Friday, April 21, 2017

Road to Flash Friday part 2 : Green Arrow

I know that posting has become rather sporadic - at best - lately but since I have already prepared everything for the big GREEN LANTERN / GREEN ARROW / FLASH crossover THREE OF A KIND here is the second part.

Going over this month´s posts you might wonder why there are so few posts and then three posts on the same day : the Sarah Louise Young birthday re - post, the first part of the brand new Samantha Fox birthday post ( which appears and disappears ) AND the Tom Sutton birthday post.

And then no posts again until Today. Well, if you have read the last few posts you know that I am currently doing a course for the jobcenter which takes up most of my time and energy. I had already done the new version of the Sarah Louise Young cult siren post in advance and as always I did the bonus round on the fly. And since I did not have that much material on Tom Sutton I had to go look for stuff on the internet. Which worked out better than expected and in the end I had to create a new folder for all the Tom Sutton artwork. So the Sarah Louise Young post was finished and went online as planned but I also realized that I had some free time that day and since I thought it would be a terrible waste to just keep all that gorgeous looking Tom Sutton art in a folder on my laptop I decided to do a second post for that day. Especially since Tom Sutton is really an unjustly underrated artist. Okay, so now we had two posts in the bag but the fact that I never got to do a Samantha Fox cult siren solo post began to weigh on me especially because I had always planned to do one so I wouldn´t have to re - post Sarah Louise Young every year. I mean after a certain amount of re - posts there is nothing new to add and I like to spice things up on the blog so it would be nice to have the possibility to alternate between Samantha Fox one year and Sarah Louise Young the next year.

Maybe even throw some Tom Sutton into the mix now and then and just put up links for Sarah Louise Young and Samantha Fox. Longtime readers know that once I get an idea in my head - even if it´s not a particularly brilliant one - I can´t concentrate on anything else until I have done it. So I made a post for Samantha Fox but for some reason blogger cut off some of the pictures. I couldn´t figure out the reason behind that no matter how hard I tried so the post went back into the draft folder. Then I had some free time and I started the post again from scratch and kept working on it off and on for a few days. But when I had finished the first version it was too long so I had to cut it into two parts. Now as I said I like to switch things up on the blog which means that I don´t like to do two posts of the same kind back to back. No matter if it´s two Marvel posts, two DC posts or two cult siren posts I always try to put something different on the blog with each post. So now that I am finally doing another quasi FLASH FRIDAY post the first part of the Samantha Fox birthday post is finally going online officially ( without the link to the second post which I can´t include until that post is finished ) but since I need the in - between posts part two will not go online until I have finished the next comic book related post.

But that´s already enough behind - the - scenes stuff for Today since you are probably going cross - eyed at this point and we continue our story in progress which started in GREEN LANTERN issue 96 and since I posted that way back at the end of March you might want to go back to that before reading on. Or if you haven´t read it yet you definitely need to go back. 

As I´ve already said I have been so busy this month that things got a bit overwhelming which is the only excuse that so far I completely brainfarted that cosplay queen Yaya Han celebrated her 35th birthday on the 10th of this month. You might think somebody who is so obviously obsessed with her would have that date more on the forefront of his thoughts but no.

I still haven´t managed to make much headway on finishing up MY BIG YAYA HAN POST and so I tried to do a post last year - which naturally turned out completely NSFW - to at least get that out of my system but this year I´m just too swamped with stuff. Maybe I can do another cosplay update post in the meantime because there are a few new costumes that are just too good not to feature like her Eliza ( which according to her website is from Tekken Revolution. God, I used to know things like this but I´m just too out of gaming ). Not only does it have a great cleavage ( no wonder with Yaya´s impressive 40D guns ) but it also let´s Yaya show off her sexy legs.

There´s also the matter of the covers of certain comic books or magazines I would love to see Yaya Han re - enact or at least see her wear the skimpy costumes on them in her next hot cosplay. About which I´m of two minds.

On one side it´s another of these things that I keep thinking about in the back of my head and which is driving me crazy. On the other I know that IF I really start this there will be no way to contain it to just one post so it´s likely to spin even more out of control than my Casting the Justice League of America movie series did. And it goes without saying this series would probably be even more NSFW which would be another reason not to do it.

Of course I´ve already thought about how to best group the covers I´ve selected so far and there is one all about Yaya doing male characters. Now I know that Yaya has said in some interviews that she doesn´t dress up as female versions of male characters but that is not completely true since I know that she DID dress up as the tenth Doctor. Anyway, while I know that it is probably for the best if I don´t do the cover posts there are some outfits I totally think Yaya should do. Well, I can still dream, can´t I ?

And speaking about costumes, since I can´t put all of Yaya´s cosplays of the last year in this post here is a video showcasing all of her great work.

