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Flash Friday - the Original - with Paul Ryan

Today I wanted to do your typical black and white post since I promised to post more pages from Paul Ryan´s FLASH run. So I chose a few original art pages and some color pages but things didn´t turn out as planned.

I don´t know if you have seen the season finale but one thing I absolutely love about the show - and I´m not spoiling anything by saying this - is how they handled Jay Garrick and the way they integrated John Wesley Shipp into the show. And Amanda Pays. Man, John was MY Flash and Amanda, ahhh, those lips, let me tell you I had some impure thoughts.

Anyway, I wanted to do a special Jay Garrick appreciation post so I started selecting all pages that had him in it. Then I came upon a site that had plenty of Flash pages So I thought why not post an entire issue instead of a lot of scattered pages ? That would be a much better tribute, right ?

The issue I first wanted to go with was THE FLASH  issue 119 since I had the most original pages of this issue, which was a FINAL NIGHT tie in issue and I think the first Flash issue Paul Ryan worked on. It has a great scene with Linda Park that shows why she is such a cool character - in the comics - but there was absolutely no Jay Garrick in it. Then I thought about issue 127 but there´s only a few pages with Jay Garrick at the beginning. Now there is much more of the original Flash in issue 131 but that is only the first part of a two part story and I didn´t want to put two issues into one post. Even if I had some black and white pages of those issues. Also I would have to start with issue 130 because that sets up the whole story. So while I definitely plan on posting those three issues in upcoming FLASH FRIDAY posts I have to postpone it for now. So which issue did I choose for Today ? I chose to go with Still Life In The Fast Lane from FLASH 134 because it´s a Jay Garrick solo story as well as a done in one story. There aren´t that many writers around who can do these kind of stories. Anyway, this story was written by the great Grant Morrison and it might give you an idea why it was impossible for me to kick the Flash comic from my pull list - at least until Scott Kolins took over the art. 

Before we come to the ever popular birthday / video section I have to give special thanks to Mark Alfred at MARK`S SUPER BLOG for providing the Flash article from STARLOG issue 190. I did have a picture of that cover but with a very low quality and nothing from the rest of the article.

Now a lot of Today´s birthdays tie in with previous posts : on Wednesday Playmate of The Year in 1988 India Allen celebrated her 51st birthday and Today one of her co - stars in the erotic movie Wild Cactus, Robert Z´Dar would have celebrated his 66th birthday if he hadn´t passed in 2015.

Robert was in all the wrong movies like Cherry 2000, Maniac Cop, Maniac Cop 2, and not to forget Maniac Cop 3 : Code of Silence, Samurai Cop, Beastmaster 2 : Through The Portal Of TimeGuns Of El Chupacabra, Guns Of El Chupacabra 2 : The Unseen and Crimes Of El Chupacabra.

He was also in Hollywood Cops which not only starred playmate Julie Strain but also Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creator Kevin Eastman and Stormy Nights with Shannon Tweed and Tracy Spaulding. Usually Shannon Tweed is the big draw in any erotic movie she stars in but here Tracy outshines her so effortlessly that it is almost comical to which lengths the male main character goes not to have sex with this hot nymphomaniac. 

Robert D´Zar was also on the cast of Tango & Cash where Teri Hatcher did her sexy dance number ( I can´t call it a striptease since she didn´t take that much off ) which is the only reason people remember that movie.

And before you say that I´m only mentioning Robert D´Zar so I can post a GIF of sexbomb Teri Hatcher ( which you have probably already done at this point ) he was in the episode Be My Baby of the 90s Flash tv series.

Who does celebrate her 66th birthday for real is Suzi Quatro but since there is another music video later we have to leave it at this shoutout. Going onwards with the birthdays that tie into earlier posts : Wednesday was Marilyn Monroe´s birthday and Today is the anniversary of Tony Curtis who with Jack Lemon was her co - star in the movie Some Like It Hot.

He was also the father of  mega MILF sexbomb Jamie Lee Curtis about whom I have already done a number of posts : the original post which mostly contains pictures with links to animated GIFsone post with all the pictures I could find and a re - posted version with a few GIFs added.

On Tuesday we had the birthday of James Krüss and Today Tommi Ohrner who owes his career to him celebrates his 51st anniversary. Man, how time flies. It seems like only Yesterday that Tommi starred in such series like Timm Thaler, Das Haus der Krokodile, Merlin and Manni der Libero.

And we stay in Germany for the rest of the birthdays. Rock lady Doro Pesch has her 52th anniversary Today which is the reason why I skipped the Suzi Quatro video. I try not to have similar videos in one post.

Our last candidate is playmate Janine Habeck who celebrates her 33rd birthday and who has been described as the best import since german beer and Mercedes Benz. In Germany she´s pretty well known since she is very often on television and most often then not without any clothes.

Because I want to save the Flash videos about time travel and the Reverse Flash for when I write about these topics here is one about the REAL origin of The Flash and I promise you have never heard of this one.

The International Comic Salon in Erlangen and the Gratis Comic Tag as well as Free Comic Book Day are just over so there might be some people out there who try to begin their comic collection. But how DO you start ?

It´s safe to say that kids who start reading comics now do so because of the new superhero movies. So here is a little documentary to give a bit of background information about the history of superhero comic books.

Since there never was a black and white television series about the Jay Garrick Earth 2 Flash or the Justice Society here is the next best thing.

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