Wednesday, June 15, 2016

German cultural icon Herbert Feuerstein

Some people say that with a name like Feuerstein ( the german name of The Flintstones ) he could only end up in comics but while he was the chief editor of the german version of MAD magazine at the Williams Verlag for two decades Herbert Feuerstein has done so much more.

He was the main publisher of Germany´s biggest satire magazine Pardon, he was co host and writer of the cult show Schmidteinander ( you could see that he was the " funny guy " and the main driving force behind that when co host Harald Schmidt went solo ), he wrote tv history when he hosted the live show Feuersteins Nacht for twelve hours straight ( twice ), he has played roles in movies, at theaters and has done voice acting.

So at 79 he has done it all and to celebrate that I have selected a few covers from the german edition of MAD which were done exclusively for the german readers since they tackle german celebrities or topics.

So these are the covers I selected and while I´m not one hundred percent sure that they were exclusive to the german versions chances are high you haven´t seen them before. Man, I really used to read a lot of MAD but somehow I lost interest because after Herbert Feuerstein left the quality just wasn´t there anymore. In any case, if you still want a post with special german topic covers let me know. As we have already done the celebrity birthdays of Today and Yesterday here are the one from Monday the 13th since I didn´t get to do a post that day. First up is Kat Dennings who turns 30. When I did my first posts on her she had just done her first Thor movie and Two Broke Girls had just finished its first season. Now that show took off even if Kat only showed off her 38DDs not as often as she could have. Still the show had its moments. I have seen the first three seasons but I think they are already on season four or five.

Okay, confession time : I don´t watch nearly as much sitcoms as people believe so when I read that Ashley and Mary - Kate Olson had their 30th anniversary I was vaguely aware that they had been on a super successful sitcom but I had to go to imdb to find out they were on FULL HOUSE where they apparently played the same role. Leave it to the Hollywood guys to hire twins to get around the child labor days. I have only seen a handful of episodes of FULL HOUSE and the only one I can remember was where this girl throws away the comic collection of her boyfriend because she thinks it´s childish ( we all know that argument ) and when she realizes how much the comics mean to him she has to go to a comic store and buy all the comis she threw away and it costs her an arm and a leg.

Anyway, I was looking for any information what the Olsen twins are doing now but all I came up with were pictures of Jodie Sweetin and stuff about this new show called FULLER HOUSE. Apparently Jodie was on the original cast and she filled out quite nicely. I guess that´s the " fuller " part.

There are some short clips with the scene from which the animated GIF above was made on YouTube but because they are so short I decided on this interview about FULLER HOUSE. Man, I got to see if I can find some of the episodes on the internet, Jodie Sweetin´s 36DDs are just epic !

The Williams Verlag also published Marvel´s AVENGERS - although they were called DIE RUHMREICHEN RĂ„CHER here - and Chris Evans whose latest movie CAPTAIN AMERICA - CIVIL WAR is in cinemas right now celebrated his 35th birthday on Monday. Since I haven´t seen Civil War yet here is a video pondering the question why superheroes wear tights.

Who also had a birthday on Monday - her 36th - was german singer Sarah Connor and I wanted to post one of her music videos but 75 percent of the videos that came up for Sarah Connor were related to Terminator and most of her music videos were blocked by the GEMA. So because of outside pressure here is a video with the other Sarah Connor : the best song from the soundtrack, Burnin´In The Third Degree by Tryanglz.

Now with Brande Roderick there was some kind of mix up. The 42 year old buxom blonde was a playmate ( she was Playmate of the Month in April 2000 and she became Playmate of the Year for 2001 ) and on what we in Germany called Baywatch Hawaii but she is not THE blonde playmate that was on Baywatch I thought of. Ah, her name will come to me eventually.

Ally Sheedy  turned 54 and she was everybody´s sweetheart through her roles in War Games, The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo´s Fire or Short Circuit. I heard she is in X - Men : Apocalypse so maybe I will watch that movie.

Tim Allen had his 63rd anniversary and he introduced us to some pretty hot women like Pamela Anderson and Debbe Dunning. I still have seasons 6 and 7 of Home Improvement on my to watch pile and I admit I only got them because of Debbe Dunning. She is not in many movies but if you want to see her as Jessica Rabbit go and get the movie Misery Brothers.

Today´s audience probably knows him best as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movies and from his new sitcom Last Man Standing. I haven´t seen an episode yet and if it´s on german tv it´s probably on one of the newer tv channels. Celebrating 73 years is Malcolm McDowell who was in the cult movie A Clockwork Orange ( which I found disturbing - what were my parents thinking, letting me watch this ? ) the last good Star Trek movie with William Shatner and on The Mentalist. I don´t know if he still is one that show since I don´t watch the tv episodes and have to wait until a season is offered at amazons 2 seasons for 25 bucks sales.

Today is also Basil Rathbone´s birthday who was best known for playing the world´s greatest detective in various movies. Initially I wanted to add a Sherlock Holmes cartoon but then I decided that this was the better way to dust off my cap to a great actor. Here he goes up against Dr. Moriarty.

Another reason why I didn´t post the cartoon video I had bookmarked is that I found the first episode of Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century and I don´t know if I missed the cartoon completely or if I have just erased the memory of it from my mind. This was just too good to pass up.

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