Man, her craftsmanship ( Or is that now craftswomanship ? I´m never sure what the politically correct phrase is nowadays. ) is impeccable as always.

Coming to Today´s birthdays, our first candidate is James MacAvoy who turns 38. I already posted the video of his appearance on The Graham Norton Show where Jennifer Lawrence´s boobs almost fell out of her impressive cleavage here is the honest trailer for X - Men : Apocalypse ( whose only redeeming quality is seeing the sexy Olivia Munn as Psylocke ).

I know that it´s a bit late but so far I haven´t been seen Old Man Logan but I managed to stay away from any trailers or spoilers on the internet.

Tony Danza celebrates his 66th birthday who is best known - at least to people from my generation - for his roles on Taxi and Who´s The Boss ? where he played the Dad of movie cult siren Alyssa Milano. He also was the father of Ami Dolenz in She´s Out Of Control  which not only has one of the sexiest non - nude scenes in the entire history of cinema but is a quite funny movie and a must see for every father of a hot teenage girl.

I did a re - post of Alyssa Milano´s cult siren entry on her birthday last December which you might want to check out ( I also did one post with Alyssa´s best Charmed outfits since I couldn´t fit it all into one post ).

The comic related birthday of Today is in the Dearly Departed section with Michael Turner who passed away too soon. He is best known for his signature characters Witchblade, Lara Croft or Fathom but since this is kind of a FLASH FRIDAY post here is one of his great covers for The Flash.

Since I know that the DEJA VUE series is very popular with my readers I picked one that is an homage to all the Flash / Superman race covers.

Now I neither have the time nor the material to do a special post for Michael Turner but I did find this documentary about him on YouTube.

Usually I end the FLASH FRIDAY posts with a Flash video but since The Flash, Arrow, Supergil and Legends of Tomorrow are all on hiatus right now I´m using the time to catch up with the fourth season of Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or like I like to call it Marvel´s Babes of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I mean, even without Adrianne Palicki as Mockingbird we still have a pretty high babe quota on the show with Elizabeth Henstridge, my favorite, Chloe Bennet and hasian Ming - Na Wen and that´s not counting the many hot female guest stars. If you don´t rust my judgement just consult TheFran´s Sexiest Babes in Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. article on GEEKSHIZZLE or feast your peepers on this snapshot of Ming - Na Wen.

Originally I wanted to post one of Chloe Bennet´s appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson but not only do we have the holy babe trifecta of Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in one clip but Ming - Na Wen looks absolutely stunning in her dress. What´s more, her cleavage made it really difficult for somebody who has a preference for asian women like me to concentrate especially when she is leaning over.

Speaking about the latest season of Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. when I read on the episode guide that GHOST RIDER would make an appearance I was completely hyped but I was in for a rude awakening because what I got was not the GHOST RIDER but the new GHOST DRIVER. You know, this new guy with the flaming skull the execs at Disney came up with who drives a car so they can get some of that The Fast & The Furious money ? Okay, let me make something clear, the frikking GHOST RIDER does NOT drive. Maybe they got confused with the Phantom Rider or the Night Rider or all the other names they came up for the original cowboy GHOST RIDER vigilante but the real GHOST RIDER is a biker, make no mistake about it.

So to all the kids out there who think GHOST RIDER with a track suit is cool here´s some OGR 101. The Spirit of Vengeance does NOT carpool.

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When innocent blood is spilled a spirit of Vengeance is born and Danny Ketch finds himself transformed into the Ghost Rider. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy birthday Samantha Fox - first part

Today the world´s most famous page 3 model, the singing pop centerfold of the 80s Samantha " Touch Me " Fox celebrates her 51st birthday so it is about time I paid homage to this sexual icon from my misspent youth.

Speaking about famous sex icons of the 80s Today is also the 46th birthday of porn superstar Sarah Louise Young who got her own solo post years ago but now I can hopefully alternate between her and Samantha Fox - or just write about something completely different and just link to these post. 

Sam burst on to the scene in her teens after her mother put her forward for a modelling contest and she came second out of 20,000 entrants.

Until that point Sam, who had been attending stage school and had a Saturday job at a supermarket, had her heart set on becoming a singer.

She feared she could never be a model because her boobs were too big.

I asked my mum if I looked fat in a dress because my boobs looked too big in it. She said, " Your boobs are great. " I only realized they were fine when other women began paying for surgery to have boobs like mine.

Sam is best remembered as the nation’s favourite Page 3 girl after first posing topless when she was 16 as she was blessed with a stunning 34D - 22 - 31 figure ( later to fill out to 36D ! ). For three years Sam Fox was voted Page 3 Girl Of The Year and became one of the most photographed women of the decade alongside Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher.

With her achingly pretty looks, chirpy personality but most of all those boundless breasts she was the subject of a million male sex fantasies.

