you want to join in the nostalgia E. Duthie on WE READ IT LIKE THIS has the story as an audio drama with music and if you are more cerebral inclined the STRANGE MATTER blog explores the underlying psychological meaning of the book in two parts . And if you have never read the book here is a video about it. Yes, the baker men all look like Oliver Hardy.

Speaking about Oliver Hardy, Theo Lingen who also was born on this day used to do the introductions to Theo Lingen präsentiert : Lachen Sie mit Stan und Ollie which were so successful they ended up as bonus material.

Theo got famous for his comedy roles and his nasally voice but even though he appeared on shows like Klimbim with german sexbomb Ingrid Steeger he also was in the first two Karl May movies Die Sklavenkarawane and Der Löwe von Babylon. Theo also acted convincingly in more serious roles like in the Fritz Lang classics M and Das Testament des Dr Mabuse.

Last but not least I have to mention Judy Garland´s birthday. I already posted the only Judy Garland video I had bookmarked ( from the movie Ziegfeld´s Follies which I manged to watch in the meantime ) just a few days ago but I have found lots of new ones since then. What a great lady.

This one might be interesting : it´s the outtakes from the movie Easter Parade. Supposedly the song Mr. Monotony was cut because they deemed it too hot for movie audiences. And with those legs who could argue ?

Since this is a FLASH FRIDAY post and Wally West used a time remnant to escape certain death I am posting a clip from THE FLASH where the Flash explains it to Wally West - who is a different person. I should probably put up a spoiler warning but seriously, who doesn´t watch the show ? In any case, thanks to the YouTube title of the video you already know the spoiler concerning the man in the iron mask - who is not Ferro Lad like I thought.

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