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Not by George : Logan´s Run Aftermath !

Going over the posts of the last weeks I realized that I was so overworked with all the birthday posts that I totally forgot to post another issue of Marvel´s LOGAN`S RUN so I don´t have to think twice what to post Today.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts this and the next issue are not done by George Perez but since there are only two issues left of the series I thought, what the heck, why not include them ? Now I had to do a bit of research here but it seems that Marvel thought it had a good thing going and wanted to continue with the series. So they were in negotiations with MGM and that took up so much time that they could only do a twelve part story in this issue. They did a full story in issue seven and according to internet sources were already working on issues 8 and 9 when MGM told them that they did not have the license to produce any stories beyond the movie adaptation and the title was immediately dropped. There are people who say that it was due to low sales figure ( which probably kicked in once they went beyond the familiar territory of the movie ) and high licensing fees but the truth is they didn´t get approval. Which is kind of a shame when you read in the letters column how exited they are.

Anyway, Today´s story titled  Aftermath ! is written by John Warner with art by Tom Sutton and inks by Terry Austin. And if you haven´t checked out our previous installments use the following links to read issue 1 , issue 2 , issue 3 , issue 4 and issue 5 of George Perez´ LOGAN`S RUN.

Since the lead story was only 12 pages long they put a 5 page backup story by Scott Edelman with early art by Mike Zeck in which Thanos and Drax the Destroyer battle in the comic to fill out the issue. This is the reason why this back issue is so expensive as it hadn´t been reprinted. I think lately it has appeared in a few collections like the ANNIHILATION CLASSIC hardcover which looks like just a quick scam to get some money out of fans of Annihilation or The Guardians of the Galaxy. Because they did just include random issues instead of the first appearances of the members of this new team. I guess they thought Drax´ first appearance in IRON MAN 55 was not as exciting as this story plus this was never reprinted before.  

And with that we come to the entertainment block but not without first giving thanks to SPACE : 1970 , JUNK FOOD FOR THOUGHT and SUPER MEGA MONKEY`S MARVEL COMIC CHRONOLOGY for much needed info.

First up is Morena Baccarin who celebrates her 37th birthday. I know her from shows like The Mentalist and Firefly although she has been on many others. I want to thank the Morena Baccarin tumblr for providing this GIF and I guess she´s the reason I will have to watch the Deadpool movie.

It´s hard to believe but Nikki Cox is actually one year older than Morena as she turns 38. We all know her as the bigbreasted sexbomb with the hourglass figure and the Jessica Rabbit measurements ( 37DD !!! - 26 - 38 ) from Unhappily Ever After that locked in the male audience.

She was advertised as the Jessica Rabbit of the WB and there is even the Halloween episode of the show where they openly acknowledge that she´s a real life Jessica Rabbit : her character can´t decide on a costume and just wears a Hollywood style red glitter dress instead but because of her pornstar body everybody assumes she is dressed up as Jessica Rabbit.

She also appeared in  Nikki ( which never aired in Germany ) and Las Vegas. What I always found funny about the lat one is that the casinos always do everything they can to get the deck stacked in their favor and to get people´s money but when somebody manages to win against them they treat them like criminals. Talk about sour losers. Apropos stacked, let´s get back to Nikki Cox. Which by the way is a porn name if I ever heard one. How comes she´s never worked in the adult movie business ?

Anyway, I always thought she had the right qualities to become a movie superstar - which is why I cast her as the female Dr. Fate Linda Strauss in my first post of the Hollywood edition of casting the Justice League Of America movie series - but somewhere along the way she got on the wrong track. Let´s hope there are better things for her in the future.

Zachary Quinto celebrates his 39th anniversary and although he´s best known for playing everybody´s favorite pointy eared alien on the new Star Trek movies by J. J. Abrams and villain Sylar on Heroes ( which had a slight drop in quality in the second season but got unwatchable with the third season so I didn´t even bother with the recent relaunch ) he got his big break on 24 alongside buxom Cuthbert. Like Nikki she had great potential but so far The Girl Next Door is the pinnacle of her career.

I have seen parts of that and for a movie that - supposedly - has a porn star in the lead the lack of nudity is ridiculous. I don´t know if it´s an american thing but don´t make movies about stuff if you don´t want to show it. I have seen more naked boobs on talk shows, for Pete´s sake !

Another actor who got his breakthrough on a hit tv show is Wentworth Miller who turns 44 and of course I´m talking about Prison Break. He is known to Today´s audiences for his portrayal of Rogue Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold on The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow alongside Prison Break co star Dominic Purcell a.k.a. Heatwave. I already posted the big cliffhanger of season one so here is a short spoiler filled trailer.

We are making quite a leap in the age as we come to Dana Carvey who is 61 as of Today. He is best known as Garth from Wayne´s World but he also starred in the little known movie gem Clean Slate where he plays a private investigator with amnesia. 62 old Dennis Haysbert is familiar to most people as Snake Doctor from The Unit and the Axe Cop cartoon ( which I still haven´t watched ) where he is Frog but he also started on 24.

Another cast member from Prison Break celebrates his birthday Today, Stacy Keach who turns 75. He has been in a plethora of roles but most have seen him in Sin City : A Dame To Kill For, NCIS : New Orleans or the Mike Hammer tv series. I have found a few episodes on YouTube ( quite a number have vanished ) and the episodes I remember are all from the last seasons where the quota of boobs per episode was raised considerably.

The episode below doesn´t have that many scenes with " hammerettes " but since they don´t last long you should watch it while you still can.

Today is also the anniversary of Alexander Salkind´s birth who was the presents in the Superman stuff from my youth like Superman, Superman II, Superman III and the Superboy tv series. I´m not sure if he put Valerie Perrine in there as Miss Tetchmacher but back then things were right.

So you can probably guess who has the number one position here. I have to object to the inclusion of Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill in that list though. Brandon was not a very believable Superman and while Henry may be a good actor I yet have to see him play Superman. And don´t get me started on why you have failed as a parent if you die trying to save a dog.

Two more memorable dates are the birth of Johnny Weissmuller and the Marquis De Sade both in different fields. Johnny is best known for inventing Tarzan´s call that everybody is familiar with while the Marquis .... well, I don´t have to explain him, do I ? In any case since I haven´t a video for the first one and couldn´t post it if I had one for the second one this gives me the opportunity to rectify an omission from my last post.

Speaking about my last post because this is the weekend I wanted to include a longer video and decided to go with the animes that were used for the fanmade trailer. I could only find short pieces of The Cat Returns ( here I liked the german title Kingdom Of The Cats much better because the english title sounds boring ) so here is The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. It is a nice little movie if you can get past the cliche of all these animes ending up being about falling in love and choosing a life partner and relationships. I like it better when they are about war and demons and weapons and super powers. You know, things you can really relate to.

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