At 16, she was the darling of the shop floor. Pictures of the teenager with the fantastic figure, torn from the tabloid press, adorned the walls of almost every factory in the country. Just four years later, that same girl had fulfilled a fantasy most of us only dream of. Not only was she the country's top model, but also a chart - busting rock singer, a television personality and an actress. She had her own designer label, a restaurant, and a race horse, and she was still the girl everybody wanted to see.

Which nobody would have believed who met her in school. Sam describes her days at St. Thomas More School as great, though she admits to being nothing special academically ( " I was no thickie either, " she adds ). It was the first chance that Sam's bubbly personality had to shine through, and she made the most of it. she became the class clown, cheekily putting drawing pins on the teacher's seat, and sticking notices like " I'm a prat. " on the backs of the other schoolgirls' blazers. Hard though it is to imagine, Sam was considered to be something of a tomboy, and surprised all the teaching staff by insisting on studying motor engineering at CSE, despite being the only girl in the class. But that didn't bother her. In fact, she reveled in the attention. At 16, she left school with O levels in English, art and music, an A level in art, and that CSE in motor engineering.

Now longtime readers of this blog know that the genesis of this is my post about italian 80s pop sensation and worldwide male wet sex dream Sabrina " Sex Doll Template " Salerno which I have re - posted every year so far.

Sabrina was mostly known for two things ..... well, actually three things : the twins ( obviously ! ), lots of wardrobe malfunctions of the tiniest outfits that were riding up or wet t - shirts and see - through bikinis.

 Last but not least she was famous for her scorching live performances .

Which were much better than most videos because of the bouncing action she invented long before japanese games designers had the idea.

What can I say, it was the 80s and I was a young lad in the prime of his hormonal virility and I was easily distracted ( or sexually aroused ). 

For those who didn´t live the 80s I should probably explain that at that time there were a lot of ultrahot sexbombs who tried - and most were mildly successful - to enter the charts through their physical attributes.

Music videos were something new and at first it was just doing any kind of video for Mtv, which at that time showed music videos instead of cartoons, animes or reality shows. The visual aspect was very important especially when somebody realized that it greatly benefited the video and therefore sales ( back then videos that were played on tv equaled record sales ) if the singer was hot or there were some scantily clad playmates.

The most successful member of this club was either sexbomb Sabrina Salerno or page 3 girl Samantha Fox depending on where you lived.

If you lived in the United Kingdom, Samantha naturally had more fans because of her nude pictures in THE SUN and various men´s magazines.

And if you lived in one of the countries that did not show the uncensored version of Sabrina Salerno´s video for her worldwide smash hit BOYS BOYS BOYS on tv like Germany Samantha Fox was the bigger star there.

If you lived in Italy, which was Sabrina Salerno´s home country she was of course the big star there since she won her first beauty contest with 15.

She was also pretty big in most countries that showed the uncensored version of BOYS BOYS BOYS like in Spain although I never saw it there.

Sabrina owes most of her career to that video and the tiny bikini top that couldn´t contain her massive ..... talents. It was quite simple : since the song had been released before without much success until the production company realized that they should make a video with such a sexbomb.

They decided to put Sabrina into a pool where she was singing and got all wet wearing a very transparent white bikini. As the shooting went on it became obvious her voluptuous breasts were waaay too heavy for her top.

It kept sliding down lower and lower and showing part of her nipples which already were very clearly visible through the thin white fabric so she had to pull it up numerous times before they completely fell out .

Sabrina managed to do that in a way that got you a good look at her milkshakes and the director was smart enough to leave it in the video ( he even included it in slow motion ) and the rest is as they say history.

They couldn´t completely ignore Sabrina in Germany because even though television only showed her cut video she somehow managed to become number 1, which I think had something to do with her hot pictures that appeared in youth magazines like BRAVO or even men´s magazines.

So they had to invite her to FORMEL EINS which was the music tv for german teenagers. The show was a total train wreck, they always cut the videos because the producer of the show was in Bavaria and they are very catholic and prudish down there. When Sabrina was there as a guest they didn´t play her video and told her she had to do a live performance. Which was obviously more than they bargained for because Sabrina began to shake rattle and roll her boobs up and down like there´s no Tomorrow.

Of course they were appalled but they could not do anything against it. The camera man tried to prevent the worst by doing a lot of close ups and just filming Sabrina´s head but as you can see it didn´t help that much.

On the british tv show TOP OF THE POPS something similar to what happened on Formel Eins occured : they wouldn´t play her music video because it was way to sexual - well, too bad for them because her sexy live performance was even hotter which in the end won over millions of fans and shot a whole generation of british boys into puberty prematurely.

But she really got famous through her New Year´s performance on spanish tv in 1988 where she sang her song HOT GIRL and her breasts got out of control and popped out of her top. In Germany they would have censored it but the spanish tv immediately put it on a loop and kept showing it in slow motion during her live performance. It is her best known clip ever.

In Germany Sabrina is always labeled a one hit wonder although she had over a dozen Top Twenty hits worldwide like BOYS ( SUMMERTIME LOVE ) , SEXY GIRL , HOT GIRL , ALL OF ME ,  ( version 2 / extended mix ), LIKE A YOYO , MY CHICO or YEAH YEAH ( version 2 ). In Italy, Spain, France and other countries she´s a big superstar, pop icon and sex symbol since she managed to turn her initial claim to fame into a career that lasted a few decades. Besides her music career she appeared in movies and on tv.

Now so far I haven´t done a solo post on Samantha Fox and one reason for that is that I think Sam never realized her potential like Sabrina did.

I always had the impression that she could do more but didn´t want to do it. I remember that some years ago, well, more than a few years because this is about a video cassette, I found a video of Samantha Fox which was kind of a MAKING OF one of her calendars. I expected to see some skin, not like hardcore but at least as much as you could see in the pics for the calendar but the video was more like something out of Sesame Street and every time there was some exposed skin Sam was frantically obsessed with covering up again as quickly as possible. Now maybe she was tired of always showing her body and being objectified but then she should have either not do the calendar in the first place or not try to sell a video that is tamer than an episode of the Muppet Babies. Just my 5 cents worth.

Although now that Samantha has come out as a supposed lesbian that might explain a few things. I am not sure if I really believe that she is a lesbian and not just bi - sexual but it would explain why Samantha never found the right man and why she picked over endowed studs that could come six or seven times in one night as boyfriends. She obviously had problems reaching an orgasm with a guy and in the end wore them out.

Of course that last part was highly published by the yellow press to further her image as an insatiable, nymphomanic sex freak since her entire career, from the moment she was legal ( actually even earlier ), has been founded on indulging male fantasies ( fantasies that nowadays, in the context of freely available internet images, seem curiously innocent, almost prim ).

And here we have to take a break because as always things have gotten a bit out of hand where the length of the post is concerned and in order to keep this post at a workable size we will continue this topic with the second part . Which will go up as soon as I have written - at least - two more comic related posts so this is not the first thing people see when they come to the blog. I know some people have problems with that.

Today we have only one link, DIGITAL SPY with the Ten Things You Never Knew About Samantha Fox so we jump right into the videos with Sabrina.

Since I have already covered all important celebrity birthdays for Today ( after two posts ) I want to include a video that has been requested by many readers : glamour model Abigail Ratchford washing a car in a bikini.

Italian real life Power Girl Emanuela Botto also has gotten uncounted requests so here´s another video with her. I still haven´t found any information on her so I can´t tell you her age or cupsize but apparently she works at teleshopping channel 84 which sells women´s jewellery and judging by the many close ups on her chest she could have easily starred in a Russ Meyer movie. I don´t know what the sales numbers on this are but her ratings must be through the roof among male audience members.

Her perfect soft lips were just made to give hard schlongs oral pleasure.

And her impressive melons are also predestined to massage boners and make them squirt until they are completely drained. With her huge rack she must make little boys reach puberty prematurely on a daily basis.

Man, I´d love to see her and Daniela Elger compete for the title of the biggest boobs on teleshopping in a wet t - shirt contest. How is it possible that a blow up sex doll with boobies as big as Emanuela is not a porn star ?

It took me an extra day to go through her videos - which further delayed finishing the post but these are the sacrifices I am willing to make for my readers - but I finally settled on this great video. For obvious reasons the videos where she presents necklaces are the best and I can only repeat Emanuela´s own words : Que maravilla ! Guardate que espectacolo ! 

We stay with videos requested by readers as there has been much demand and clamoring for the best newsreader on the planet, Enki Bracaj, the albanian sexbomb with the big double dees since I posted her first video.

As you can see I have taken the liberty of making some animated GIFs since I could not find any of good quality on the net and although it took me a whole day I think it was totally worth it. In any case, if you find any GIFs of Enki in good quality please let me know in the comments below.

What I find a bit ridiculous is the whole brouhaha the press makes since she she´s not the first female news reader who gets noticed because of her big rack and she´s not going to be the last. She only consequently used her overdeveloped attributes to further her career in a logical way.

So for the moment my newest favorite person named Enki is the albanian news blow up sex doll with the gigantic gazongas, Enki Bracaj and comic creator Enki Bilal is relegated to second place. Now if only we could get the Jessica Rabbit of german news tv Tatjana " Busenwunder " Ohm to read the news like that it would be more epic. Can you imagine that ?

I want to close the post with a video that I couldn´t put into one of the regular posts but because this one is a bit more risque I think it´s okay. It´s They´re Playing With Fire with Sybil Danning´s famous nude scene.

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God gave me my body. I know it has made many people happy. There is no conflict there. I don't and have never promoted pornography. I am doing what God wants me to do.